Hot BMW i9 Coming Soon


Wonder If The i9 Can Grab More Air Than The i8?

Wonder If The i9 Can Grab More Air Than The i8?

BMW i Line To Include i9?

BMW i Line To Include i9?

Per Autocar:

“BMW is preparing a more potent version of the i8 for its centenary celebrations in 2016, sources have revealed.”

A more potent i8, or an entirely new model?  Well, that seems to depend on how you define “new.”  As Autocar states:

“The new model, rumoured to be called i9, would use the same carbonfibre tub 
as the i8 but would get more aggressive styling, a larger engine and a more powerful electric motor.”

That seems like a “new” or mostly new model to us then.

Autocar adds:

“The engine is understood to be the new modular 3.0-litre six-cylinder unit that is in development and set to appear first in the upcoming 7-series replacement.”

The i9 will likely joins BMW’s i lineup before the i5.

“The i9 will be the next model to join BMW’s i sub-brand. Also planned is the i5, a stretched version of the i3.”

We suspect the i9 will be priced north of $200,000.

Source: Autocar

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And some people didn’t think BMW would make an affordable electric car!

I’m waiting to buy when the i10 comes out with 900 hp and a 4 kWh battery paired to a 40 hp electric motor.

LOL! Yeah, sounds like a completely useless vanity car. Put it in a movie and get some sheiks to buy it to add to their collection.

you read that the i9 already has a bigger electric Motor? the i10 would probabbly habe a 60 kWh battery, 700 kW gasoline Motor and 200 kw electro Motor.

AnD cost around the same AS the Porsche 918. still an amazing car 😉

BMW… talk about making an effort to take a new brand and water it down.

Perhaps it’s not so surprising when you think about it.

BMW (and Mercedes for that matter) have positioned themselves as high margin luxury car makers in North America, focused on the top 10%. They are not offering bread and butter mainstream cars here, even though they do in Germany.

With luxury buyers, the main marketing objective is to keep cranking up the exclusivity to help extract money from those high end leather wallets. That’s what all the recent crop of European super PHEVs are all about. An i9 is the next logical step.

A read a recent article about fleet fuel economy calculation that revealed another interesting motivation (others might provide a more informed comment than I). Apparently the US calculation methodology favors manufacturers that build large quantities of trucks. As a result, German manufacturers, who do not build trucks, have to pay significant penalties every year for the high consumption luxury car biased fleet mix they sell. But luxury vehicle electrification pulls up the average and reduces the penalties significantly, hence their enthusiasm. We can debate whether that’s a good incentive or not, but it helps explain their motivation.

I’m not saying that it’s surprising. The surprising part was rather to start a new brand that looked like it would be a green one with the i3.
It looked like BMW was finally looking toward a better future and of course add persons who never owned a BMW (or had any desire to own a BMW) to the brand.

2 ICE models (barely worth even to be called hybrids) shows their true face once again.

What I’m amazed is they weigh so much for a CF car.
This shouldn’t weigh over 1500lbs if it was truly advanced. As it is, it weighs as much as a steel car that size.
Taking all the alum frame and whatever else overweight they have out dropping 1,000lbs would help performance as much as this power overkill.

Wow, so yesterday BMW. Why even bother with the plugin part, other than to trick a few rich people into thinking they have a for reals EV? 5 miles on plug in power alone for 200k. Way to give no real competition to Tesla. Nice job pretending you are committed to EVs haha, not.

Where are you getting 5 miles of AER? (AER=All Electric Range) I saw no mention of that in the article. The current i8 gets around 15 miles of AER. Granted, that’s small compared to the Volt but only 4 miles less than Ford’s PHEV products. Interestingly enough, it has decent acceleration in all-electric mode. The 0-60 time in all electric is similar to what the Volt or Leaf can do, at around 9-10 seconds. So you can definitely drive the car around town in electric mode only as long as you aren’t trying to race people. Ford’s Energi products are very speed crippled by comparison.

Actually, the i8 get ZERO (‘0’) miles of all- electric range.

It does get a whopping 15 miles of combined gasoline + electricity.

Sounds like a small, carbon fiber car, with a v6. Golf clap.

BMW looks to be chasing La Ferrari and the 918, with this one. Gas cars, with ‘AA’ batteries.

BMW Does not use V6 engines. They do have some of the finest inline sixes though.And compared to those other million dollar hybrids, this is a bargain.

Chris Harris was impressed, out-running a Mini on a public road in his i8 video. He put it in an environment that would flatter it. You know that’s different from beating 7 minutes, at the Ring? That will take more than an inline six, and 70+k in parts.

The i9 would be a bargain, but its destined to be half-baked and as confused as the i8. Not right for the track, anemic “may as well not plug-in” storage for the street. When i9 was rumored to be a 7-series body, I thought it might have been something special.

A big help for cars like these would be if racing formulas allowed charged batteries at the start, as part of a shorter fuel-limited distance. Then EREV could get very fun. Does Bernie E. read Inside EVs? Bernie?

“Also planned is the i5, a stretched version of the i3.”
Any more news about this?
Is the i5 really only a stretch version of the i3 because there was rather a possibility it could be a BMW 5 series sedan body style with an i3 system in it, which would be way more interesting.

At this point, only BMW knows whether the i5 will be a stretched i3 or a 5 series size vehicle.