Honda Teases New EV Prototype Ahead Of Geneva Debut

JAN 23 2019 BY MARK KANE 32

Honda Urban EV gets a more rounded design

Honda confirms the rumors about the world premiere of a new EV prototype at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

The Japanese manufacturer revealed a design sketch of the prototype and said that the production version will go on sale later this year.

“Honda’s new electric vehicle is developed with a focus on functionality and purpose and the prototype sketch demonstrates this through its clean, simple and unique design. The image highlights a clear link to Honda’s Urban EV Concept initially shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The debut is a further demonstration of Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’, a commitment that two thirds of European sales will feature electrified technology by 2025. A mass production version of the car will be on sale later in the year.”

The upcoming small city car is based on the Honda Urban EV Concept from 2017, but it seems a little bit different.

Here are images of the previous concept/test versions:

10 photos
Honda Urban EV
36 photos
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32 Comments on "Honda Teases New EV Prototype Ahead Of Geneva Debut"

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What’s with the clown cars? How hard can it be to make a normal looking car that is also an EV?

This car is the embodyment of every negative stereotype about sedans. It is the classic pre-Tesla rationale for why no one should dtive electric.

Don’t buy one, there are plenty of other EVs to choose from. I personally love the look of this car (original prototype). As a person with a tall torso I find most cars unusable as the roof is cut ridiculously low and it is hard to find a car where my head doesn’t rub on the ceiling unless I look at hatchbacks or wagons.

I agree, the original concept was nice. Personally I’d just want a VW Neo with the smaller battery and rwd only for around $30k. If they can match or exceed the fit and finish of the current Golf , add tech like OTA updates….

You can have all the angry looking ICE cars in the world.

“Normal looking” these days, looks like complete garbage to me. I’m not a fan of fake vents and creases all over the place, just because the designers are too lazy to create a compelling shape without them.

I love the clean look of this Honda as much as I love the Model 3.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

You don’t want this one anyway. Probably a sub 165 mile range.

Clown cars are big in Japan…. But i say enough with the prototypes. We all want the city car and coupe that were shown last year. Build the damn things plez….

Normal? Boring. This one is different and has style.

Hmm, getting uglier in my opinion

They certainly chose a poor angle for the rendering.

I think it is just the perspective they chose to use. Weird vanishing point on it and makes it look very distorted. I suspect the actual car will look better. By the Camo prototype it looks pretty normal and I am really surprised they seem to have kept most of the design elements with the lights. The mirrorless design is interesting, but looks like they still have a spot for mirrors. Makes me wonder if it will be an option or if they are just testing new technology. They seem to have a mirror monitor on the inside of the door.

Looking good as a city car. Let’s see when this can hit the market in meaningful numbers.

Looking Good so far 🖒🖒

Car manufactures should just save money and public despair if they can’t keep with their intended design.

I think its poor on practical grounds, its a narrow car (= cramped inside) but has a wide base (=awkward to park).
IF it must have a wide base make the body same width for space.

The first concept that had a totally different front end “cut off” headlights looked much better. This new design completely removed all the attitude of the original. BOO!

Get some tape, put it on the headlights and your car too can be angry like all the other new cars today. With all the hate in the world, it’s sad that we want our cars to hate too. A reflection of the pessimistic and frustrating times we live in.

Honda: “Look! We’re green! We’re bringing out an EV!!!”

World: “Uh, why don’t you increase the Clarity EV’s range to something competitive in 2019?”

Honda: “But this little city car, which won’t threaten the sales of Civic and Accords, not that we’re thinking about such things, is GREEN! And it’s CUTE!!!”

World: “OK. You be you. I’ll be over here buying a Tesla or Leaf or Bolt or Kona or Niro or…”

…or we’ll buy this. Because city cars are actually fine for some people and the Leaf has gotten pretty chunky over the last couple of years.

lmao downvoted because of course everyone needs a car at least 4.5m long right

In about 6 weeks we should get a better look during the GM show reveal, and some perspective including vantage points, in which to accurately critique this Helpful Honda EV, hopefully built in significant volume for the masses!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I wonder what the CD is for this thing……

Probably much lower drag force than any SUV and probably comparable to other hatchbacks, what’s your point?

If you missed the memo it is an urban car, where low range and Cd are not that important. I think 150 mile range and low price would be perfect.

The Honda FIT EV was real nice. But they only made 1,100 to just meet the required amount. Not one more. If they made them again in volume it could be a big hit. Many like the FIT.

wheels wheels and wheels. just like in real estate, Wheels make the car.

Looks idiotic. There are other car makers with better offers.

My eyes!!!
An image like that should be preceded by a warning.

I feel like it’s lost some of the Civic/Clubman GT muscle stance, but I can live with smaller arches if there’s a demonstrable range gain out of it.

It’s almost got a last-gen Audi S1 vibe about it now.

Asians sure try to make EVs as ugly as possible

It is starting to look more like a bubble version of the Fit instead of a happy version of a GTI – not a fan.

I’d buy one, but Honda’s not bringing this car to North America. Looks like the the 2020 Mini Cooper S E is the closest we’ll get for a small, stylish EV.

If you look closely (evident on Fully Charged with Johnny) you’ll notice the Honda concept EV couldn’t be able to accommodate upper torsos or heads for the rear seat passengers. Obviously, IF it is produced, the vehicle will have to be significantly modified (like most concepts that eventually get produced).