Hundreds Of Tesla Model 3 Cars At Fremont Delivery Center – Videos


With deliveries to non-employees expected to start as early as today, we now see video of what looks to be hundreds of Tesla Model 3s ready for the hand over.

Video description (above):

“More than 100 Model 3s at the Fremont Delivery Center.”

A second video, shot on the same day (December 10, 2017) suffers from that dreaded vertical video format, but confirms the sighting. Video description (below):

“Tesla Model 3’s at Fremont Delivery Center December 10, 2017”

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It’s beginning to look at lot like S curves, everywhere you go.

I’m dreaming of a red, midnight silver, blue, black, silver, pearl white Christmas!

Cool. Bill says: Tesla Rocks! Or more like it he paid a skywriter to write it.

More like a backed-up chicane that is blocked by an accident.

“A Backed up Chicane”–My Story: bro1999

I literally LOLed. He’s insufferable.


A few hundred more since we last got any numbers is in line with a perfectly flat – that is, a zero-growth, not a linear-growth – production rate.

IDK what rate they’re at now, and I hope they can ramp up fast (and with great quality). But this smacks a lot of wishful thinking based on no evidence to me.

Right. Someone wished a few hundred Model 3s onto lots for delivery! I hope they wish up a little something for me and my family this Christmas – they are pretty darned good at it!

I’m kinda thinking not. Unless YOUR inspections have turned up some evidence?

If they run out of room to store them, my garage is still open. 🙂

They all could just be waiting on one part from a supplier. Once the part comes in, the deliveries will begin!

That part is the new owners check.

Nicely done.

Lol, yeah banks are not giving out 45k checks for this car

They’ll most likely have another event with model 3 at multiple locations although that may only be NorCal and SoCal…Expect this to happen on one of the last business days of the month…

I can’t imagine that Tesla would do any such thing. Model 3 deliveries began on July 28, despite the stages-of-grief denials of many Tesla haters trying one excuse after another to pretend like those were “not real” sales.

It’s hard to believe that Tesla would have a public event to celebrate the production bottleneck being relieved! A private low-key celebration for company employees, possibly. But not a public event that would only underscore how serious the bottleneck was!

Real sales don’t begin until NDAs are no longer required.

Seems like that’ll be soon though which is great news.

Soon, like in “Today”!

I believe they’re stockpiling and a mass event to say “we fixed the bottleneck” which is like saying “please order your roadster or semi now as you can see there won’t be delays”…Who knows, they may even reveal other projects such as solar…

I think SpaceX has a launch window this week where they might launch a rocket to the ISS….

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They’re waiting for better K.I.S.S. door handles.

Door handles can be KISS or aero, pick one.

Now this is more like it!

This looks like real stockpiling of new cars awaiting delivery. That article a week or so ago about a lonely parking garage where a few dozen units, at most, had been sidelined, was obviously not where Tesla would be storing most of its cars awaiting shipping. (In fact, I wonder if those were either pre-production units or production units reserved for future testing.) Parking garages are too expensive on a per-car basis to use for cars awaiting shipping. Auto makers use outdoor lots, not parking structures, for short-term storage.

Go Tesla!

Hundreds? 500,000 orders and they have over 100 built. Not sure stockholders are going to react favorably to Dec shipments.

Wow, Yahoo has a graph showing stockholders reactions to December shipments long before anyone knows what that number will be? Amazing technology.

Actually by mistake you a correct assessment.

Stocks are always traded in expectation of what the news will be, well ahead of the actual announcement. Anybody trading on what has already been announced in the past is behind the rest of the market.

We know already that they’re 3 months behind schedule. I’d expect roughly 1000 delivered in December, then doubling each month through April or May, when production capacity starts to level off and they start building other configurations.

Tesla stock continues to be based on hope. As long as there are at least 100,000 Model 3s sold in 2018, their stock will probably be fine.

They need 1,500 in December to be only three months late.

Not that it actually makes any difference whether they are three or four months late. Three problem with the delay was never really the delay itself, but Tesla’s extremely dishonest way of dealing with it.

I want Tesla to be better. And I really don’t understand their unwillingness to be honest about problems. They have so much goodwill and I think they should show themselves worthy of it. Instead, they are reliably unreliable.

