Honda To Establish Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Division


Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

Honda has applied to obtain a permit for lithium-ion battery recycling starting in Spring of 2017 in Japan.

Honda says it’ll enter the battery recycling business out of necessity, due to growing demand of vehicles that employ lithium-ion batteries.

As the Nikkei reports:

“The Japanese automaker plans to obtain by the spring of 2017 a permit from the Environment Ministry for collecting and processing industrial waste — its own used batteries — across prefectural lines, becoming the first among its contemporaries to do so.”

“Honda will tap Tohoku University, known for recycling research, as well as Japan Metals & Chemicals, as its partners to create a prototype plant within three years. The goal is to perfect technologies for removing pure substances from battery waste for less than it would ordinarily cost to incinerate the devices.”

Most of Honda’s lithium-ion batteries will initially come from conventional hybrids, but with the automaker set to launch several new plug-ins in the near future, those batteries will eventually need recycling as well.

In describing the recycling process, Nikkei states:

“The recycling process will involve discharging the batteries, being careful not to set them aflame, before separating out their electrolytes and recovering around 80% of their rare-metal content. Those substances are to be refashioned into the base material for nickel-metal hydride batteries and other products.”

So, lithium-ion batteries get an after-life as nickel metal hydride batteries (and other products too) then. Interesting…

Source: Nikkei

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How about they develop a Lithium-Ion battery car business first?


Honda’s trying to get ahead of the problem. It took a fair number of years before the their hybrid NiMH batteries were being recycled. In the meantime they built up a stockpile. Not something they’d want to repeat with lithium.

Well, they did sell or rent about 1000 Honda Fit EV back in 14 and 15 so…. yeah, nevermind!

Yeah, talk about trying to front-run… Sit down, it’s gonna be a while.

Eric’s Engrish veddy bad.

“…due to growing demand to vehicle that employ lithium-ion batteries.”


Great idea…maybe they can recycle batteries from other brands.

Recycling Lithium Ion cathode material will be a huge industry in the next few years especially for cobalt which is forecast for deficits later this year.

You can fit on a pin head the amount of cobalt and nickel found in lithium Ion hybrid batteries.