How To Get In Back Seat Of BMW i8 – Video


In his latest in a long series of BMW i8 videos, DoctaM3 asks:

Can an adult fit in the rear seat of the BMW i8?

BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

DoctaM3 created this video so that you can “see for yourself” if it’s possible to squeeze into the tight rear confines of the BMW i8.

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Is there no rear window to see out of, or did they have stuff blocking it?


Sad that “John Glenn’ing” in a back seat, is still a thing.


A Sardine can , death trap, is what that car is.. Why take such un-necessary risks???? In a wreck, on a best case scenario you could die ….,worst case scenario you could be left mammed & suffer for the remander of
life…… DUUUU )(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*(*&^%$#

LS song

if ppl have a brain, they defo gonna purchase other cars


Ive learned something. Ive always assumed the i8 was a two seater! Do the seats fold down?


Just buy a Tesla S for less money and more room and zero pollution. Oh FREE Super Charging too.


How to get Britney Spears into the back seat of BMW i8 – Video.

There, … now we’re interested.

Insane Electric Torque

She not gonna fit in that comfortable seat. :DDD


Britney Spears in the back seat? Might as well put a Pig in the back seat . The pig will have more Class!


Take off your shoes?