Hundreds Fight Rollback Of Clean Car Standards At DOT/EPA Hearings

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The US DOT and EPA recently held three days of hearings in Fresno, Dearborn, and Pittsburgh on the Trump administration’s proposal to reverse existing federal fuel efficiency and emissions standards, and members of the public had a chance to comment.

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Above: The hazardous effects of tailpipe emissions are concerning (Image: Charged)

Hundreds of people, including physicians and health advocates, former EPA officials and technology entrepreneurs, environmental advocates and local officials, testified against the plan, vastly outnumbering the handful that came out in support. Even representatives of automakers and the aluminum industry opposed the effort to water down the standards.

A former EPA analyst who spent years working on emissions policy testified that the technical analysis for this proposal was the “most biased and dishonest” he had witnessed in his 40-year career at the agency.

The DOT’s own Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) concluded: “The Proposed Action [the Trump administration’s rollback proposal] and alternatives are projected to result in an increase in energy consumption, an increase in most criteria pollutant emissions…Overall US health impacts associated with air quality (mortality, asthma, bronchitis, emergency room visits, and work-loss days) are anticipated to increase across the Proposed Action.”

The Natural Resources Defense Council’s David Pettit pointed out several shortcomings of the DOT’s DEIS at the Fresno hearing. “The alternatives analysis looks only at reductions in the CAFE standards, not increases,” he said. “None of these alternatives increases fuel economy with respect to the no action alternative, none conserves energy, and none represents maximum feasible CAFE standards. These are fundamental errors. The DEIS is fundamentally flawed and needs to be withdrawn.”

Above: Rolling back clean car and fuel economy standards means more gasoline fill-ups for ICE vehicle owners (Image: Natural Resources Defense Council)

According to the NRDC’s Luke Tonachel, who testified in Dearborn this week, adopting the proposal would mean fewer innovative jobs, more smog, soot and carbon pollution, and higher costs for drivers filling up at the pump. The agencies’ own analysis shows that halting progress on emissions will mean 60,000 fewer jobs, an outcome that would be especially bad for Michigan, which is home to 69,593 jobs in 224 facilities that make materials or components for more fuel-efficient cars.

The agencies also admit that the plan will mean more carbon pollution. If the plan is adopted, an additional 73 billion gallons of gasoline will be consumed by the vehicles directly regulated under the proposal – an additional cost of $170 billion dollars for American drivers.

The administration’s argument that halting the pollution and mileage standards would save lives by reducing highway deaths was undercut by the EPA’s own analysts, who showed the flaws in its assumptions.

A spokesman for an aluminum industry trade group testified that the administration’s claim that automotive lightweighting would lead to more highway fatalities is false. “Numerous flawed assumptions in the draft rule are misleading and overstate potential unfavorable impacts on safety,” said Mario Greco, Chairman of the the Aluminum Transportation Group. “Automakers are not reducing the weight of small cars, but instead are prioritizing weight reductions where it offers the most promise to boost fuel economy and reduce emissions – their larger, heavier cars and trucks.”


Written by: Charles Morris; Sources: Natural Resources Defense CouncilAluminum Transportation Group

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“If the plan is adopted, an additional 73 billion gallons of gasoline will be consumed by the vehicles directly regulated under the proposal..” THERE’S the “why” behind the rollback proposal. The handful at the top who stand to directly gain from increase petroleum usage have ZERO interest in the compelling reasons to go clean for the masses. It’s about vacationing in the Hamptons, private jets/helicopters, lifestyles that everyone commenting here will never see.

Exactly. trump is bought and owned by fossil fuel industry. Coal lobbyist running the EPA!!! He’s not even trying to hide this blantant corruption.

I wish Trump would read this study. Just the other day he said he knows more than the Fed knows. Trump also knows more than all the other nations on the planet about Climate Change.

Trump? Read? He only watches tv.

Trump claims to be smarter than everyone, his professors said he was the dumbest one in the class.

Elections have consequences. Get out and vote for politicians that want clean air and water.

Agree with you. We have to do a better job picking our representatives but there’s an issue when districts are gerrymandered and you only like your own representatives instead of the broader picture

If they didn’t stand up against Trump VOTE THEM OUT

If your Senator or Representative didn’t stand up against Trump VOTE THEM OUT

Unless you’re from a coal producing state lol

Trump is a good reason to vote, THIS is what happens when you don’t!

Wow a Evannex article that don’t talk about Tesla and I agree with

I am very thankful for all the people that showed up to protect the interests of people like myself. I guess we will now find out if the public hearings have any sway on the legislation or is ignored and the hearings are just window dressing.

The latter.

Thumbs up not because that’s what I want, but because it is likely the truth.

Too bad such deep dives, as CAFE, are rarely discovered by voters. They don’t see the bipartisan agreement against much of what Trump is doing to the auto and electric sectors. He is trampling state’s rights, to do favors.

In this case, the particular “favors” in question, are payback to loyal party constituents, that made the necessary contributions, that got these “swamp drainers” elected.

Unfortunately, the rest of the unsuspecting electorate, are the ones holding the proverbial bag.

Just ask those disenfranchised and dismembered people, including an American reporter, that was foolish enough to enter the Saudi Consolate in Turkey, alone.

You can opt to get it slowly or quickly, it’s now becoming clear what is at stake.

Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi Journalist that was a contributor to the Washington Post’s Global Opinions section.

Your absolutely right that he was a Saudi National, who residence was currently in the United States, as he was a graduate of Indiana State University. He was pretty much persona non grata in the S.A kingdom.

The Independent reported in 2016 that Khashoggi was banned by Saudi Officials from TV or print because of critical comments and articles about Trump. I seen where he went to Indiana State University nd that for a time he was in self imposed exile in London.
Also that he met with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and in Tora Bora. This is information from Wikipedia. It also said he was thought to be in the Saudi Intelligent Agency.

The GOP fought against raising the CAFE standards for over 20 years. It wasn’t until the Great Recession and Obama CAFE standards were raised. The Koch Brothers donated 400 million to GOP congressman to get them elected.

People: The voters were left with poor choices in the last election. Neither Clinton nor Trump were good for the middle class. Both were controlled by Big Corporations…Trump by the fossil fuels industry and perhaps Russia and Clinton by the stock bankers. The only chance you have to right this wrong is in November where it would be wise to vote for the opposition party in order to stem the damage to the nation caused by Trump and the Republicans. This is your last chance to stop the takeover of your Government and to return the voice of reason and logic back to Congress. Democracy doesn’t work when only one party runs the Nation…it then becomes a dictatorship.

BS believing Clinton wasn’t a better option than Trump is believing all of Trumps lies.

I don’t know why they bother with these public hearings. The final decision has already been made. Oh yeah, the hearings are required by law.

Speaking at these meetings is cute…and pointless. This move was already paid for in 2016. Unless you pay more or vote people out there will be no change of course.

Health is expensive when you count how dirty air impacts peoples health and then later costs the nation.
Even with clean air as a given?
Along the health line the USA has a lot to do with overpriced rip off pharmaceuticals and hospital charges that are plain crazy high.
Mr & Mrs Jones in the US are sure having their bank accounts cleaned out with the above.
All politicians from all sides of politics need to concentrate more on their citizens health and well being than allowing the cheapest lower standards in air quality as it doesn’t make financial sense for that nation.