Honda To Sell Electric Scooter In 2018


Honda Announces a New Electric Scooter for 2018

Honda EV-Cub Concept

The production version of the Honda EV-Cub electric scooter, shown as a concept two years ago, is slated for production next year.

The announcement came from President and CEO Takahira Hachigo, reconfirming that the company plans to launch a battery-powered scooter next year as part of a growing move toward electric vehicles.

He also predicted that by 2030, some two thirds of the company’s cars will be fully electric or plug-in hybrids, and that bikes won’t miss out on the technology transfer.  On that count, the verdict is still out.

“We are striving to promote the electrification of commuter models and we are planning to introduce some new models including an electric scooter in 2018,” Hachigo said.

“We are currently working on the research and development of a highly convenient system for electric commuters, which feature a detachable mobile battery that is easy to replace and/or recharge. We are considering conducting demonstration testing of this mobile battery in collaboration with the Japan Post Co., Ltd. in Japan.”

According to Visor Down, there are rumors of ‘some new models’ rather than a single vehicle, which has been taken to mean a forthcoming range of electric and hybrid bikes. Rumor has also mentioned the next Goldwing as a possible hybrid platform, employing an electric motor to complement the four-cylinder combustion engine. This is the setup which was previewed in the Neowing trike. In addition, Honda’s collaboration with Mugen on the Isle of Man electric class winners again this year may signal high-performance sparky sportbikes in the near future.

While the emphasis at Honda still clearly rests on the economical commuter and urban marketplace, Hachigo also mentioned working to create, “a society where people do not get involved in accidents.”

With advanced electronics at work in the field of autonomous cars, some research is also focused on keeping cars from running into motorcycles. Even though few among us would challenge any effort to produce safer motorcycles, the possible advent of cars that are smarter than their drivers would be a boon to all mankind.

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I want my 330km ranged electric VFR…now?


Honda should build Auton 0 Mouse Scooters.. lol & then slowly work their way up to Building Electric Cars….Yea , that’s the ticket ! R O T F L…


Me too!

I miss my gas one, but no going back for me


A larger scooter like the cub could have a detachable battery/charger unit on wheels . Like a carry on hardcase suitcase with a telescoping handle.
You detach, roll it into the office with you and plug in for the day.

William L.

Gogoro is much better looking and it’s available in many countries now.

Hans Wurst

At 40.000 USD a piece ? Yeah nah, I’ll pass.


Actually, it’s 50k now. But Taiwan Dollars!

And: 50,000 TWD = 1,650.26 USD


PS: And it’s available only in Taipei, Taiwan. So no international prices to be found anywhere.

William L.

As far as I understood one can buy Gogoro scooters only in Taipei. Coup eScooter sharing service features the same hardware in Berlin (and soon also in Paris) for their time-based free-floating vehicle sharing system.
Good thing though – if you happen to live in those cities.


Pass. I’ll take the retro scooter with bigger wheels from one of the most reliable manufacturers on the planet myself.


My fing arse


The legacy of the original Honda 50.


Having bought a brand new Honda Passport back in 1982, I really like this concept. I want one even though I have zero use for one! The Passport (C70) was the ’80s updated version of the classic.

I later also acquired a 1965 version from the dump. You aren’t supposed to dump vehicles in landfill, but somebody did. I chucked it in the truck, took it home, spent about $50 on parts and had something for me and parents to ride down to the mailbox on my parent’s ranch. Ran like a champ. Later sold it at a garage sale for what I had in it.

scott franco

This is already a well developed market, there are several all electric mopeds and full highway bikes available. I am sure Honda will be a good addition.

The hybrid idea makes no sense at all. Making the bike heavier to save some gas by adding an electric motor and battery? A moped is already very low on gas usage. The best thing about an electric moped is that it is basically maintenance free and completely reliable, none of which would apply to a hybrid.


Already a developed market?…bien sur…20 MILLION electric bikes already sold in China. Why electric car sales would surpass ICEs by 2025/2030…I don’t see a market for electric bikes past 2020


Not quite sure what you mean.

There are indeed many ebikes in China already but most of them are rubbish, not fit for road use in developed countries. They are built to an extremely low price and uniformly use tiny hub motors with max speed of 30-40km/h. Still, they’re very important for displacing enormous amounts of petrol and pollution.

As far as scooters/motorcycles that can keep up with traffic go, the offering is still weak and pricey. There are some newcomers like Zero, Alta or Gogoro but to really push things forward we need big guys join the market. With both BMW and Piaggio dipping their toes it is only a matter of time. Can’t happen soon enough.


The hybrid drive mentioned in the article is for very large bikes, they would definitely benefit from it. Although all electric version would be nice as well.

For scooters series hybrid drive could replace belt transmissions, which add some serious losses and are the least reliable part of the bike. The engine would be much less stressed too – small scooters required a lot of throttle input when riding in town. So, not necessarily a bad idea either, as long as price is reasonable.

Kevin C

Flashback to 1969.
The Honda Trail 90 is reborn sans tailpipe. I wish them all the best and hope they’re not just blowin’ smoke?


Is this a joke? How much is it? Who needs one?


Dear Honda,

Um, no.

Perhaps something a little more up to date in the styling department. We see where you’re going with this, but “Retro” is out.

How about a little more storage, like you had with the Helix or the Pacific Coast?

As it is, this design would have it’s target market wondering where to put their messenger bag.

jim stack

An Electric bicycle can go just as far and use any road as a bicycle. It’s a little slower but no insurance or registration is required. My favorite is the bicetti.

Love… want… need.

After all the Honda 90s that I’ve ridden (and owned a brand new 1974 model), this is a perfect reincarnation.