Honda Urban EV Is Classic, Stylish And Oh So Sweet – In Production For 2019


… and we love it!

Built on an entirely new platform, the Honda Urban EV concept is providing us a first look at the Japanese company’s direction for “the technology and design that will appear on a future battery electric Honda production model.” If we get the message right, future production EVs from the brand will have retro-inspired design and advanced electric systems. Adorable!

What’s even more important, a production version of this exact study is planned for 2019, as confirmed by Honda president Takahiro Hachigo during the brand’s press conference at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Honda Urban EV

“This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” he told the gathered media at the 2017 IAA.

The Urban EV concept somehow reminds us of the cute second generation Civic with its wide-eyed fascia and compact dimensions, which, in fact, position it just below the current Jazz supermini. Honda says its balanced proportions give it a “planted, muscular stance,” hinting at some sporty driving characteristics.

Between the two circular headlights at the front, there’s a display projecting information such as greetings, advices for other drivers on the road, or charging status updates. The recipe is similar at the back, where the car will display the current charging status of the batteries and the logo of the marque.

Inside the cabin, thankfully, there’s a steering wheel, as well as pedals and a windscreen with slim A-pillars. The minimalistic layout of the interior includes two bench seats for a total of four passengers, a large dashboard console with wood finish, and a wrap-around screen that runs behind the dash and extends into the doors.

The central part of the display presents information about the vehicle status, including range, remaining battery life, and energy consumption, while the extended door screens function as the car’s wing mirrors through digital camera displays.

Honda Urban EV

Below:  Gallery of the Honda Urban EV (and full press release)

Press release below:

Honda Urban EV Concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Global motor show debut for pure-electric Honda concept car
Modern interior environment includes wrap-around panoramic dashboard screen
Sets the direction for a future Honda production model scheduled for 2019

Honda has revealed an all-new electric vehicle, the Urban EV Concept, at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept car is built on a completely new platform, and sets the direction for the technology and design that will appear on a future battery electric Honda production model.

The concept was officially introduced by Honda Motor Co. President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, during his press conference speech. “This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” he added, confirming that the concept is set to be launched within two years.

Exterior design

Honda’s Urban EV Concept showcases advanced technology within a simple and sophisticated design. Its low and wide proportions give the car a planted, muscular stance that hint at sporty driving performance. Its compact proportions mean it has a total vehicle length 100mm shorter than the Jazz supermini.

The Honda emblem on the concept is backlit in blue, which previews a new styling feature for the company‘s future EVs. At the front of the car, interactive multilingual messages can be displayed between the headlights, including greetings, advice for other drivers on the road, or charging status updates.

Interior design

The driver’s outward visibility from the Urban EV Concept is excellent thanks to slim A-pillars and a wide windscreen that appears to sweep around the entire front of the car. Entry and exit from the vehicle is via rear-hinged coach doors. The electric charging cable connection is housed on the bonnet.

Honda’s Urban EV Concept can accommodate four occupants, across two bench seats finished in different materials. To create a lounge feeling, the front row is upholstered with natural grey fabric, with the seat backs, squabs and arm rests embellished with contemporary wood finish accents. The seatbelts for the rear bench are fixed in the middle of the seat, allowing the belt to retract out of the way before a passenger exits the car.

The same wood finish wraps around a large ‘floating’ dashboard console. This houses the steering wheel column, a set of simple control buttons, and a panoramic display screen. The dashboard itself is completed by a wrap-around screen that runs behind the console and extends into the doors. The main dashboard screen presents a range of vehicle information including remaining battery level. Whilst the extended door screens function as the car’s wing mirrors through digital camera displays.

Honda Automated Network Assistant concierge

Honda’s Urban EV Concept showcases the company’s vision for a world where mobility and daily life are seamlessly linked. The on-board advanced Honda Automated Network Assistant acts as a personal concierge, which learns from the driver by detecting emotions behind their judgments. It can then apply what it has learnt from the driver’s past decisions to make new choices and recommendations.

Honda Power Manager

New methods for managing energy transfers between the grid, homes and electric vehicles could provide revenue opportunities for EV owners in the future. Honda’s Power Manager Concept, revealed alongside the Urban EV Concept in Frankfurt, is a smart system that can store energy more efficiently, releasing electricity generated by renewable sources back into the home or selling it back to the grid.

