2019 Honda Clarity PHEV Promoted In New Walkaround Video


Honda actually wants to sell its Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, and the push is working.

The word on the streets in the EV community for some time has been that legacy automakers don’t really want to sell their plug ins. In many cases this is true. It has also been said time and time again that it’s because they’ll lose money. The truth is, that’s not necessarily reality. Thankfully, we are finally just beginning to see some brands really promote their plug ins. Honda is on that short list with its Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

First of all, OEMs need to build cars that are appealing and useful to the masses. Most have failed miserably at doing so. There’s really no point in building a ton of cars and trying to sell them if people just aren’t going to bite. Second, they have to build vehicles that can turn people on to plug ins, but aren’t ridiculously expensive, even if it means vehicles that serve as a stepping stone toward a fully electric vehicle. The Chevrolet Volt was a solid attempt at this.

Since then, the Toyota Prius Prime came along and has sold reasonably well. However, it doesn’t offer a long all-electric range. In fact, its 25-mile electric range pales in comparison to the recently discontinued Volt’s 53 miles.

Later, Honda brought the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid to market to compete with the Prime and Volt. It offers almost as many miles as the Volt, at 47 (you can compare all these numbers and more using our newly updated Compare EVs page). It also provides more power than the Volt and much more space for passengers and cargo. Not to mention a wealth of standard advanced driver assistance technologies.

We can only hope that as time moves forward, automakers work to build plug ins that are appealing, affordable, and practical for the masses. Moreover, they need to strive to get this information in front of car shoppers.

Video Description via Honda on YouTube:

2019 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Walk Around

Curious about what a plug-in hybrid is? Or even, how it works? We make it easy to understand. See how the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid combines an electric motor with a gas engine to help you get where you’re going, in style.

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“First of all, OEMs need to build cars that are appealing and useful to the masses.”
Honda included….still waiting on the appealing part. Luckily the car has many other positive aspects to overwrite the exterior design flaws.

Agreed. It really is an abomination.

“appealing, affordable, and practical”

Honda should introduce it in Europe as well.

Europeans have taste.

As much as we do…and they are used to weird cars so this would do just fine there if only was a little smaller.

?!? have you not seen half the European cars?
Like this fine example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Multipla

if you read the story about the Multipla you would be amazed how they solved so many problems. It looks really weird but it is a great piece of engineering.

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

Rumor has it that it’s made for the North Korean market

Consumer Reports rated it as the LOWEST RANKING MIDSIZE & Hybrid for 2019.

CR is just sensationalizing because they don’t have advertisers. Jk they do use real statistics on who many times a car has to go to the shop. Our clarity had to go in because the sun visor broke. It was a a couple of day affair even though we had an appointment. So, I agree with CR because that type of thing is so annoying.

I do find it funny that they said the gear selector was unintuitive. There are big buttons that say p, d and r. Seems pretty clear to me.

You can’t fix UGLY.

Has nothing to do with that.

Volt is dead.

Volt = A really attractive car to my eyes + 53 miles electric range.

Volt had no serious back seat.

Contrary to popular belief, consumers consider hiw they’ll use their car before they dish out $34,000 after tax credit. Vanity takes a back seat if you need a back seat.

How did they come up with something so ugly. Inspired by Citroen DS19?

This has been rehashed several times…

Honda designed the Clarity as a low volume fuel cell vehicle with odd styling to match the even odder Toyota Mirai styling. Subsequently they made BEV and PHEV versions, discovering that the one that resonated best was the PHEV. So production was ramped up and here we are.

The Japanese FCV origin explains several things:
– Sedan configuration, which was needed to package the hydrogen tanks
– Older generation blind spot system and radio controls, since the FCV Clarity appear first in Japan before the latest gen mainstream vehicles
– Missing lumbar support, not offered in Japan
– And the odd styling which was necessary to fit in with Mirai

The real question you need to ask is when will Honda decide the PHEV volumes are stable enough to build a new generation high volume Clarity PHEV, which will have the latest generation gadgets and more conventional styling (ie Accord-like).

5-6 year life cycle for a generation

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

The European civic estate has an rear end as ugly as this one! I do like the front end on both though.

I have a Clarity and in the winter, you’re lucky to get 37 miles on a full battery. I drove from Seattle to Tacoma for work (27) miles drive but even with a full battery, the car ran out of battery 2-4 miles before I arrived. I like the car and in my opinion, it is much better overall than my Prius but they need to get accurate number about the range

I have had the same experience in the cold. The range dropped so badly, I thought something went wrong with the car. Last spring, summer and fall, I was getting slightly more than the stated range.

Does the battery have heating and cooling?

It is cooled by coolant. No active battery heater in US, but it can use engine coolant to warm as well, so very cold temps I understand it will run the engine to heat the battery. Canadian models have electric heating of battery.

Link: read the two pdfs from Anthony: https://www.insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?threads/honda-service-express-bulletins-for-2018-clarity-phev.2183/page-8#post-50910

Every electric car does this. The EPA should add a cold weather test. My i3 is 72 mile EPA or something and my actual range is 30 to 100 miles depending on conditions.

You driving on the highway I bet

Did you consider a Model 3?

Clarity or Volt works for those afraid to give up the gasoline umbilical cord. With tax credit and by not optioning Autopilot, I look back with hindsight and know I made the right decision with 310 miles summer range and about 240-260 miles reliable winter range in Seattle.

Gas cars are less efficient in winter also. Its just that we’re conditioned to ignore that as we fill up more often. Been charging 90% at home; 10% Lynnwood, WA Supercharger. Not once since September purcbase have I gotten below 40% charge, even on 24 degree F days.

I looked at Clarity and test drove also. PHEVs carry two complete drive systems and fuel tanks, with all the weight and complexity. My Model 3 is an American made revelation. No vibration, no sound, quick as a ghost and very attractive. Two trunks and at 6’1″ I can lay full length in back with seats folded down!

I used to see PHEVs as a bridge to the day when faster, cleaner EVs made them obsolete. That day has absolutely already arrived. The Supercharger network just closes the case.

I bought Clarity PHEV in 2018 when it was unclear how long it would be until Model 3 was widely available. Also, the Model 3 LR RWD in red was a lot more expensive than the Clarity. Next time I update will get a BEV 🙂

Can’t afford it

EVs is about affordability and availability

I wish they would sell them in Australia.

this is one ugly car. unacceptably ugly

Man where have you been . They been promoting the clarity PHEV on national ads for a while

Goofy good video

They build them ugly and strange to limit the market. Let’s call their bluff as long as they are well built why worry what the car looks like. Just a few years in an ugly motor which is way better than any ICE is a small price to pay to promote mass adoption. My old leaf is keeps getting better with age and its price is going up in the U.K.

Yel so bad that the second biggest seller of EVs