Hyundai IONIQ Electric Featured By Bjørn Nyland in Norway (Videos)

DEC 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Bjørn Nyland recently published a very cold, very winter, test drive of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric from Norway.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric - Bjørn Nyland

Hyundai IONIQ Electric – Bjørn Nyland

On a 1,010 km (627 miles) trip from from Oslo to Trondheim (and back again), the IONIQ Electric is declared to be an outstanding car for the money.

Bjørn even said that it was nearly as good as a Tesla – for a third of price, with a lot of nice features (even lane keep assist).

The energy consumption in the all-electric Hyundai is unmatched among all BEVs (136 MPGe combined, but 150 MPGe in the city), and has a 124 mile/200 km “real world” range rating by the EPA.

During the test, the IONIQ Electric averaged 169 Wh/km (272 Wh/mile) despite difficult conditions.

Hyundai definitely entered the all-electric car market late, but it seems with very nice car, and a decent value proposition – a situation that will only improve as a “more than 200” mile variant arrive in 2018.

“Second and last part of the trip from Oslo to Trondheim and back. On the return trip, I hit a lot of freezing rain. That made the driving a bit more hassle. And the consumption went up because I had to blow air on the front windshield.”

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Still no word on US pricing for IONIQ BEV?

272 wh/mile is impressive in those conditions !

My Outlander PHEV does around 500 wh/mile and is the equivalent of 103mpg in EV mode in much better conditions.

Here in the UK that would equate to 207+ miles for the same price as an imperial gallon of fuel, in better conditions, it could get near 250 !

Not very informative. I want to know how many banana boxes and “large people” fit in the Ioniq versus the Tesla Model X.

Bjorn needs to do better.

“almost as good as a Tesla”.

It is an amazing market selling people who previously owned nothing nicer than an Accord their first nice car. Do that and they’ll think that they’ve found something amazing.

Other than the drivetrain there really isn’t anything particularly great about a Tesla. Drive a Mercedes E-class or an Audi A6 for a while first and you won’t say things like “almost as good as a Tesla” to mean something special.

When Audi and Mercedes will come to market with and EV we will talk about them… Until then, they are not relevent anymore…

…only as collectors items from a bygone era.

By not relevant you mean each of them sells more cars than all EVs combined (outside of China)? Yeah, seems irrelevant.

And your point doesn’t address mine. You’ve got a lot of people who think a Tesla is a nice car because it’s nicer than their previous car, a Mazda 3. That doesn’t mean they actually know what they are talking about, they just have no frame of reference.

If Tesla doesn’t take this to heart they will get slaughtered (even more) as luxury makers move into the EV marketplace.

Why are your feathers so ruffled by his Tesla comparison? He’s not a TDI driver speaking to people interested in A4s, 3 series, etc.

I saw an A6 review where they gushed about the cargo and interior space (only less than an E-class station wagon or whatever it is called) but I didn’t feel obligated to jump in and say it only seems like a lot if you’ve never been in a Model S.

If you watch Mr Nyland’s videos you’ll find he previously drove a BMW.
He has also driven both the Tesla and other cars for long distances, which makes his (in my eyes at least) a qualified opinion.

I think Hyundai is waiting to see the sales of Bolt and Leaf in Dec before pricing and launching their Ioniq-Electric. Let them take time, I hope the price will be affordable enough to set it for a big sale.

This will influence the sales of Ioniq’s (Plugin & Hybrid) as well.
Around the same time, Kia-Niro is also entering the sale.

Now that’s a rock solid EV! It literally uses igneous rocks to lighten the weight of the car.

The 1/3 of the price claim is a very rough estimate. I couldn’t find N.A. pricing and in France the Ionique is 54% the price of a base S60.

In Norway the taxes on a car are higher than the price of the car. They are estimated as about double. But EVs are exempt.

So if you have an EV and an ICE car that are the same price in other places then in Norway the EV will be 1/3rd the price of the ICE car.

That’s how Tesla sells so many cars. A Model S costs about as much as a VW Golf does there.

Yes, so I don’t see how he gets the 1/3 price of a Model S 60 kWh battery (S60, but not the Volvo ICE S60).

Well, it just goes to show that with a proper charging infrastructure, you don’t need a 200-mile range in order to travel long distances.

Ioniq-E is already being sold in Norway at a price equivalent to $29К

Nice car… I sat in one at car show… I think they are being prudent to wait… the current model 2017 is nice… the 2018 with as much range as a base Tesla or Bolt… sounds even better… hopefully mid 2017 early 18 model with more battery. Efficiency is marvelous too. Smaller battery with as much range as giant ones. For many folks daily driving these cars are enough. Especially as demonstrated… with enough quick chargers so you can splash and dash at every stop.

He’s cool but meat eating causes a lot of the carbon emissions we are all trying to offset 🙂

First a hotdog, then a hamburger, and then sushi. It was a gastronomic ride around Norway. 😉

I liked when he met the two ladies from Iceland, and saw their new Leaf, and told them, they should have gotten the Ioniq.

We gotta be so careful & so politically correct that it’s costing us our Freedom of speech , maybe we should all shut up and stop making “small talk” in case someone doesn’t like what we have to say and/or do .In my view Nyland did nothing wrong.We should be more concerned about the more important things in life.