Hoorah For Progress – Or Not: With Line Lock, 2015 Ford Mustang GT Gets 0 MPG


2015 Ford Mustang With Line Lock Enabled

2015 Ford Mustang With Line Lock Enabled

We figured this might drum up a fair amount of comments, so even though it’s not plug-in vehicle specific, we’re giving it a go.

Ford is touting an industry first for the 2015 Mustang GT.  No, it’s not a fuel economy improvement or a breakthrough plug-in hybrid setup, but rather an electronic line lock feature that allows owners to do the smokiest of burnouts.

Per Ford:

“Ford Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak and stability control engineer Scott Mlynarczyk describe the latest feature addition to Track Apps, electronic line lock. Competition has always been part of the Mustang lifestyle and line lock takes advantage of the hardware and software in the 2015 Mustang GT to provide an industry first feature for drivers that opt to take their cars to the local drag strip.”

“Whether a customer wants to take weekend road trips, go road racing or compete in grassroots drag racing, we aim to maximize the driving experience for everyone,” said Pericak. “Mustang offers selectable drive modes for those who prefer to compete on road courses or in autocross events, so when we realized we could provide a really cool feature like electronic line-lock that no one else offers, the decision was easy – ‘Let’s do it!’”

Hoorah for progress, we say sarcastically.  Rather than moving forward on the fuel efficiency, Ford has decided to now make it a feature where Mustang GT owners can get exactly zero miles per gallon.

Sure, the Mustang has zero green cred to begin with, but why on Earth would you fit a road-going vehicle with a feature which its sole purpose is to smoke tires into oblivion while burning gas and not moving an inch.  All the while acquiring several tickets in the process too.

*Apologies for being way off topic.  I just couldn’t bring myself to toss this one aside.

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for those wanting to know how it works here is Ford’s description:

With the electronic line-lock feature enabled, when a driver releases the brake pedal, the hydraulic control unit for the stability control system will keep the front brakes locked while releasing the rear brakes. When Mustang is sitting in the burnout box of a drag strip, the driver can apply the accelerator to spin up the rear wheels to warm the tires for maximum grip. This can all be done without having to balance one foot on the brake and the other on the gas, or install a mechanical line-lock.

I think it’s great idea.
GM needs to add it to the Vette.

“why on Earth would you fit a road-going vehicle with a feature which its sole purpose is to smoke tires into oblivion while burning gas and not moving an inch”

You don’t understand because you aren’t a muscle-car guy, Eric. If you really have to ask this question, you must also wonder why on earth someone would buy a “Trail Ready” Jeep only to be driven for their daily commute. Or why would anyone take their road-ready car to the dragstrip in the first place. Or any number of related questions.

In all fairness, a Model S modified to allow burnouts also gets 0MPG.

A Model S always gets 0 MPG or infinite if you’d like. 😉

MPG sucks.

A Tesla gets 0l/100km any way you want to look at it. 🙂

**** the tesla, electric cars sound like **** *** ****** and you can’t even drive them with a stick. Also you can barely modify it and make it your own personal car, instead it’s just like all the others. This line lock thing is an option to use so I don’t see why people are complaining if you don’t want to use it then don’t your getting the same amount mpg, if you do like it then go burn rubber.


Wow… 🙂

Gearheads in EV forums need to get ed-u-macated before posting utter nonsense.

Thanks for the entertaining down vote, Mr. Gurr. I laughed. 🙂

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Congrats to CJ who becomes only the 5th person to be banned at InsideEVs with 4 curses — in his/her very first sentence in his/her first post.

Pretty much the only thing (other than personal attacks directed at other members of the community) that will get you booted around here

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I guess my hopes for an real electric Mustang are up in smoke.

If anyone were to actually manufacture an electric muscle car like this, the Mustang would be toast. 😉

The Rimac Concept One would smoke White Zombie.. but it’s wee bit pricey.

(0-62mph in 2.8 seconds)


Not so fast kdawg. You’ve got it backwards. The White Zombie would smoke Rimac Concept One.

White Zombie: 0-60mph in 1.7 seconds


Ha, and I even commented on that article. Is it Friday?

Ford, Mustang vs BMW,i3,,,,
Mustang owners get more of what they want, “Smoke those tires if you can”,,A Hardware and Software marriage made in Hotrod Heaven.
BMW, on the other hand, ignores it’s Actve-E drivers thirst for more range and performance and instead is spending a ton of money to sell mediocrity in a plastic bubble,,,,i3 owners get smaller batteries and shorter range than the Active-E.

