Honda Unveils Mico-Sized MC-β EV (w/video)

NOV 24 2013 BY MARK KANE 9

2011 Honda Micro Commuter Concept

2011 Honda Micro Commuter Concept

Honda has been developing micro-sized EVs for years now and we must admit that the Japanese company is making “progress” on this front. Just look at the 2011 concept and 2012 prototype and you’ll see what we mean.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan is considering new categories for micro-sized vehicles like L7 in Europe (up to 400 kg of weight and 15 kW of power).

The latest edition, the MC-β, unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show can fits two adults and go up to 80 km.  The electric motor is rated at 6 kW continuously and 11 kW peak. Its li-ion battery pack recharges in 3 hours from a 200 V outlet and 7 hours from a 100 V outlet.

Micro Commuter in Action

2012 Honda Micro Commuter Prototype

This month, Honda will start field tests of MC-β jointly with Kumamoto Prefecture, Saitama City, and Miyakojima City in Japan:

“In these field tests, Honda and each partner will explore desirable usage patterns and needs for micro-sized mobility products as a part of a social system that will help promote city planning and address issues related to transportation of people in each community.”

Honda MC-β

2013 Honda MC-β

Lets Go For A Drive In Cars That We Will Never See In America!

Lets Go For A Drive In Cars That We Will Never See In America!

Key features of MC-β

  • In the pursuit of Honda’s philosophy for automobile design that puts the first priority on space for people, the MC-β provides cabin space that fits two adults comfortably as well as utility space inside the micro-sized body through adoption of an “offset seat layout.”
  • The micro-sized body, which is approximately 90 cm shorter than the body of a typical mini-vehicle, realized a minimum turning radius as short as 3.3 m to achieve outstanding ease-of-handling. Moreover, the MC-β features nimble driving performance unique to Honda EVs, offering a comfortable drive in a wide range of road conditions.
  • The pipe frame body, which represents the application of motorcycle technology, realized a lightweight and yet rigid body.
  • The use of a plastic outer panel made possible a bold exterior design, embodying a friendly design loved by people.
  • An AC100V/AC200V charging system was adopted to shorten the charging time. The MC-β can be charged by using a conventional, public EV charging stand.”

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The Twizzy Market is heating up…

That Gorilla Skull looking Honda might damage that market! A market that only boomed last year over the Twizy’s extremely trendy appearance and cult following with appearances in David Guetta videos, now that market (Twizy sales) is only a 5th as it were last year.

The Japanese should never copy the French. Even Nissan ruined to looks of its Twizy import to Japan.

“The use of a plastic outer panel made possible a bold exterior design, embodying a friendly design loved by people.”

loved by the blind people what a POS

and that thing is probably a death trap

Wow Honda, you need to go to your room and have a long, hard, think about what you’ve done.

How many impactful projects could Honda be devoting resources to instead of this idiocy? I’d bet the readers of this site could name several with minimal effort.

This Honda podlet is nothing more than greenwashing, and should be ignored.

Ya’ll are missing the big picture. Slap the google “self driving” system in this, and give us a fleet of personal, on-demand robot taxi’s that we can call up from the Uber app, available in all reasonably sized cities and towns. Pay per use or monthly subscription.

You’d do away with a lot of justification for owning a car.

screw you Honda. YOu are just trying to make fun of EVs.

I guess that’s what happens when you put the dashboard on the outside of the car.