Still have my Model 3 reservation. And it’s clearly the car I desire most of my different options. But I’m frankly not sure I trust Tesla as much as the traditional crooks.

No, we don’t know that they are three month behind schedule.
If the last problems are resolved tomorrow, they are two weeks ahead. If the last problems eludes solving for another year, than that is what it takes.

It is said many times that the end result will be a production rate of 5,000 cars per week. But that they are unable to predict when they will reach that situation.

Unable to predict the speed of development means “We do not know!”, and you can not translate that in a number of days or month behind schedule.

It is ready when it is ready is the most concrete timeline anyone can give you.

Actually it’s 10k a week, but who’s counting. First they need to get to 5k a week.

The current line is designed for 5,000 per week (7,000 top when pushed to the limit).

When they have the kinks worked out of this line, they will replicate it with some improvements into a second line, at least that was the plan.

Mostly correct. Yes, the line they are working on has always only had a top capacity of 5000K/week as it was designed to be built initially.

But instead of building an entire completely new line, the plan is to double the speed on each station that can be doubled, to further automate steps that initially were intentionally done by hand, and to split the line into 2 parallel stations on any jobs that can’t be doubled in speed.

Some may respond that no other car company does it this way. But then again no other car company build a 250-300 mile pure EV in 2012 either. In fact, they still haven’t.

Is there any news about the base model 3, I have been waiting patiently, however my vehicle needs are getting urgent. I need a car that has at least 200 miles of range, if the model 3 takes to long should I go with the Bolt, or is it worth waiting for the 200 mile leaf?

It’s difficult to say. Depends on circumstances. I would go with the Bolt if you need one right away, since the Leaf does not match that criteria.
The longer range Leaf has some nice features that Best the Bolt, but that’s almost a year away.

If you drive a lot of freeway commutes and travel out of town. I would wait for the M3.

…or a CPO Model S

Should be able to get a 2014 with under 50K miles for as little as low $40’s

The Bolt is definitely a good choice of something to lease while waiting for a Model 3.

Personally, if I were in your situation I would run, not walk to maker sure you get in before the $7500 fed incentive potentially ends up in the reconciled version of the House and Senate bills that comes out of reconciliation committee.

This nice guy out there on the web tracks good EV deals. It is a good place to start:

To give you another person’s feedback, I believe ffbj, Koz, and Nix provided sound options/advice. From my perspective, Tesla is the desired solution and everything else is a compromise. So take this with a grain of salt. You’re dilemma looks like a decision tree to me. I’m not sure how the formatting of this is going to turn out. *fingers crossed* Can you afford an EV without the Federal Tax Credit? ____ If no, can you live without traveling long distances? _________ If no, buy a used Model S or a PHEV before year end (Chevy Volt, Kia Optima, Honda Clarity, etc) _________ If yes, buy the Chevy Bolt before year end ____ If yes, did you reserve a Tesla Model 3? _________ If yes, Can you wait for the time period projected for your delivery? __________________ If no, can you live without traveling long distances? ___________________________ If no, buy a used Model S or a PHEV before year end (Chevy Volt, Kia Optima, etc) ___________________________ If yes, buy the Chevy Bolt before year end __________________ If yes, wait on the Model 3 _________ If no, there’s little chance of getting a model 3 in 12 to 18 months. Can… Read more »

+1! Sound advice!

I could not wait, so I bought a Bolt. Even if you were dismissive about it, it’ll be one of the best decisions you would be making, the car is that good. Oh – and it cements in the $7500 tax break I’ll be getting come April ’18.

Congrats on the Bolt. I didn’t mean to be dismissive.
I’m very analytical and believe there’s nothing wrong with recognizing a benefit or drawback. As everyone has different needs, a benefit to one may be a drawback to another. I believe the Bolt is a great vehicle. The only drawback to me is the lack of super charging network. If that’s not a factor for consideration, people should ask themselves if it’s crazy to wait on a model 3 as it probably won’t get the federal tax rebate. I thought I conveyed this in the decision tree where I recommended purchasing the Bolt several times.
Again, congrats on your new Bolt. I look forward to hearing you impressions over time.

