Hyundai IONIQ EV Sales Top 1,000 In South Korea


Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Interior

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Interior

Hyundai IONIQ Electric sales are hot in its first two months on its home market in South Korea.

As Yonhap reports:

“Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea’s dominant automobile maker, said Monday that the sales of its electric vehicle, the Ioniq Electric, has reached more than 1,000 units in South Korea in two months of the car’s debut here.”

Demand is strong too, with more than 2,000 orders still waiting to be filled.

Hyundai’s target was to deliver 4,800 IONIQ electric cars in South Korea by the end of this year and it seems the automaker is on track ot hit that mark. Pure electric car sales are expected to reach approximately 8,000 units this year in South Korea, so at 4,800 for IONIQ, Hyundai will have more than half the market.

Sales of IONIQ Electric are expected to begin soon in the U.S., perhaps even sometime this month. The plug-in hybrid version should launch in the states later this year.  Pricing is expected around $30,000.

Source: Yonhap

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Does anybody know how much is the fish, I mean the price?
Can’t find any price information at insideevs.

I read that it’s $32,706 in Korea.

Going to Hyundai’s Korean website, it appears to be 40 million won for the base model, so about $36,300 USD

That’s also after the tax credit. $38,647 before.

In France it’s about 500€ more than the Leaf 30kWh.
I think it would be the same in USA.

The price is indeed a very important information for that car, because it is not the best ev available, but if the price is low it could be an interesting compromise. It is larger than the Leaf, much larger than the i3, it seats five, and it is actually the next largest ev after the Model S. It also has an hatch. The very negative point though is its battery which is low in energy content. Hence, the compromise, but for a commute car, it could be ok.

How does the Mercedes B-Class fit in to that list, size-wise?

427 cm for Mercedes B-Class, 447 cm for Hyndai Ioniq.

Am expecting the IONIQ EV to be capable of 115+ miles in range on full charge. Not many BEV models with ranges over 100 miles in inventory at this time, and not likely until to improve until closer to 2018.

Given a production volume ramp similar to the Soul EV, I’m thinking availability will be more a hurtle that price. The IONIQ EV is likely to be offered in US-ZEV (CARB) state for 2017.

Thank you Eric! But how is the sale in Korea respect to other EV? 1000 might sound great, but if other EV are selling far more, it may not be so.

Also would be interesting to compare to similar hybrid car sales (do they have Prius in SK?)

Why compare EV sales to hybrids?

Last year they sold about 5k EVs in the whole year.

So if one model could double that then it’s fairly good. 🙂

The Korean EV market is tiny though so more models need to be added and existing need to step up.
The government has high goals so the market might be exploding soon.

Thanks S3XY Mikael. Do you have source for the info?

I thought the EV version was going to trail the Hybrid or PHEV in the US.

I like the sleek design but the battery capacity is still not quite there yet. Also, is it FWD, RWD or AWD? FWD with regen braking going down an icy/snowy hill is a recipe for disaster … front wheels dig in from the braking effect and you’re going sideways or backwards in a split second … I’ve seen it happen in FWD vehicles with standard transmissions using the engine to slow down!

Been driving my FWD Volt for 4 years in snowy Michigan and never had this happen. I prefer FWD in snow.

Hyundai should skip the bev version until they can increase the battery size. No sense bring it to the US with that size.

What’s the AER of the PHEV version?

The Hybrid and Plugin Hybrid both have lifetime battery warranties. A first in the world. Like the KIA Optima that also has a lifetime battery warranty.