Hyundai IONIQ Electric Takes 88% Of Overall IONIQ Sales In Norway Last Month

DEC 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 8

Hyundai IONIQ Electric in Norway

Hyundai IONIQ Electric in Norway

The Hyundai IONIQ Electric is making making up good ground in the Norwegian market, although it has been temporarily overshadowed by the newly upgraded BMW i3’s loud debut month.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric in Norway

Hyundai IONIQ Electric in Norway

In November, the 282 new registrations of IONIQ Electric was not only second best result among all BEVs (after 1,014 i3s – not all of which were fully electric), but quite literally destroyed the conventional hybrid IONIQ, taking 88% of total 321 registrations.

The petrol version, despite being available earlier than the plug-in, only netted 39 deliveries for the month.

So far this year, the IONIQ Electric stands at 353 deliveries out of 530 total IONIQs sold.

Going forward, the special EV tax-treatment in Norway should continue to keep Hyundai busy delivering mainly the electric version, and in more and more volume in the future; especially as the model is expected to get a 200 mile (322 km) version in 2018.

Another positive influence on regional sales, is a 2017 “Car of the Year” title for the Hyundai IONIQ Electric in the country.


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Hyundai, if your listening, delay the Ioniq until you get 200+ miles. Come to America with a bang.

Or bring on the 124 mile cars and lease them cheaply. That’s what I’m waiting for.

Nice to read that Ioniq-Electric took big chunk of Ioniq sales. Hybrid version should be priced in relation to the Electric.

Let’s say the price of Electric is $30,000 and if Govt gives $7,500 in incentive which cuts the cost to $22,500, then the price of hybrid sho
uld be set at around $20,000. This is what will boost the sales of Hybrid. Definitely hybrid version is very valuable since it can be used by
Taxis for their daily 500 km (300 mile) driving and also for those who drive a lot for which the Electric version with 200 km (120 mile) can
not do. Certainly plugin will provide the best of both World’s.

Recently the price of Prius Prime in USA is set at $28,000 while its hybrid is set at $24,600 which makes the plugin the clear choice.
Same holds true for Ford C-Max.

I’m not so keen on your logic, the only significant difference between the hybrid and the Bev is the Bev has a bigger battery and no ICE bits. IMO the smallish (by today’s standards) battery pack means the Bev should be cheapest to make, then hybrid, then phev. The retail price should reflect that reality and any incentive should further reduce the cost, making it an even better deal for the Bev.

I think the pricing of the prime is fair and sensible, the battery pack in the prime will be more expensive but not by a huge amount so after tax incentives the prime should be, as it is, cheaper. Toyota have said that a sub 100 mile Bev is now cheaper to make than a normal hybrid, IMO for them to say that publicly means it is really quite obvious now and probably means that a sub 150 mile Bev is cheaper to make than a hybrid. My opinion is that come march next year we should see good quality bevs with 100-150 mile ranges at $20-25k USD.

Did not know it is already on sale. A nice looking car.
Any information on the specs? Any word on US launch date?

Yupe, it was expected in Q3, with the IONIQ Plug-In (PHEV) to follow Q4.

Didn’t work out that way, Hyundai had a lot of plant-level and labor issues (won’t get into it). Timing/priorities re-shifted – instead, Europe release of the BEV went first in Q4, US gets in Q1 (late Jan/early Feb is the word), with the PHEV shifting to global release on the 2018 MY, so likely ~ late July/August

Thanks for the information!

Here is also a good review of the car by fully charged. Not sure if posted by someone already.

TeslaBjørn also has 2 videos on a long round trip in Norway with the Ioniq Electric on youtube.

bottom line “Almost as good as the Tesla S at a third of the price”