GO TESLA GO…I will wait for my model 3 until the fat lady sings.

What if that lady jumped on the Ketogenic Diet fad, and is now a slender size 4?

Tesla will be singing the Bankrupsy Blues before too long.

If you want an air of legitimacy, try learning how to spell bankruptcy. Are you a little tipsy as you drown your sorrows over all the money you’ve lost shorting Tesla stock?

Wow I misspelled a word! What a great comeback! You sure got me good there, genious!

No response to my stock shorting comment? It’s either that, or you’re the type of person who would celebrate the failure of a company that wants to get us off of fossil fuels.

Be honest, man, you had to google the word to see the spelling.

Hahaha, it’s good to double check sometimes isn’t it? How about you Mark, are you short or long TSLA?

Not a reply to you, pay attention. No, currently not short or long but been in both many times over the years.

I will wait for 25 more days to get the December sales. If this month’s sales cross 900 units, I will be happy, if it crosses 1,000 mark, I will be more than happy.

For those who hate electric vehicles, they should know that 119,000 plugins were sold in China last month and the EV revolution has already started and Tesla only a small part of it.

Yes, and that’s no one’s fault but their own for their 2016 China total of 16K sold Joke Of A market share. Some poster earlier estimates 100k Model 3 sold as a benchmark goal. If they don’t hit that total just in the US (which is all that can be reliably verified (no smoke and mirrors)), then the shorters will be circling the wagons for the eventual eastman Kodak bankruptcy moment.

There is No China Savior coming to rescue a company like TSLA that blatantly disrespects it (given first Autopilot death there last January), and ignores it for 5 years (By believing they don’t have to Obey China rules and Bow down on their knees).

LMAO, “MystSery”!

Must be a freudian slip as you probably meant Misery–which is where you and your fellow shorter-trolls from Seeking Liars are headed as the Model 3 gets into true mass production.

Like Don said above “for those who hate electric vehicles” would include the likes of you-Misery-troll!

Unrealistic (Smoke & Mirrors Like yr leader Musk), Put yr Big Mouth to some use, and declare that you think Model 3 will sell more than 100k in US (because they flatly refuse to disclose Real Intl End User Sales) in all of 2018. Yr comrade Nix cowardly ducked out into silence. If they don’t avoid Model 3 California Waitlist = 0 (nobody) before Dec 2018, then Game Over.

Me? Silent? Hardly. Here is the truth about that 100K-200K number: 1) Nobody on this website ever thought it was accurate when that comment was made. Nobody here predicted 2017 numbers that high. 2) Evidence that the comment was inaccurate, is that the 100k-200k number was NEVER said again. It was a comment made ONCE in response a question, and he likely misspoke as it at no point appeared in any official guidance. Likely he was actually talking about total Model S/X/3 sales being in the 100K-200K range for 2017. 3) This has become the new “panel gap” post for trolls who actually have zero to contribute. 4) I stick 100% by this post I made: “I checked the SEC filings, and I was unable to find official guidance saying 100K TM3 deliveries in 2017 in the SEC filings. So I take with a grain of salt any prior statements by Tesla or Elon about numbers. I take them as aspirations, not actual SEC guidance. (I can’t wait for some troll who doesn’t understand the significance of official SEC guidance to misread what I’ve said there and twist it into something I didn’t say…) In fact, Tesla’s official SEC… Read more »

Mystery troll is the loser here as Tesla ramps up both production and the demand that is following compelling PEVs like the Model 3.

And cap that with the other pos losers like Roy Moore and Steve Bannon going down in flames shows that despite the numbered days of the Trumpsters that compelling PEVS and RE are here to stay and disrupt the rent-seekers that Mystery and his fellow trolls represent!

Only a plain Jane USA fool would ever pay $50k for the dashboard-less hazard that is Model 3. You can buy a sexy BMW 2 or 4 series convertible, or X3 (and one to give your vet) for the price of the flawed gullwing door Model X. Californians aren’t stupid – Model 3 will be So. Been There. Done That.

I bet you don’t even have money to change your pampers so why do you talk about $50k cars? If you can’t afford it that doesn’t mean others can’t…and will. Half milion orders, idiot!