More “Line Lock” Mustangs will be sold than i3s. Ford is proud of it’s ability to give it’s customers what they want.
BMW is telling it’s customers what they Should Want, and that is CRAP,,Excuse me, that is CFRP.

“Smoke those tires if you can”

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em”

The flip side of the EV revolution is we should say “go team” to the people who want to stay with muscle cars in a gas powered fury. Let um’ have their fun.. hopefully in declining numbers as the years pass.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Naah, just build more powerful EVs and smoke ’em at the strip. In 10 years, I doubt anything short of top-fuel dragsters or funny cars will be able to compete with a performance EV in a drag race 0-60 or 1/4 mile, assuming someone builds them.


While I support those who love their muscle cars / trucks / SUVs / etc, rather than just letting them have their fun, we should be looking to beat them at their own game. EVs are superior in practically every way to ICEVs. Or at least they can be if we build them to be.

Less than 0 mpg, lol.
However, at the dragstrip, I would have loved to have had this feature in my 600hp BMW. Would save on the rear brakes wearing out when trying to warm up the drag radials. Secondly, makes for less stress on the other parts, and more even burnouts.

Sounds like someone is really burning out their transmission when they do something like that.

It must be fun if people even do it in their kitchens.

“That just happened!”

Good idea for a drag strip; but, a bad idea for the street. Ranks right up there with blowing off the guy behind you with a sick diesel.
Don’t try this in front of a white-haired guy who’s totin’.

I just checked the Ford UK site and apparently, you can start pre-ordering the Mustang on May 24th.

Really Eric, this is an unnecessary side show.

It’s well known that to race at a drag park, you have to do burnouts to warm the tires, that’s the way it is. And this clever feature makes it easier to do so in an ICE Mustang. (previously you had to install your own valve in the rear brake line)

I should point out that Don Garlits has a similar feature on his recently demonstrated all-electric drag racer, which now holds the highest trap speed record (184 mph) for an electric drag racer. Check the you-tube videos showing the electric burnouts, they are quite interesting. He is now shooting for the magic 200 mph number. (You should know that Eric since you reported on it two weeks ago)

It would be much more productive for this site to celebrate the fact that electrification is now penetrating the serious motorsport world, rather than simply poke fun at the motorsport itself.

Whoever wrote this is a fucking idiot. Have you ever been to a drag strip. Because it sounds like you’ve never even heard of one. Drag cars have line lock to warm up their tires and I guess since you’ve been living under a rock your whole life you wouldn’t know that a lot, and I mean a lot of mustang owners take their stock “road going” mustangs to the drags on the weekends.

Also, I guess since it gets zero miles a gallon, the tank will be empty in a matter of seconds? I think you need to reevaluate your specs.

Not to mention that when you are stopped at a stop light and your engine is running, you are getting 0mpg

People buy sports cars because they are fun to drive and pretty to look at, not for gas mileage. Most Mustang GT buyers would buy it if it got 5 mpg. This article is stupid and you should feel stupid.

I love mustang and I’m from Europe…They finally made it and get to the EU quality and standards!

Maybe this mode is a tribute to so many concept Ford Mustang concepts that never get the green light…http://www.nocarnofun.com/seventeen-ford-mustangs-that-never-got-to-be-produced/

All the gear-heads already chimed in well, calling foul on the ignorance of the posting, and explaining why this is a practical and enjoyable feature, even for an EV. I’d just like to add that I buy EV more as a fun tech toy than a green thing. Not that the green part is bad – it’s just icing on the tech toy cake. As a tech toy fan… I think more options and settings to play with are fantastic. Fun squealy-burnout setting? Yes please! Besides, couldn’t we use this setting instead of adding artificial noises in parking lot situations? Tell NHTSA we want this instead of an annoying speaker.


That would certainly get pedestrians’ attention!

You ask why?! Well why do we screw women we don’t intend to marry or have children with? Why do we jump out of perfectly good airplanes with parachutes on? Why do we scream at the top of our lungs as we go way too fast on our motorcycles? Cause its awesome hippie, and I like feeling my heart beat like a jackhammer in my chest. Its these moments my friend we take with us to the end, this is what alive feels like.