Honolulu Community College Kicks Off School Year With Launch of EV-Specific Maintenance Courses

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Nissan LEAF at Honlulu Community College

Nissan LEAF at Honolulu Community College

Colleges and Universities across the nation are slowly catching on…electric vehicle are the future.

Look Mom...No Engine

Look Mom…No Engine

To prepare for the future, several colleges (mostly at the community level) have begun to offer electric vehicle-specific courses (mostly focused on maintenance and repair).

Honolulu Community College now joins the growing list of EV-focused schools courtesy of a DoE grant that provided them with the means to teach students how to repair electric vehicles.

Starting in September, Honolulu Community College (HCC) will, for the first time ever, offer EV-specific repair courses.  HCC will actually become Hawaii’s only college to offer non-credit and credit courses in hybrid and electric vehicle maintenance.

The DoE grant helped HCC in purchasing two Nissan LEAFs to use in the program (a few conventional hybrids are include in the program, too).

Though the course focus mainly on repair, beginner-level material in the basic operation of electric vehicles is part of the curriculum.

At HCC, instructors will begin training the mechanics of tomorrow starting on September 26th.

Source: KHON

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4 responses to "Honolulu Community College Kicks Off School Year With Launch of EV-Specific Maintenance Courses"

  1. Spec says:

    EV Maintenance? That’s got to be the easiest class at the school! 🙂

  2. Eddie b says:

    Anyone know if there are classes like this in New York?

  3. MrEnergyCzar says:

    April fools article already?