Hyundai Boosts IONIQ Electric Production By 50%

JUN 9 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

The more than cautious introduction of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric now badly needs to be ramped up, as the demand for the 124 mile/200km EV currently well exceeds production capacity, especially after extended delays in arriving to many markets.

Hyundai IONIQ in Electric Marina Blue

In Hyundai’s home market of South Korea, where the IONIQ Electric has already become the best selling all-electric model, customers are now looking at wait times up to 4-5 months to get the car.

In the US, good look finding hardly any in customer’s hands today (99 sold through May), let alone in dealer stock.

With 5,581 sales in South Korea though the end of April, and a waiting list a mile long at home, clearly Hyundai’s aim right now is to service its domestic market before refocusing on the rest of the world.

Thankfully, Hyundai is not only aware of the problem, but intends to remedy the situation somewhat with a 50% production boost from 1,200 a month to 1,800 a month.

Half of that production is ear-marked for South Korea (600 today, soon 900).  The automaker says it will take until July at the earliest to see those extra EVs start to arrive, meaning for the rest of the world, the Ioniq Electric drought will likely continue until at least September.

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Wow that’s it in the US?? They must have sold a few right by me or something as I see the BEVs somewhat often.

Unlike some others the grille really makes it easy to determine whether it is the BEV variant or not says there are NO new Ioniq EVs for sale in the L.A. area.

I grew up in but thankfully no longer live in that crap hole of a city 😉

So what is your new crap hole?

Whatever it is, it’s better than L.A. Was in LA the other day, holy crap, how can people live like that without killing each other? It’s got whole lot worse since I was there.

Few actually live in LA. The grater LA area extends from Ventura to Temecula and from the mountains to Newport Beach and the coastline. That’s LA. LA downtown and immediately surrounding areas are crap for sure…I would not live there.

Remind me about how BEVs don’t sell because consumers don’t want them.

Ok. There is no demand for EVs and there will be no demand in the future either. See, I did it. :p

More is better. But I’ll reserve further judgement until they actually start sending a non-trivial number to the US.

Twice the battery capacity and ten times the production would be awesome.

Maybe by this time next year?

It has decent range as it is. On this car 40kWh, just a 42% increase, would be fantastic. No need to double it.

I completely agree. That would at least nominally provide about 200 miles of range for those who drive conservatively.

There is plenty of need to double it and make it into a potential first car for a large portion of people and not only a second car for a small portion of early adopters.

But with that said it is a fairly potent car considering the fast charge rate and energy efficiency. More potentent than many of it’s other short range competitiors.

It is a good driving car with an OK range at a good price; I wish tgem all the best.

With 28 KWh battery Ioniq has 124 mile range, but with 30 KWh battery, Leaf could go only 107 mile range.

Because the motors of Ioniq is very latest and advanced. Hope the next version of Leaf incorporates all the best features.

Not surprising. I think the ionic EV is a better offering than the ioniq PHEV, and that’s coming from somebody (me) who is generally pro-PHEV. Oddly, Hyundai believed (or still believes) the PHEV will be the big seller. I guess my complaint with the PHEV is the wimpy motor and lack of a pure EV mode. Whereas the BEV’s 124 mile range is actually enough for me at least to consider a BEV.

Also, the BEV is better looking.

Gee, do you think they’ll make enough to have stock at the dealerships in Pennsylvania?

Or will they continue to be “Special Order Only”?

I went to my local dealership again last week, and a salesman told me “IONIQ, sure, there’s going to be two different kinds if hybrids…”
He claimed to know nothing about the BEV.

I’m sure this isn’t a surprise, but BEV sales are at least initially limited to CA. Seeing that they’ve been caught flat-footed in regards to the demand, I think it’s safe to say that there probably won’t be (m)any making it to PA this calendar year.

It almost makes me wish that PA was a CARB state.