Honda Provides More Details On Its Electrified Future

JUN 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Motor Co. President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo announced at the Honda Meeting 2017, his company’s future direction into electrification with a focus on plug-in hybrids.

All-New Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid At NY Auto Show Debut (Photo: InsideEVs/Sebastion Blanco)

Two-thirds of total Honda car sales to be electrified models by 2030.

The plug-in hybrids in this strategy will be equipped with a new powertrain unique to Honda.

The Japanese manufacturer intends also to continue further work on all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars (naturally).

New plug-in models and an electric scooter to be introduced in 2018.

4. Enhancing the introduction of electrification technologies


We strive to electrify two-thirds of global automobile unit sales in 2030.
Our development will put a central focus on hybrid-based models utilizing a high-efficiency plug-in hybrid system unique to Honda.
As for zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), we will strengthen the development of electric vehicles (battery EV) in addition to fuel cell vehicles (FCV).
Battery EV: In addition to a China-exclusive model scheduled to go on sale in 2018, a dedicated EV model for other regions are also currently under development. We will introduce this model at an auto show this fall.
In order to further increase development speed, we are strengthening our system and capability for the development of electrified vehicles. In October of last year, we established within Honda R&D an Electric Vehicle Development Division, a specialized team which will be in charge of developing the entire vehicle including the powertrain and body.


We are striving to promote the electrification of commuter models, and we are planning to introduce some new models including an electric scooter in 2018.
We are currently working on the research and development of a highly-convenient system for electric commuters, which feature a detachable mobile battery that is easy to replace and/or recharge. We are considering to conduct demonstration testing of this mobile battery in collaboration with the Japan Post Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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I will believe it when I see it.


They still can’t let go of the fuel cell nonsense.

By 2030 the automotive market will have passed them by. Once electrification starts happening at scale, gasoline cars will go the way of tube TVs and VHS cassettes.

Is it too early to start shorting Toyota and Honda?

No, Honda made some great cars but unfortunately their expertise is in engines, a dying technology. Toyota was the king of hybrids, a tech that 200+ mile EVs will make unnecessary. It will take a while but EVs will win in the end because they are just better, cheaper, smoother, quiet, lower maintenance, etc.

Bingo. Major technological transitions have a habit of taking longer than expected to start/get serious traction, but then hitting a knee in the curve and taking over markets with neck-snapping speed. Cell phones, PCs, flat screen TVs, EVs, …

We are right on the brink with EVs. Batteries have to get only a bit cheaper before Everything Changes and we’re reading articles about waiting lists to get an EV, plummeting prices for used ICEs, etc.

Despite what everyone seems to be saying we’re more than a brink away. It takes a 60kWh battery to go 240 miles. The Bolt is a pretty small car. How big of a battery do you think it would take to get a F-150, an Odyssey, an Expedition, hell even a Challenger to go 200 miles? It’s gonna take at least a 100kWh battery, if not larger. Even with a cheaper battery it’s still going to cost quite a bit and in the end the ICE power train is cheaper. BEVs make a lot of sense for smaller cars but until batteries get much lighter, much cheaper, and can charge much quicker, I don’t see Everything Changing as American’s and the world at large like larger cars and unless you’ve got some magic in your pocket it’s going to take a while for full size and larger vehicles to be on the EV bandwagon. Now, a smaller FCV or a Range Extender that can quickly be refueled to supplement a smaller, lighter, and cheaper battery pack can definitely make a lot of sense in a larger vehicle. Well, at least until batteries have a pretty big improvement and they make… Read more »

And you know that the battery tech you describe are not waiting in the wings to be released over the next few years how?

Please point me to anything that shows it will be commercially viable within the timeframe you mentioned.

Everyone was amazed when cells went from 60Ah to 94Ahand thinks that will continue but what’s next?? Let me answer that for you. 120Ah. Not 198 or some crazy large number. Would be great if so but it isn’t gonna happen within the next couple of years.

you say 60 to 94ah was a big surprise. That leap was from Samsung SDI. Their 60ah cells were around in 2008 for start of design build and testing of the bmw i3. In 2016 Samsung unveiled 94ah cells, but this unveiling was actually pegged to their long standing roadmap. In other words a controlled unveiling so as not to kill off their partner’s hydrogen investments, prematurely.

your assessment is at odds with respected tech analysts in terms of BEV reaching and surpassing price parity with ICE.

About 60 to 65kw. The Model S weighs as much or more than most of those vehicles and goes that far on 60kw. Ford could build an EV F-150 right now with a 300 mile range right now if they wanted to. It would not be cheap, but it would sell.

They are going to throw a fit when they figure out how far behind they really are.

I see what you did there. 🙂

I couldn’t resist.

A side note.

The only Fit in the US with CHAdeMO is parked in the garage at the Honda House in LA.

Honda might as well kill Acura and get ready to compete or they will be sorry.

Does they mean only hybrids or is it normal hybrids two? If it’s only plug-in hybrids I think it’s great with 2/3 by 2030, way better then Volkswagens 1/3 by 2030 even if I had hoped for 100%.

I click, seeking Clarity.
I depart from a dozen delays
I resolve to replace my 2000 Honda with a 2018 Tesla.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Hey Honda! Actions speak louder than words, doncha know?

You just introduced the lame, immediately outdated, overpriced Honda Clarity Electric car (link below) to be made only in compliance numbers, and likely pretty low compliance numbers at that. That action speaks much, much louder than all the words in your promises for the future.

In every disruptive tech revolution, some of the former market leaders disappear from the market. Right now, you look like a prime candidate for not being around when the EV revolution is complete.

Bingo !

Bless Honda’s little heart.

Oh, come on now.

They will introduce a new EV model in the fall intended for foreign markets. They’re showing some clarity, don’t they?