Honda to Field Trial Electric Micro Commuter Prototype This Fall in Japan


Honda’s vision of the future of urban mobility will hit the ground this fall in Japan as the automaker will field trial the Micro Commuter Prototype ahead of its possible launch.

First, here are some specs:

Micro Commuter Specs

Micro Commuter Specs

The low-range Micro Commuter was first unveiled in late 2012.  It was later approved for on-road use in mid-2013.  With approval in hand, Honda is ready to unleash the beast.

Micro Commuter in Action

Micro Commuter in Action

This fall, the Micro Commuter will begin its first field tests in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.  The testing will almost immediately expand to include Kumamoto Prefecture and Miyakojima City in Okinawa Prefecture.

Like most all EV field tests, Honda is looking to gain valuable information on the usage and charging patterns of the vehicle.  Additionally, Honda hopes to explore carsharing possibilities, fleet usage, senior citizen use and how the Micro Commuter can be utilized to solve transportation issues.

The Micro Commuter is unique in that all of its electric components, including the battery, motor and control unit, are under the floor and in the rear.  This allow for flexible seating arrangements and makes it easy for Honda to swap the body and interior to accommodate individual needs.  For the trials, Honda will supply a 2-passenger version of the Micro Commuter.

There’s no confirmation yet on whether or not Honda will launch the Micro Commuter, but we think it would make for a solid addition to the growing segment of way-too-small sized-just-right EVs.

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Looks cute. I’d probably buy something like that if it were cheap enough.

The problem with a car like that is a reasonable price in relation to a comparable ice is only possible with mass production.

Pity, I would not mind one for the few times I need a car.

I guess this would appeal to the same people as the Twizy. But the Twizy doesn’t have real windows, and this one seems like it does. But the Twizy gets 100km on a charge and this one only does 60km. Choices, choices…