Horrific Crash Involving Chevy Volt – Both Occupants Okay (w/video)


Per Larry Diamond: "Here's another shot that shows the Volt driver and his dog. No injuries to either."

Per Larry Diamond: “Here’s another shot that shows the Volt driver and his dog. No injuries to either.”

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Chevrolet Volt is one of the safest “small cars” in the U.S.  This incident puts the Chevy Volt’s safety on display.

As Volt owner Larry Diamond explains after having seen his local evening news:

“As seen on this evening’s news. Described as a “violent crash” that occurred during a police chase, the bad guys in the larger Audi SUV were taken to the hospital, while the Volt driver (and his dog!) are just fine. Chalk another one up to our high safety/crash ratings!”

California is notorious for high-speed chases.  Unfortunately, oftentimes innocent bystanders are brought into the mix.  This time, those innocent bystanders included a man and his dog in a Chevy Volt.

LA Times reports:

“…a police pursuit ended with a multivehicle crash in Santa Ana on the 5 Freeway, prompting the closure of three northbound lanes as crews cleared the wreckage.”

“The chase began in Laguna Hills at about 11 a.m. as four alleged burglars attempted to get away from police in an Audi SUV. They were arrested after crashing near the Westfield MainPlace mall…”

Hat tip to Larry Diamond!!!

Source: LA Times

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I’m glad everyone is ok, so I will make a joke of it:

If more people drove electric, there’d be fewer of these crashes because if you’re like me in my Leaf, every mile per hour faster than 55 is painful …

Why do you say? Our Leaf does just fine at higher speeds. I’ve had it over 80 several times. Granted.. At that speed, the battery won’t last long.

Ditto. I frequently average between 70 and 75 (when traffic allows) and have pushed my Leaf near its capped speed limit before. I have a 15 mile one way commute so I can pretty much getaway with it. OTOH, I tend to get better range when traffic forces me to keep it slow.

I know how this looks, but this was not the SUV drivers fault. He was distracted by the movie his three friends were watching in the back.

I’m thinking what Snark was referring to is the preference for most of us EV drivers to not waste energy at higher speeds, and conserve precious EV range.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Volt handles 85+mph with no complaint, though I tend to put it into Hold mode for runs on that stretch of TX tollway. It will do an honest ton on EV-only with no complaint or drama, though that does kill battery range pretty quick.

And no fire. So sorry shock-media. No news for you today.


John, the driver, was “really chill”, because driving on electricity makes you that way. 🙂

And another SUV driver was at fault. Color me not surprised.

What a tease – I wanted to see the interview with the Volt driver.

I’m fairly sure the dog wasn’t using his seat belt. If the dog was ok, it must not have been as violent an accident as it could have been.

Volt owner are intelligent and that dog owner must have used a harness to keep his dog safe. But it is obvious that Audi UVs are not that safe or well built. The Volt, being electric, had no gasoline spills or leaks, and caused no fires. If it was another gas car, the Audi passengers could be burned and at a morgue!

Um….the Volt is also a gasoline car…it does have gas as well…

… and there’s not much damage on the SUV. Mostly likely burglars did not have seat belts on either.

Animals do seem to be more resilient that way though. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that people tend to try to brace themselves even when it has been shown to make things worse.

Wait. Everyone I know bought an SUV so they could for their dog in it. You mean you don’t need an SUV for a dog? You can fit one in an EV?! The sun may explode

Why is there a Space Shuttle nose at the right side of the video?


That is odd. The location of the crash is a bit far from the California Science Center which has the Endeavor. The only thing I can think of is that is at the Discovery Science Center in Orange County.

The mall there has a few space artifacts on display. They have a rocket engine from the company I work for Rocketdyne. It is 35 miles from the science center but only 4 from Disneyland

Oh, interesting. Wouldn’t have thought that would be at a mall. I don’t know the area very well, but well enough to know it was probably not the California Science Center where the Endeavor was (which is the only place I knew for sure had a space shuttle). When I saw that, I started looking for places that might have it off of I5 between 22 & 55 and came up with the Discovery Science Center. Didn’t think a mall would have it.

I just looked at the video again and I think reporter lady was confused. She said “where the 55 and 22 connect with the 5” except that it’s 57 and 22 that connect with I5. You don’t get to 55 for another few miles.

I saw the mall you’re referring to and it looks like the Discovery Science Center is right next to the mall.

The Volt passenger compartment cage looks like it did a very good job.

Modern designs are so much better than even 10 years ago. Squishy on the outside, firm in the middle.


I don’t know. The rear drivers-side passenger seat looked pretty mangled from what I can tell. I would wonder if someone in that seat would survive unscathed.

big ugly suv

send that thing to the junkyard