Honda Sports EV Concept From The Stage In Tokyo – Photos & Live Videos

OCT 27 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

Honda Sports EV Concept debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

It’s retro, in the coolest of ways.

The Honda Sports EV Concept that was just unveiled in Tokyo is definitely one of the big stars of the show.  The EV is drawing crowds, and people seem to really connect with the car, as it gives off the impression of just being a fun vehicle to drive.

Honda Sports EV Concept debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Sadly, Honda has yet to provide any details on the new Sports EV Concept, which probably means it’s far from being considered as production model.

Video below:  Watch the full live stage reveal of the Sports EV Concept below (from the 14:00 mark).

Honda is definitely a slow mover in terms of plug-ins compared to its peers, but when Japanese company finally figures out how to incorporate EVs into its brand image, maybe through models like the Sports EV Concept, it could be a different story down the road; the company has promised a couple new plug-in offerings will be arriving soon.

Until then, here is a full compliment of photos and videos of the Sports EV Concept from Japan.

“Honda exhibited the world premiere of the Honda Sports EV Concept, a concept model which combines EV performance and AI (artificial intelligence) inside a compact body with the aim to realize the joy of driving the user can feel with a sense of unity with the car.”

Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda Sports EV Concept

Video below: Stage debut of the Honda Sports EV Concept from Japan

Videos below:  Bonus coverage from the Tokyo Motor Show on the Honda Sports EV Concept

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Honda isnt as lame as they are made out to be. The Clarity is actually a decent looking car in the inside and outside. It drives well. Is it true the PHEV has over 45miles AER? Impressive if true for such a big car. I checked into the FCEV Clarity because of the compelling lease offer. 6 month waiting period!

Agreed. Had a chance to check it out (and the EV), and the Clarity PHEV looks to be a solid extended range plug-in offering, and will make up the bulk of the line’s sales…but with that said, Honda is on the record saying they are ‘targeting’ 75,000 sales of the Clarity FCX, EV and PHEV combined over the next 4 years in the US.

So, with ZEV credit requirements of 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% of net sales in CARB states (respectively over the next 4 years) that kinda tells you all you need to know about their “lameness” in regards to EVs.

…they are definitely wearing the minimum amount of flair let’s just say

Are they 2 seat or 4?
We could have The Camaro Killer here.

If prices right, probably more of a BRZ, T86 killer.

a Dual motor version of the City Car would be spectacular performance car. 40kwh with 300HP and 400FTLB of torque would be a screamer.
As many concepts as I’ve seen, so few manufacturers deliver on the cool designs. With EV going mainstream, you would think manufacturing of cool cars would have gotten simpler and I hope we see designs like this come to fruition. Demolition Man cars with cocooned foam “airbags” etc… who knows it may become a reality. I’d buy both these cars. Performance, safety and slickness of 60″s era style Japanese sports cars.

Id bet there is going to be a more calmed down version of this concept, but still sporty in the next 2 years. With an 800v platform…

Looks weird, and a bit cool at the same time.

Camaro in front, RX-7 in the middle and Mustang fastback in the rear. Something for everyone!