Electric Vision

Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’ strategy, launched at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, includes the development of a dedicated electric vehicle platform, featuring fully-electric powertrain technology. Key parts of the powertrain development will include a high-density, lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management and the evolution of energy transfer functions – both to and from the vehicle.

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I’m confused by this car. It feels more like a reboot of the EV+ than a serious entry into the EV market.

So is every new car now going to have a Model 3-style dash?


No, every new EV is going to have an i3 style dash.

Where’s the Fit EV?

Excellent question. I would expect to see Honda’s first new full-tilt BEV to be a revised Fit EV, or an EV version of the HRV.

This non-announcement feels like them making an excuse for a two-year (or longer) delay. If they felt some genuine urgency about getting into the EV game — and no, the Clarity EV doesn’t qualify — they wouldn’t be talking about a new platform in 2019.

Am i the onlyone to think this looks like a beefed upp VW Golf mark 1 ?


I was going to write the same and remarked your comment! 8)

Yup, nice Golf.

Or the first Honda Civic. Either way. Love the hilarious ‘couch’ interior. Couch arm on the door is awesome!

A three door with bench seats ala mini.

Close, but more like the 2-door Polo (for those in North America, that’s VW’s subcompact which is exactly a shrunk Golf). Certainly not as rounded as the Civic.

Oh, and not a category anyone needs concepts of. Much too large a front “box”, which is inefficient use of space — instead, they should move to a i-MiEV-like 1-box format with everything underneath. Or, as folks above said, just make a real-production (not California compliance) version of the Fit/Jazz.

Looks like an old ass Rabbit to me.

1980 Honda Civic hatchback.

Except smaller, in a 2 door.

So much so VW would probably sue them if they built it like that.

O my god it’s a TV that looks like a mark 1golf with a steering wheel from an allegro stick too me fk2 type r sod the planet ?

The first concept that doesn’t irritate the s*** out of me. I love it ! I’ll have one. Sod the fk2 type r, and sod Dave Tatton.

Very Sweet!

A beautiful concept (on the exterior) that shows we don’t need EVs to look like 2050 design studies.

The interior is a disaster in my opinion.

Here’s another urbane concept vehicle, they are dropping onto the stage at Frankfurt.
Of course it won’t look anything like this, but they got something done and out the door and on the stage. So Yay!

Wow finally Honda styling back at it’s best. Honda has lost its was as of late. The new honda civic hatch is hideous. This concept is so smart and classy looking. Reminds me of my 1982 honda civic hatch. Please bring to Canada.

Looks like Yugo.

It looks like the first Honda Civic back in 1972. The Yugo is a much newer car copying that look.

Hope Honda follows through and produces more than 35,000/year.

Luckily it won’t look anything like the concept because it’s hideous.

Is it just me or does this look like a modernized version of the original VW Golf MK I???

I love it!


Wow! Bring it to the US!

So, IF it comes to the USA, we can expect it to be a lease only, no purchase option, only available in CA for the first couple years, finally expanding into OR.

Too bad, it’s really appealing to me. I love small cars.

I’m not saying it’s hideous, but damn, it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. -10/10 do not want.


It looks pretty cool on the outside, and I can’t even say why.

The inside on the other hand, has that concept-car-that-will-never-be-produced smell. And it smells quite strongly of that odour.

What a load of crap from Honda, as per usual when it comes to plug-in vehicles.

They did something very similar a few years ago, they just want to suggest they are doing something in the EV space whilst also indicating that EVs are just little city cars at best. It was pathetic then, doubly so now.

if honda brings it to production i would definitely buy 1

“…slim A-pillars”

I would buy it just for this. All the fancy safety stuff has minimal value if you can’t see out of the car. Not everyone wants to drive a pillbox on wheels.

Sick and tired of concept car that will never become real.

Also of the empty promises in 3 to 5 years,

Hope they get caught, and that other build real EV’s and that all of those with empty promises go bankrupt.

Goes onto the list of my dream cars. I love minimalist takes on classic designs, like that New Stratos one-off, Nissan IDX Nismo, even current Dodge Challenger or Chevy Camaro. Only this one would be a perfect EV city street racer – if they ever build it that is.

I get that this is a concept EV, but Honda seems to treat it like an ICE by not releasing any details of EV range or battery size.

Fictitious concept