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Badge Application Process

Badge Application Process

As it turns out, making a cheaper Tesla electric car is actually a whole lot easier than we thought.

For starters, it only takes a few step to make an entry-level Tesla, with the main focus being on branding and application of the Tesla badge. Of course, one most first secure a donor car, like an old Toyota Corolla, or something similar.

And most of us thought Tesla couldn’t pull off a cheap car, but by using this method, a sub-$10,000 electric car with a Tesla badge just might be possible.

Video description:

“New episodes of “How It’s Made” will premiere in May on Science Channel.”

Hopefully, Ellen won’t be the host of these new episodes, but her comedy works well on this Tesla Model 3 parody of the highly informative actual “How It’s Made” program.

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Funny. I love it.

The voice over talent did an excellent imitation of the “How It’s Made” narrator.

Would be to reliably for a Model 3 ;-).

It is rumored that before the decision was made to engineer the Model S from the ground up, Tesla was considering on modifying old AMC Concorde “gliders” which could be sourced in large numbers from the nation’s junkyards and which are still in relatively pristine condition because they are impervious to weather and car-crushing machines

Someone needs to forward this to Sergio Marchionne.

He already has the templates to rebadge the Chrysler 200. He’s just waiting for the aluminum to make the badges.

Sergio has about 12 of these stashed behind a barn on his Mom’s property. Last known information about them;

Sergio was seen walking away from the barn loudly screaming (at the top of his lungs, according to one eyewitness report) Hell no, never, not on my watch!

For the $35K price point, that’s to me the only aspect of the Model 3 story that really takes the unfathomable gullibility that is legendary around here but even at $45K people will buy it so it doesn’t matter and as years passes it will be possible to make profits selling cars like this at this price point.

Why do you think $35K is impossible? It is certainly hard. But LG Chem & GM said they have battery cells down to $145/KWH. That is $8700 for the battery cells they need. That leaves $26,300 to build the rest of the car. That doesn’t seem completely unreasonable.

It won’t have those fancy wheels shown at the reveal. The interior will be cheap cloth. No free supercharging included. Single motor.

It seems quite possible.

No it doesn’t leave $26,300 to build the rest of the car, far from it. $35,000 is the retail price, they can’t sell the model 3 at manufacturing cost, but needs to make a profit, to earn money back for the R&D costs, running the company and the retail shops, making investors happy etc. etc.

Spec, I have to admit that I am a bit at a loss for how Tesla will be able to make a profit on the III if the sales price for a base model is going to be $35,000. Even if they can get the cells for less than $9,000, that still leaves the pack management system which is going to cost around $2,000-3,000. So you are in $11-$12k just for the pack and the PMS.
The III is a nice car, I just don’t see how Tesla is going to be able to sell them for $35k. They have delivered before, so I am not saying it won’t happen, but it will be a difficult row to hoe.
I have a friend that has never said a word about electric cars, and she is giddy now that she has put in her money for a reservation on a III.
SUV to a III.
It is hard to argue with a company that can excite people like that.

The first models delivered will be $43,000 according to the company.

No, Musk stated that, based on buying trends in option selection, the average sale price of the Model 3 will probably be around $43k.

I’m sure that, maxed out, it could go up to $70k or more.

Musk IS the company, he calls the shots.


Well, Corolla sold in millions across the world and it is one of the largest model sold in the world in terms of cumulative sales.

If Model 3 is really a “Corolla of EV world”, then it will be a great thing for Tesla as Toyota really built its empire on Corollla… Tesla will build its EV empire on Model 3.

I though I was going to learn something exciting but now I feel like a cat after a cold shower. I hope to see the real movie in a few years.

This is how FÍAT will compete

Yes when FIAT CEO said copying the Model 3 and adding Italian styling heat meant gluing on the FIAT logo, that’s his take on Italian styling.

Tesla is so much more this is not even funny.
The model 3 is safer.
More reliable.
No transmission, exhaust,catalytic conv etc
Tesla has auto pilot.
Tesla 3 has Super chargering FREE.
It’s USA made.
100 times more reliable.
Almost no brake wear.
and so much more.

You forgot to mention its more reliable

It’s quite impressive that the logo on a $35,00 car is made of cast high grade aluminum. 🙂
Most are just made of chrome covered plastic.

One of the best things about buying a Tesla, whether it is the model 3, the model X,or the Model S, is that you don’t have to buy it through a dealer. Could you imagine what the dealer markup would be on such a hot item?

Yikes. Some stealerships are selling the Challenger Hellcat at tens of thousands of dollars over MSRP. I can’t imagine that the markup would be… Your $35K MSRP could be upwards of $60K!

Cost cutting is a challenge, but with what we know so far, it’s not that unbelievable.

The S70 starts at $70k. That’s with a 25% profit margin, with a lot of current-generation battery cells for a large pack energy, beefy motor and power electronics (lots of copper for windings and large cables), all-aluminum body, retractable door handles standard, 19″ alloy rims standard, etc.

The Model 3 will be manufactured with only up to 15% profit margin, with fewer and cheaper new-generation battery cells with less total pack energy, smaller motor and a little less-beefy power electronics, smaller rims (probably 16″ or 17″ standard), body has less aluminum/more steel, left/right agnostic dashboard and instrument panel, etc.

Then, add in the cost reductions in targeting unit production at an order of magnitude higher than their manufacturing capacity at the end of 2015, plus a completed Gigafactory.

Materials, parts and labor costs all go down due to the above sorts of differences between today’s base Model S and the planning of every aspect of the base Model 3 content and manufacturing. I do not know if it is enough to cut the sale price in half, but it’s got to be close.

I thought the 25-27% was based upon an average MS – and the ‘average’ is over $90k.
($2.5k radio hasta’ help, for instance)

The Model E on the other hand has been Announced at 15%, but does that mean the stripper or the same average as the MS?

If you hafta’ buy the Model E in the $42k neighborhood for Tesla to realize that 15%, that would heavily explain why the first deliveries will be highly optioned models.

time will tell..