Honda To Deliver 40 Fit EVs Per Month Until Balance Of 1,100 Units Are Sold Off

OCT 31 2013 BY STAFF 9

Honda Fit EV Available In These States - If You Are Lucky

Honda Fit EV Available In These States – If You Are Lucky

When the Honda Fit EV first hit the market, it was welcomed with a collective shrugging of the shoulders by the American public as Honda pretty much underlined it was going to be a strictly a compliance car – and they would only be bringing 1,100 cars to the US.

2014 Honda Fit Will Only Be Produced At A Rate Of 40 Per Month

2014 Honda Fit Will Only Be Produced At A Rate Of 40 Per Month

The Japanese company said the Fit EV would have a staggering MSRP of $36,625 – not that it mattered as you couldn’t buy it – it would be lease only.  That lease was for $389/month with nothing down.

The result?   In the Fit EV’s first 11 months on the market they sold about 16 per month of the 82 mile range plug-ins (and 176 units in total).

Then as the Fit EV’s unsold inventory levels started to rise (along with the US consumer’s malaise toward the product), Honda flipped the switch on the lease in June, making one of the worst selling EVs into the very hottest.

The new deal:

  • $259/month
  • zero down
  • included collision insurance
  • included 240v home charger
  • unlimited mileage
2014 Honda Fit EV Interior

2014 Honda Fit EV Interior

Of those lease details, what really put customers over the top was the unlimited mileage lease, something unheard of before the announcement.

Instantly the entire Fit EV inventory was wiped out, as Honda sold some 208 units in June.  Since then, very little new inventory has arrived – and what has shown up has moved into customer’s hands immediately.

How has Honda reacted to this demand?  Will more cars be made available faster?   More production past the 1,100 cap?


Honda’s Japanese factory will continue to only convert build very low numbers of the Fit EV each month (much like they do for the FCX Clarity hydrogen car) and ship them to the US at their leisure until the 1,100 unit threshold has been met.  Honda says:

“The Fit EV is available on a limited basis, with continued production of about 40 vehicles per month. Vehicles are allocated regionally and distributed based on demand from dealership-maintained wait lists.”

The car is currently available for purchase (if you can find one) in California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and Rhode Island.  To date Honda has sold just about half (548) of the 1,100 planned for sale in the US, meaning by December of next year the Honda Fit EV will have completed its run.

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I got on a waiting list at some local dealers for one of these prior to checking out, and getting, a Volt. Its a pretty sweet deal considering the extras with the charger and the collision insurance. Due to range, we probably wouldn’t make sue of the unlimited lease mileage very well however for people with long commutes that can charge at work this would be a killer deal. I’m happy with my Volt now as I think it fits our needs overall a bit better, so I’d probably pass if my number came up on the list.


I’m guest getting a bad vibe from Honda just as much as Fiat. The compliance cars, hopefully, were supposed to encourage auto makers to make more sell their compliant EVs else where if there’s demand which there is.
By not giving a toss, I wouldn’t want to own a Fit EV. I’d rather have an i-MiEV, which would be just as hard/fun to find, and CHAdeMO capability. Of which I’ve heard there’s some left in Florida or Alabama dealers.

Rick Danger

No trouble for Honda to offer unlimited mileage, since they’re going to crush them when the leases are up anyway.
Way to step up to the EV plate, Honda!


I tried really hard to lease one of these to add to the Electric Car Guest Drive demo fleet and could not find a single dealer anywhere in California who had one to lease, or could be bothered to call me back when they got one (asked to be put on the waiting list at every single dealer who was qualified to carry the car).

So Honda is apparently not even interested in leasing these cars *to someone who is buying it to show it off to thousands of people*

Guess that kind of says it all about Honda’s commitment to Zero Emission Vehicles.

On the other hand, how’s that Honda Jet coming along?


That’s sure a goofy looking map of Oregon! I live in WA state, and for a second I thought Honda was actually leasing the Fit EV here?! Instead I’d have to say the company’s awareness of US geography is about as poor as their dedication to widespread EV adoption.

Topographical Expert?

You do realize that those are enlarged images right? Maybe look for content before expressing invalid arguments…

1. The map is of “Oregon Territory”, you know, prior to 1859 statehood. A Honda tribute to Oregon history, maybe. (ha ha) 2. We are lucky to have a FIT EV in Portland, OR, #368, and are very pleased with it. Easy to get used to never buying gas!!! We have 3000 miles on it now, and will be taking a 170 mile trip this afternoon. Getting braver on the range thing as we get experience expending the battery down to near zero, and knowing where the familiar charging sites are. We just use the included Level 1 120v charger at home because our condo-like situation does not conveniently allow me to install the included Level 2 apparatus in my rented garage. I might install it in another home that we have, or break down and install it at our marina, after all, which would require about two hundred feet of conduit, etc., e.g., probably a couple thousand dollars in the end, if we were to do it. 3. It has occurred to me that if our FIT EV ever gets wrecked we likely could not get another one. Yikes. Unpleasant thought. I suppose I could get a Leaf. 4.… Read more »


” To date Honda has sold just about half (548) of the 1,100 planned for sale in the US, meaning by December of next year the Honda Fit EV will have completed its run.”

I think Honda has been saying, back in mid 2012, that the Fit EV will be available through Oct 2014. There you go your guessing of: sold out by December next year. Haha.

share and share alike

If the people with Honda would consider sending these vehicles to other parts of the country then this would not be such a big problem for Honda. For instance along the Wasatch front of Utah, we have some of the worst air quality in the winter of all the nation, yet folks at Honda’s R&D seem to not care about this whatsoever. I would buy one today if they made them available here! Honda has a bad case of cranial rectonomy when it comes to Honda’s marketing department.