What Does The Hooniverse Think About The All-New Jaguar I-Pace?


The Hooniverse joins the club of the converted.

Yes, of course Executive Editor of The Hooniverse Jeff Glucker loves gas cars. This is to be expected. He goes so far as to begin this video talking about how he adores the sound and smell of an ICE. He says, “I love gasolina … I like V8 engines, I like noise, and power, and fury, and flames, and combustion.” However, he also admits that he’s not an idiot and knows EVs are the future. What does he think about the all-new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace?

Jeff believes that Tesla is a major force in the electric vehicle race. Still, he says OEMs have produced some compelling EVs, but people are so jaded by Tesla that these cars  go mostly unnoticed. Welcome the Jaguar I-Pace: the first all-electric luxury vehicle that may open people’s eyes to the future of electric vehicles beyond Tesla.

Jeff says the I-Pace provides more luxury than Tesla’s vehicles. He calls the Tesla Model X Spartan compared to the I-Pace. However, even though he notes that the I-Pace is less expensive, he still says it costs too much. Nonetheless, he’s very impressed with Jaguar’s offering.

Check out the review to learn more about Jeff’s takeaways. Then, connect with us in the comment section and share your insights.

Video Description via The Hooniverse on YouTube:

Enter an excited state: The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Electric torque is addicting. The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace doles out 512 pound-feet of it.

We love the sound, noise, and smell of a proper combustion engine… but our EV future will be fun too.


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The I-Pace is the car which is really changing the minds of a lot of car journalists to believe for the first time that EVs can be as good as their favourite ICE vehicles.

It’s the first effort by legacy auto that holds a candle to Tesla. A weak, wavering, flame, but still, it’s better than all efforts up to this point. It’s poor efficiency and slow charge times are its downside.
Hopefully we will see more noble efforts from legacy auto as people tend to become even more enamored, not jaded, by Tesla nonetheless as it is the premier vehicle manufacturer of our time.

If ipace is a candle, Bolt is fusion reactor in the sky. At least Bolt is sort of in the ballpark of Tesla in efficiency, and that makes Bolt get more miles in given DCFC charge time and better long range car than ipace.

You forgot that the Ipace destroys Tesla in the interior design and build quality

And build quality is far more important for most drivers than efficiency, especially for electric cars which are greatly cheaper in the weekly commute regardless of efficiency.

LMAO at that one.
Most EV drivers consider range to be by far the single most important factor when buying an all electric.

And I-Pace has a range of 234 miles per charge, which is more than enough for most of its customers.

Only of you like millions of buttons.

Don’t believe the build quality is a problem any more, and the traditional interior is a matter of taste.

So why don’t you go out and buy one Jaydee?

a weak, wavering flame? What? Also, it has very very fast charging capability. Just no access to superchargers.

Just another video regurgitating more of the same, change the channel.

Anyone who says they like the noise of today’s engines, is blowing smoke up your rear. Start listening to these engines, 99% sound horrendous.

I believe he said the base model is cheaper than the Model X, but you can’t get the base model in the U.S.? If that is so…it’s not cheaper than the Model X. It’s a Jag, it’s a Jag, it’s a Jag….so what? It’s made by Magna a Canadian company in Belgium with a Korean battery pack. He also needs to calm down.