Hyundai Confirms February Arrival Of IONIQ Electric At Some U.S. Dealerships

FEB 10 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor revealed to Autoblog that the U.S. debut of IONIQ Electric (and also conventional hybrid version) will be held by the end of February.

That’s straightens earlier reports about first deliveries to begin later this week.

Without any surprise, California is to be primary market.

Hyundai already sells the electric IONIQ in South Korea and in some European countries.

Early reviews of the IONIQ Electric seem to agree that it is a pretty decent BEV offering, and that almost everyone is already looking ahead to the longer range, ~200 mile edition that the company has promised for 2018.

source: Autoblog

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Good to see best in class efficiency EV come to america, Bjorne Nyland who tested the BMW i3, VW eGolf, Zoe and various teslas likes the Ioniq a lot, especially when driving in the winter in Norway, with the only drawback being that there was no iphone or android app to connect to the car to start preheating like all the others have.

What’s really strange is that it does exist a app for Hyundai Ioniq but it only available in US, exactly what functions it have I don’t know but you in USA have more then us in Europe.

Europe gets most all new products that come to market long befoe the USA get the stuff. Many no noew even make it to market here. You heve better Diesel car makes there but I think that might be because of more relazed emission standards. We still don’t have the telephones with video on the amrket like what is there.

I will take one… I live in Melbourne, Florida! It would be great to promote the car! How much are these cars? Are they fully self driving cars? Please let me know. I want to get a fast car. I was thinking of the Tesla Model 3 thank you,

Not selfdriving.
Not fast.

I was told by a Hyundai rep at the auto show that the electric Ioniq will ONLY be available in California. Is there any truth to that statement?

In before some fanboy of a certain other brand of BEV calls the Ioniq a compliance car.

I seriously doubt that the Ioniq will be Cali only, but that’s just my gut feeling. The Kia Soul EV is sold only (mostly?) in CARB states, perhaps the Ioniq will be sold only in CARB states.

I have a Leaf, iMiev, and a Zero. I was also a Mini E pioneer and have a Model 3 reserved. I’ve never owned a Hyundai but have nothing against them. It was just weird that when i was at the show the Ioniq there was not a plug in model and was not priced either. The sales rep said the plug in models are at least a year out for phev or ev, and that only CA will be receiving the fully electric version. I hope it isnt true. We need more full EV offerings on the east coast other than Tesla, Leaf, Imiev, Smart, Focus, Soul, e Golf,and i3. Hopefully soon we will see some Bolts.

There are already Bolts here in DC area. The financing is not attractive enough for me to give up Leaf.

Sounds like the sales rep didn’t know what they were talking about. If he/she did they probably wouldn’t be working in Sales 😀

Ha, ha. Burn on car salesman. Actually I think he may have been speaking the truth, as he knows it.

I think (mostly) is correct on the Soul EV. It’s available here in Texas, although only Austin and Houston area dealers seem to ever have any on the lot.

They claim it will even be available in Pennsylvania…


But to me until they’re in stock at a local dealership, vaporware, or at best compliance.

Neither AutoTrader nor are listing any Ioniqs. So apparently even the dealers aren’t expecting the Ioniq any time soon or they would be advertising.

Still no word on the price?

It’s DBA.

Another car added to the monthly list!


As in West Coast.

We have Kia eSouls at our local dealership, consistently the last year or so. I’m gonna call the Hyundai dealer tomorrow to ask about the Ioniq EV. I’m thinking we’ll get it, but many not til summer.

I have one of these (in Finland) and I must say that the range is sufficient for just about everything. I get the advertised EPA range even during the winter conditions and I would not be very surprised if I can break the NEDC numbers during the summer. Car is very warm and uses very little energy on heating. Speed does not make that much of a difference in the consumption as with the others. Charging this thing on the highway is a bliss, there is almost no taper. Very few real downsides here..

How much was it in US dollars?

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