How To Extend BMW i3 Range By Driving Efficiently – Video


BMW i3

BMW i3

“A brief overview on how to efficiently drive the BMW i3.”

States the video description.

Though the BMW i3 was designed from the ground up to be the most-efficient vehicle available today, a lot of that efficiency lies in how the driver drives the i3.

Hammer down, the i3 won’t be so efficient, but driven the right way, the i3 will reward you with efficiency that’s unmatched by any other vehicle out there.

Here’s a brief primer video on how to drive the i3 in the most efficient ways possible.

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This and the other videos available on are good primers about the functions of the cars.

Personally, I find the “Tips” and Stars” part pretty lame. A better feature would be an “analysis” function that evaluated your actual driving style and showed you what you could be doing differently to improve efficiency. For example, good use of the regenerative braking can absolutely improve your driving range by miles. So show me that I’m braking too late or too early perhaps going so far as to queue me when to do it. Now that would be “Advanced”!

Still a great car and marvelous piece of engineering out of the gate .. kudos to BMW

This is a great video for people who just bought the i3. The iRemote BMW app for smartphones (I have the iPhone ) provides lots of feedback and tips as well. It compares your driving style and efficiency to all others using the app and who have allowed sharing the anonymous data. It’s great and sort of like a game. I own the i3 REx, first one sold off a showroom floor in the USA. With over 3,500 miles on it my average miles per kWh is 5.1! I am probably one of the most efficient drivers of the i3. I often use active cruise control and always drive under or at the speed limit, to start.

Pretty cool, I went to drive one of twenty BMW I cars in Silicon Valley yesterday. Message me if interested in these or the electric Mercedes B Class coming mid September.

It’s too bad they wanted eco pro off for max AC. I had the window open anyway and it was driving on range extender, they hadn’t charged the demo car.

I drive a Leaf and really appreciate the ability to control when I use my heated seats, heater or A/C – having to put the car into a mode like “Eco Pro +” to limit the HVAC seems pretty silly when it also kills your heated seats! I also prefer the circles that light up right in front of me to indicate how much power I am using or regenerating – I use the centre stack screen occasionally, but find it distracting to be staring there often enough for it to be useful (ie rolling hills and trying to minimize energy usage/regen). I guess what I’m trying to say is the i3 “way” to save energy looks too complicated.