Hong Kong Now Home to 552 Electric Vehicles and 1,000 Public Chargers


First-Generation Tesla Roadster Sold in Decent Volumes in Hong Kong

Tesla Roadster Sold in Decent Volumes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Secretary for the Environment, Wong Kam-sing, recently issued several statement on EV progress related to Hong Kong:

Will Tesla Model S Sell Well in Hong Kong When it Launches There?

Will Tesla Model S Sell Well in Hong Kong When it Launches There?

“As of end October 2013, there were 552 EVs in use on the roads in Hong Kong. Comparing the only 74 in end 2010 and 242 in end 2011 respectively, the increase is encouraging, which also shows that the number of EVs is gradually increasing with the relevant government promotion policies.”

So, there’s noticeable growth.

As for the government doing its part, Kam-sing stated:

“We now have 147 EVs in the Government fleet, and another 74 units of EVs will be delivered to various departments from now on until early next year.”

And finally, here’s a statement on the current charging infrastructure within Hong Kong:

“We now have some 1 000 public charging facilities to serve the EVs, including 500 standard charging facilities in 18 public car parks managed by the Transport Department and Government Property Agency, and around 500 charging facilities installed by other sectors.”

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So… one electric car for every ~14,000 people in Hong Kong. In the US, we currently have one electric car for every ~2,000 people.

Why do they have more public chargers than they have cars? Over here we have the exact opposite issue with way more cars than chargers.

I’m not so sure that is true. Hard to decipher between public and private in these #’s.. but good info anyway.

I just found this from the DOE. Looks like ~ 20K chargers in the US with their data (nice that it’s broken down by state). I don’t know if they count Tesla, or what specifically, but they do not count residential chargers, which a lot of people on Plugshare do share their home chargers.


So ~20K public chargers for ~156K plug-ins.

So it seems just having more public chargers does not actually increase EV adoption. Especially since even in the US over 80% will do their charging at home.

Maybe the government’s dollars would be better spent on EV incentives to help with the purchase, and incentives for workplace and home charging stations, where the EV will be charged.

I’m guessing the “500 standard charging facilities in 18 public car parks” are used by people charging at night, because they park in a public garage at night, or during the day at work, or both.

I don’t know much about Hong Kong, but it looks like its residences might be mostly apartments. So maybe charging in one’s apartment parking space isn’t any easier than it is in the U.S. Instead, maybe Hong Kong EV owners charge primarily at public chargers.

That’s a good point. I doubt Hong Kong has the same setup of single family housing with garages as most of the USA. So they are going to need lots of public chargers, even if they are just in parking lots or parking garages of multi-family-units.

They have 500 000 private cars in Hong Kong and 20 000 taxis. Those 20 000 taxis transport over 1 million people everday. Public transport and taxis are much more important than their private cars.
If those 20 000 taxis were electric then it would make a big difference in Honk Kong.