Honda Urban EV Imagined In Production Form


Let’s hope Honda actually decides to bring it to production.

Much to the surprise of show goers, the Honda Urban EV concept made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, and quickly made its way into our hearts. We voted it one of the best vehicles at the event, alongside heavy hitters like the Mercedes-AMG Project One, and the Bentley Continental GT, among others. Now, we imagine the lovable concept wearing production clothing.

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This concept previews what could become of the Urban EV concept if Honda does decide to build it. It utilizes most of the same elements found on the original concept, including boxy proportions, a unique headlight and grille design, and retro-inspired cues. Unlike the concept, though, this model is a bit more production friendly with standard halogen light fixtures, fog lights, and new wheels.

The body is also finished in a handsome shade of red, with a two-tone white roof and running board detail, with dark blue accents located near the bottom of the door panel. The new color pattern looks particularly appropriate on the updated, but still retro-styled vehicle.

But this isn’t just some design exercise, rumor has it that the Honda Urban EV could actually make it to production. Philip Ross, Senior Vice President at Honda Europe, said back in March that order books would open for the Urban EV in Europe, “during early 2019.” It’s unclear whether the same retro styling cues – both inside and out – will carry over the production version.

The Urban EV will be the first in a long line of fully electric and hybrid vehicles from Honda in the next few years. Every new Honda sold in Europe will be electrified from now on, with a plan to have two-third of new car sales in Europe either fully electric or hybrid by 2025, and globally by 2030.

Honda Urban EV Concept
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I absolutely love the concept and absolutely hate that rendering. Ugh

Totally agree!

Congrats Honda on yet another weird looking EV concept. Just make a Civic EV. How hard would that be? This thing is just fugly.

Or just make a version of the Fit EV with decent range that isn’t only available with a lease.

Exactly. This looks like a less practical car (2-door, 2-row cars absolutely suck IMO), and the Fit/Jazz would make a lot more sense.
I also completely don’t get why people liked the way this looked.

They just announced the Fit EV, 185 mile range, Price supposed to be less than $20k. New cheaper battery tech is rumored.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Not a fan.

Retro can be a good thing, but modeling this as an updated 1974 Civic seems like a stretch. Young buyers won’t remember the old model and older buyers who do won’t buy a small hatch.

We had a 1990 Civic looked a lot like this and loved it. It was actually a “pocket rocket” from a stop because of the low weight. Lots of people pimped it up and treated it like a poor man’s sports car. It was still running fine last year when someone totaled it in a parking lot (at that point didn’t take much).

In Europe and Japan, with narrow streets and short parking spaces it will sell very well. American cities too, like SF and NYC.

If Honda was actually serious about wanting to sell EVs, they would put an electric powertrain in the CR-V, and watch them fly out the door. A small to medium crossover with an all electric powertrain will become a top seller. But it seems that Honda would rather play cutesy games with its customers.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I love the idea of an electric Hot Hatch. Make it fast and with a range of ~220 miles…

Looks like a late 70’s VW Rabbit got drunk and took advantage of a Mini-Cooper..

Wow, that’s pretty spot-on!

It’s the 1980s Yugo re-imaged!

Retro cars have legs. The Beetle, the Mini, the Fiat 500, American pony cars all pay homage to an earlier design language. It’s pretty cool. In fact, it bears strong resemblance to the VW Golf, but with round headlights. I think Honda could sell a bunch of these. And it doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. There’s plenty of room for boring appliance cars as well.

I like it.. has loads more character than leaf or half the SUVs with crumpled sides, overly high waists etc., limited outward visibility. Give it the range of a Bolt or M3 Tesla.. and it will sell. Not to SUV lovers, but hey, half a million people reserved Tesla Model 3 – so not everyone has to have a SUV, obviously.
Give it a tiny range- and its DOA.

*THIS* is a Honda worthy of production!

I’d buy the white one but the red one takes away all the freshness and simple elegance for what?

The white one is already just as production ready as the red one.

The red one is just some unemployed kid’s application of a few thin current trends to someone else’s thoughtful work.

Fender creases? Vents in front of the rear tires? Sad how tainting someone else’s effort gets rewarded with attention these days…

Take the white car, make the doors conventional, add mirrors, a couple mandatory reflectors. Change the rims to something a little simpler to reduce the cost. There. Done. And it wouldn’t ruin the concept in the process.

I love this render ! May Honda make it happen !!!

The white one looks far better than the red one.

Love both the concept and this somewhat more conventional rendering. I really hope Honda makes this one to revive their simple elegant design language and lightweight nimble ethos similar to early 90’s Civics and the S2000. Current Civic definitely looks like a design dead end.

Who ever made the rendering does not understand car design, to f… up the rear like that is a sin.

please don’t be that stupid and change the design of this perfect concept car and make it as ugly as al the other cars around since years! please!

The original concept is incredible but that render is just horrible!!!!!!!

Please don’t ruin the concept by adding 2 extra doors, removing flared fenders/ large wheels, changing the perfect c-pillar and adding fussy plastic vents, body creases and/or cutting back on the glass. The concept is perfect. I wouldn’t consider it in the form presented here. What Honda CAN do is increase the range, get rid of the dorky panoramic display as well as the bench seats. Finally, Tesla didn’t succeed by creating a car with limited range and performance. The concept is clearly hot hatch, build it that way! This rendering STINKS