Honda Launches Wireless V2G With WiTricity

DEC 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Wireless + bi-directional energy transfer

Honda will present at CES in January an interesting concept of a wireless charging system for electric cars that’s combined with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), a bi-directional energy transfer capability.

The Wireless Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) was developed jointly with wireless charging specialist WiTricity and enables not only to charge the car, but also to power the home or the electric grid.

The Japanese manufacturer is researching whether wireless V2G can create new value for customers.

“The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has the potential to strain the power grid, leading to the increased use of non-renewable energy sources to meet demand, which will result in greater carbon emissions. Recognizing that batteries in vehicles also can be used as storage to help balance supply and demand, Honda EV owners will be able to participate in the V2G program and receive compensation from utility operators who benefit from the use of Honda EVs to balance the grid’s energy supply.

Unlike charging with a conventional charging cable, the system enables noncontact charging and discharging of an EV by parking on a charging pad, which makes the charging experience more convenient for customers. Honda has developed this Wireless Vehicle-to-Grid with WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance. The Honda Wireless Vehicle-to-Grid can help eliminate the gap between supply and demand of electricity by charging EVs when power generation is greater than power consumption, and by discharging electricity from EVs to the power grid when consumption is greater than generation. To put this system in practical use, Honda is interested in collaborating with energy-related companies, including aggregators and electric companies.”

Block diagram for a bi-directional WPT system. Tachikawa et al. – Honda and WiTricity (Source: Green Car Congress)

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Source: Honda, Green Car Congress

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Originally I had little interest due to the cycling of the battery. Now that I am using a 75kWh battery, and don’t have net metering for my solar array, I am interested in some form of V2G for about 100 cycles per year to offset rainy day usage here in the southeastern US.

That’s actually V2H, vehicle-to-home. It’s mostly the same technology, and thus often gets lumped in with V2G, which is a pity: it’s a way more attractive use case IMHO…

Though 100 cycles a year is actually quite a lot… In that case a dedicated storage battery might still be the preferable option.

I misspoke with the 100 cycles. I meant using it 100 days per year with a possible 25kWh of usage. The other advantage that is yet to be tapped is using this method to balance the battery. There are some studies being performed now where with a bit of advanced programming, you could actually extend the life of the EV battery. A lot has to happen for that to work. Still, there are a lot of untapped possibilities here.

I just wish Honda would get off their ass and start making an EV with decent range and quit wasting their resources chasing concepts that are years away from entering the market if ever

Becasue if it works, it would set them up for Hydrogen to Home.