Honda Shows Urban EV Concept Teaser Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut

5 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 8

Honda Urban EV Concept Teaser

Also on display will be a CR-V Hybrid prototype to further showcase Honda’s electrified ambitions on the old continent.

The Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid (~42 miles range – details) arrives soon, and is expected to be the “best selling” Clarity offering – over the FCEV and all-electric versions

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is a little over a week away and we already know what Honda will bring to the table at the biennial event.

Most eyes are going to be on the Urban EV concept, which is set to receive its world debut at the show to foretell the company’s next step towards electrification for the European market.

The single teaser image doesn’t reveal a great deal, other than a screen illuminated in blue showing the battery’s charge level.

Seeing as how the new showcar is being billed “Urban,” it’s pretty much safe to assume it will be a small city car like the Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) revealed back in 2009 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


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8 responses to "Honda Shows Urban EV Concept Teaser Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut"

  1. Bacardi says:

    Google, 22″ monitor, shopping and you’ll see several for under $90 shipped…Honda, why even bother with the dot matrix screen?

    1. Mad says:

      Those 22″ monitors only come in a 22″ package. You can’t cut it in half and put it in a car.

      Also, that $90 monitor is not designed for all temperatures and a 10 year life.

      1. WARREN says:

        And constant vibration, kids fingers, and abuse. A big screen is nice, but also think of how small your smart phone display is and how capable it is. Software is almost as important. No one wants a big screen that is dumb, lol.

  2. mx says:

    Shows something No One Will Buy.
    While the Fit EV has Yet to be Updated.

    1. mx says:

      Honda’s CEO should be FIRED.

  3. speculawyer says:

    Honda spent way too much time & money chasing that hydrogen pipedream. Now they find themselves behind the curve.

    1. Bacardi says:

      We can thanks China for their 8% PHEV mandate…

  4. JimGord says:

    Sounds like Honda is introducing another toy sized vehicle. Meanwhile the Honda Clarity EV has poopy range that is two generations behind the pack.