How One Chevy Volt Owner Helped Another Volt Owner In Time Of Need


Erick Belmer, proud owner of the highest mileage Chevrolet Volt, posted a story that we think shows the connection that most electric car owners share.

We’re all connected in this by our love for electric cars, right?

Here’s Belmer story:

Helping fellow Volt owner with a flat.

In Warren, Ohio it’s pothole boulevard and 4 vehicles had damaged tires from the pot holes. One was a Volt, so I had to help!

I have a full size spare and a floor jack in my Volt since I drive such a distance daily. He was very grateful! I smiled and told him, “We’re Volt Owners! We’re Family!”

Or, we’re LEAF owners! We’re family!  Or, better yet, we’re electric car owners.  We’re family!

There’s a certain degree connection between electric car owners, even if total strangers to one another.  Belmer’s story captures this perfectly.  Belmer continues:

“I travel a lot, so I have extra wheels and tires for both my Volt and my wife’s Volt. I carry one with me in my travels as long as I don’t have my daughter with me. I have Pirrelli runflat tires on my wife’s Volt.”

Travel a lot he does, racking up 220,000 miles on his Volt since taking ownership in March 2012.  Belmer logs approximately 220 miles a day, with a single longest trip of 430 miles in one day.

We wonder, do you have a similar story where you assisted an electric car owner in need mostly because the car they drive is electric?  Tell us your story in Comments below.

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19 Comments on "How One Chevy Volt Owner Helped Another Volt Owner In Time Of Need"

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Let’s see. I’m driving down a road in France in my Volt and I see Anon and Lustuuc stuck on the side of the Road with a flat.

I should:

A) Stop and help them even after all the bad things they have said about the Volt or

B) Keep driving, don’t stop and flip them off as I drive by

You decide 🙂

Lustuuc annoys the heck out of me with his blatant biases, but I would still choose option A.

Thank you. 🙂

And just for the record, I’m more anti-GM, than anti-Volt. 😉

Well, I might give a hand to Anon since he is at least factual about GM sometimes… But I will let him hear about it during the entire time I am helping him…

On the other hand, if it is Lustucc and his POS Prius on the side of hwy, I would just stop by and telling him that he should have bought a Volt instead.

Then I will stop at the next town and call him a tow truck…

If you called him a ‘tow truck’ to his face, you wouldn’t have to stop at the next town…

Good job, Erick! Class act!

But it does kind of make you go, “Hmmm…”

Maybe a doughnut would be a good idea, and what does the Gen II have? Yep, an optional spare tire.

At 77,000 EV miles, I’d like to know what the AER is now. Has he seen any degradation?

Speaking of the unspeakable, do we Volt owners have some kind of fix-a-flat kit on board, or is the only bail-out a cell phone?

I know I should know this (not near car).

“Maybe a doughnut would be a good idea” -This, or an i3 wheel. Doh!

…What do you cal an i3 w/more than one spare?

–“Half a dozen doughnuts”

Yes, the car comes with some sort of fix-a-flat and an air compressor from the factory. Just no spare.

David is right, the air compressor has two settings. One with just air and one with air plus goo to seal a small puncture. Never had the pleasure of trying the latter.

What I find annoying is that there is no jack in the Volt. Even if another driver stops to help you may not get the wheel off the car if the sealant doesn’t work. One reason I have AAA coverage.

Never had a reason on my lease. Roadside assistance had me covered if I ever had a problem. I never even removed the air compressor/fix-a-flat from the trunk. I did buy a cheap $15 jack on eBay just in case.

I’m a Leaf driver, but I have yet to help a dead Leaf on the side of the road, or even see one. There are at least 6 in my area.

I have helped a fellow new Leaf driver via Plugshare, however. After a meeting, she said she was going to stop at a DC fast charger I knew on her way home. Later that night, I was checking for local activity, when I saw someone charging at L2 at that site. The recent checkin’s said the DCQC was down. I figured it was her, so I messaged her and told her about two nearby DCQC’s she could use. This was when it was about 10 degrees F, and I didn’t want her charging at L2 at that temperature. She was grateful.


I would have helpped all Plugin drivers, regardless what they drive (yes, even if they drive the Prius Plugin), especially if they are looking to charge.

The volt is a terrible choice for someone who drives that many miles a day.

220 miles in one day with destination charging still uses less gas than a Prius.

Plus, Volt handles much better than a Prius, and has that “all electric feel” that is so addicting and continuously fun to drive.

“Terrible”, really? So instead he should drive one of the 95% of cars that get worse MPG?

I once stopped and helped a middle aged lady who had a flat tyre on her Lotus Elan.
I’m a sucker for classic cars 🙂
It turned out i knew her husband. Small world!