Honda Clarity PHEV Videos Claim Best In Class: Beats Volt, Fusion Energi


The Clarity is one of the best PHEVs on the market and Honda makes that clear in these various videos.

The 2018 Honda Clarity is a rather interesting plug-in hybrid. The vehicle will set you back $33,400 and offers 47 miles of all-electric range. According to official data from EPA, the Honda Clarity PHEV comes with an annual fuel cost of about $700. Overall, the savings – when compared to a classic ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle are about $4,250 over a five-year period. Overall, the Honda Clarity PHEV is a comfortable midsize sedan that you can drive mostly in the electric model. By taking the tax credit, one can be purchased for less than $30,000.

With 47 miles of electric-only range (the closest competitor to the Chevrolet Volt), 110 MPGe, and 42 MPG, the fuel savings when compared to an average vehicle are great. Furthermore, the all-electric range the Clarity provides is among the best of all plug-in hybrid vehicles. Overall, it’s a great purchase and the resulting great sales results don’t really come as a surprise by any means.

In order to better promote the Clarity, Honda released a slew of entertaining videos giving us an in-depth view of the plug-in hybrid vehicle. For those set on purchasing the vehicles, the five videos added below will bring you up to speed on all capabilities and options that come with this vehicle. The first one showcases the class-leading electric range (and it’s in Spanish!). The second one showcases how the Clarity stacks up against the Chevrolet Volt. The third one, however, gives us an in-depth look at the comparison with the Ford Fusion Energi. The fourth one will take you to the world of driver assistance and safety features. Finally, the fifth one gives you a detailed look at Clarity’s comfort, space, and technology. Press play and enjoy!

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Considering Volt and Fusion Energi will not be made soon, it is not hard to do.

You beat me to it.

Honda is number one in the PHEV segment the other legacy automakers are leaving…
Ummmm…. congratulations??

I would like to see flex fuel PHEV models, really cut down imported oil.

I would like to see you NOT try to polish that fossil fuel terd…ice or phev

Volt ends in March, but the Fusion Energi is going until 2022 and for 2019 they upped the battery to a slightly less sad 9 kWh (from 7.6).

Nice ads, but the car definitely sux…

They still make those? I guess probably for the ZEV credits?

The skirts are butt ugly. Deal breaker

Compliance cars are built ugly to sell in low numbers. Then they run to the government with “proof” no one wants these hybrids.
Otherwise, they don’t get their oil bribe.

Rexcm they are no hybrids that are compliance vehicles…only phev n bev…and fool cells too

It is a branch of their “advanced” design language, called ‘butt ugly’, what is wrong with that?

The Clarity concept 10 years ago was good styling, it went down.

The Entire Vehicle* Is BUTT FUGLY …

It has evolved with the Clarity, the only bad thing people can say about it is that it is ugly. Great, don’t buy one and move along. It is a great car.

I think that the SUV’s are far more ugly than any sedan or hatchback.

Honda is struggling with styling, Toyota got it with the new Corolla.

The corolla hatch is good for the freak show.

47 miles well that would be pretty good if you just drove around your subdivision

I have put about 27,000 miles on my Clarity this year. About 15,000 of that was EV only and the other 12,000 was gas, but at 40 mpg. If I had only driven 15,000 miles without highway trips it would almost be 100% electric.

While that is not great range, if you look at the stats for the Volt, they tend to drive more ev miles per year than a leaf.

I judge manufacturer Intent by how ugly they make the vehicle.
Honda clearly does not want to sell this car.

Seriously, quit with this crap. There are plenty of butt ugly ICE powered vehicles out there past and present. Are they just compliance cars too? I could list all the current gas powered cars that according to your logic these manufacturers don’t want anybody to buy, but everybody knows which ones they are. Have you looked at Honda’s entire line up? They are all pretty ugly. The truth is, Honda is just bad at design.

Have you looked at Honda’s lineup? None of their other cars are remotely as ugly as this!

Accord and Civic look way better. The Insight is borderline handsome. The Clarity is possibly the ugliest car since the Aztek.

