Horse-Drawn Carriages Versus Electric Buggies – The Battle Continues in NYC


Four months ago, we reported on the idea that someday soon horse-drawn carriages would be replaced by electric buggies in New York City.

Well, there’s now an update to report, but there’s been little actual progress made.

Vintage Horse Drawn Carriage Image

Vintage Horse Drawn Carriage Image

As Metro reports:

“It’s safe to say that those who want to ban the carriage horse industry in New York City and those who want to save it don’t agree on much.”

“Animal rights groups have cast the industry as cruel and inhumane to horses, while carriage drivers say the animals are well cared-for under the umbrella of a highly regulated industry.”

So, there’s a clash between the two sides.

However, there’s this being reported by Metro:

“The prototype faux-vintage car, commissioned by pro-ban group New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets for $450,000, is set to arrive in New York in June. NYCLASS is in the process of securing private financing for the rest of the fleet.”

So, at least one electric buggy will be coming soon, but it may only be one and done.

There are all sorts of back and forth arguments (follow the Metro source link below for more details) on this horse-drawn carriage versus electric buggy ordeal in NYC, but surprisingly of of the debate centers around carriage drivers losing their horse:

“I own my own carriage. This is my whole life, you know. You can’t pet an electric car.”

Says carriage driver Sean Dennehy.

Source: Metro

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Sounds like a job for “Johnny Cab”. Just replace him with a horses head. 😉

I really need to update my blog again, huh?

I wanted them to replace the horses and buggies with Flintstones Cars.

Personally I don’t see what the big deal is about using horses in that the Amish horses in Lancaster County work harder in that they on six line lane wide highways and everything is heavily geared towards the car.

At least in New York City the traffic movies a lot slower then it does in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Here they argue over one or the other, when both would be nice.

“I own my own carriage. This is my whole life, you know. You can’t pet an electric car.”

First, if jobs were the only concern, cars would have been banned to keep the blacksmiths employed and slavers would still be raiding Africa.

And you can pet an ev, but it doesn’t have to suffer bondage.

Horses belong in fields in the countryside, not on concrete in cities.

We’re going about this all wrong. Since Google bought Boston Dynamics, why can’t they step up and design a pair of Robot Horses, based on “Big Dog”? 😉

And Ford Motor Company mentioned making electric Model T’s a while back. What a great option to provide tourists ( along with the horses) who wish to visit NYC. And a great advertising opportunity for Ford.

Btw, anyone know if the proposed vintage styled EV will have a combo charger port?

If horses aren’t used as a draft animal or any other type labor, what would you do with them? Perhaps feed them Happy Meals and keep them in their small pasture or stalls, so they can get as fat and lazy as the American population is getting. As a group, most of us won’t even ride a bicycle or exert ourselves.

Now that I have the ridiculous out of the way, I see no reason to even consider a horse drawn carriage on a city street as mistreating an animal. I am of the opinion that the goal of the people opposed is to remove these small business operators completely. How can they possibly stay in business if saddled with the monthly payment on a $450,000.00 kit car?

As someone who drives in NYC everyday, I can’t wait until they get rid of these carriages. The stink, hold up traffic, the horses defecate in the street, and the drivers think they own the street. They pull out in front of you when ever they want!! Good riddance!!

If horses are legally pedestrians, they would have the right of way…