Honda to Display Autonomous Version of Electric Micro Commuter at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show


Details are sparse on this little creation, as per usual Honda.

To make it even more difficult for us, Honda shows off plenty one-off designs that may never see the assembly line. I’m starting to think Honda likes to show us what we can’t have, and surprise us with the launch of something we’ve never seen. Here we go again.

The ultralight vehicle.

The ultralight vehicle.

What we have here is an electric micro commuter (MC) in two variations. The autonomous version is called the MC-α and the updated version of the previous micro commuter concept is called the MC-β. Both run on electrons and carry either two adults or one adult and two children.  Both versions will be on display at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The motor appears to be downsized at 15kw. The battery needs of this car are small  (how small is anyone’s guess since Honda doesn’t say), and then there is the range, which it too is downsized (37 mpc). Honda hints that the price for a marketable version of this would cheap (okay, maybe Honda doesn’t say cheap, but it certainly won’t be expensive.)

Oh, one last bit, Honda envisions that this car will connect to your house. Honda has teamed up with Toshiba and Sekisui on this project, and has included the FCX Clarity on the fully connected unit.

We hope to shed some light on the build materials, total weight, battery size and how it all integrates into a home once the Tokyo Motor Show begins next week. Stay tuned.

Honda's Schematic That Goes Along With the Micro Commuter Concept

Honda’s Schematic That Goes Along With the Micro Commuter Concept

Source:  The Green Optimistic

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6 responses to "Honda to Display Autonomous Version of Electric Micro Commuter at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show"
  1. Anon says:

    Honda version of a modular “Twizzy”… Lets call it, “Honzy”. ;D

  2. Anderlan says:

    At 15kW and 37 miles (I hope that’s not the usual wishful estimate!) I agree it ought to come in under the price of a gas microcar. Probably no luck on getting it to 70mph like you can with a gas micro, though.

  3. krona2k says:

    Not impressive, I reckon within 2-3 years the Nissan Leaf with have at least 32kwh for the a similar or lower price as today.

    I doubt anyone from Honda reads this, but believe me you need to step up before it’s too late.

    1. Cody Osborne says:

      I agree with you that Honda needs to move soon, if not now! In fact, I think that most automakers should now get into the game as we are not in the “first quarter of the game anymore,” IMO.
      I have always been a business strategist, and I like to analyse the auto industry and make projections into the future. I’m the best armchair Quarterback I know! 🙂 I have some ideas, I’m sure that most of us have great ideas for Honda, and one would hope they are listening.
      Here’s to hoping!

      1. Anon says:

        They need to drop their hydrogen fuell cell fantasy, first.

        1. Cody Osborne says:

          Yes, if it’s taking significant resources away from EV development, I think we can agree that they should shift away from the hydrogen experiment. However, I suspect Honda will not, as they seem to like to put eggs in a bunch of baskets and see what hatches. From a marketing perspective, I think it makes them look half-hearted and unsold on any technology they introduce. This leaves us to only trust what they bring to mass market. From other perspectives, they might look like the smart ones. I’m just happy that there is a lot of unique players in the market, and that we have choices coming.