Exactly my thought, too. How else can you explain the same company also designed the Accord.

Styling is subjective, but the latest Accord looks Japanese “rocket boy” round and square that does not fit.

Seriously? The Accord? It looks almost as crappy as the Clarity. There are a lot of similar design themes. Still… Go Honda!! I guess…

While I would generally agree, the Clarity doesn’t look that much different from most other Honda cars. So I would have to disagree in this case.

Compare the Insight to the Clarity. They’re leagues apart in looks, and every journalist agrees.

Too big. If I wanted a car that large I’d just get a Tesla.

Lucky for them you are not the entire market otherwise they would be in trouble.

Americans like big cars they can feel comfortable getting fat. They don’t buy small cars to impose diet restrictions on themselves.

It is more about height than weight. I physically can’t sit upright in the back of the Volt and definitely don’t have legroom if sitting behind someone my height. Sure, 4 short 160 cm people could fit in a volt. 4 185 cm people? Not a chance. The Clarity is fine in this situation.

Most of the extra space is in the width though, it means fitting 3 across or not. Most compact cars are never going to haul more than 4, where a midsize can more comfortably hold 5. So buying a big family sedan like the Clarity meant not buying an even larger minivan.

Good for you Daddy Warbucks! Have you seen the price differential?? I’m so glad your life is going so well.

HONDA Clarity Sucks The BIG ONE , BIG TIME ! ..What A Foolish Idea ! ……>> 🙁 <<

What about electricity costs?

Every $1 I spend in electricity on my Clarity PHEV I reduced my gasoline bill by $5 vs my minivan to travel the same miles.

Comparing to gas in my Clarity, running on electric is half as expensive. I pay about 11 cents/kWh.

Easy claim when the competition is leaving. The Clarity must be one of the ugliest vehicle produced this year.

Great, don’t buy one and move along. It is a great car for a great value.

Great value at $36,000+?

Considering less than $30k after tax incentives (more like $25k after dealer discounts), yes. Compared to $45k+ for a Model 3 it is a lot cheaper, if you just care about reducing emissions the Clarity is a stellar value compared to anything else in its price class.

If you opt to not buy AP (one feature setting the 3 apart), the Clarity is much better equipped than even next years $35k Model 3 and has no range anxiety issues.

SUV’s are far more uglier than any sedan or hatchback.

They should do the same sort of videos for the BEV version. This car has more range than….eh…well maybe the 2010 Leaf?

….and it looks better than a Potiac Aztec! Well, maybe they wouldn’t make that last claim as it isn’t actually true.

I’m surprised by all the hate this car gets. 40+ mpg and 47 electric miles is pretty good….but hey, don’t worry…choices are being made for you and you won’t have decide what to choose as a good phev. When this will be the last phev with close to 50 miles it will start to look better.

The volt gets 53, not 42 battery miles

I’m not seeing anywhere in the article that it says 42.

I have 10,500 miles and up until rain,early darkness and cold weather I average d 127+. Now dropped to 117. Had Ford cmax could not get over 68 mpg. Plus the Honda is very sporty and my Android works well

I just saw the bill for replacing the battery pack in a Prius. It was just about equal to the $4,250 savings this article quotes. So, all you’re actually saving over 5 years is enough to replace the battery pack. That equals a net savings of -$0-. They’re going to have to do better than that. It’s still all about the batteries.

I’ve Been Against Fuel Cells Because they are Not Very Efficient , Expensive to refuel and Also Because of the Lac of fueling Stations……HOWEVER.., I was reading about a New FUEL CELL Flashlight with a Fuel Cell instead of a Battery that Re Charges itself By Simply Submerging it in Water for seconds….DIP H20 Fuel Cell H2O ….1st Time I’ve Heard of anything like this & it’s on the market NOW & Goes By the Name of “Hydra Light” The Cell Has a 300 hr Life Span., …., I Really Begin Wonder If Honda Actually Knows something the Rest of The Others Don’t…… 🙁 … 🙂 .. .. I’m Very intrigued & Curious ? ? ?

It’s ugly though.