Honda Promises More Retro Electric Concepts Soon


The Urban EV Concept and Sports EV Concept are just the beginning.

Following up on the critically acclaimed launch of the Urban EV and Sports EV concepts, Honda’s design boss promises that there are even more electric vehicle show cars to come.

“I cannot tell you the exact timing but there will be more EV concepts,” Honda design chief Makoto Iwaki told Auto Express.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Iwaki’s first two EV concepts have played on Honda’s classic designs to create modern vehicles for the future.

The Urban EV blended elements from N600 and first-gen Civic by using cues like high-mounted, circular headlights and rounded fenders. The more recent Sports EV cribbed its shape from the S800 Coupe. There are still plenty of classic Honda models to take inspiration from, so we look forward to seeing what Iwaki comes up with next.

In addition to working on more EV concepts, Iwaki and his team are also developing the Urban EV into a production model for 2019. It should look a lot like the show car.

“I try to transfer that design 100 percent but some details will look different,” Iwaki told Auto Express. “It’s difficult to accurately say how the details will change. But body size will be almost exactly the same and we will make the front face friendly so people feel attached.”

Iwaki and crew will likely be able to retain the Urban EV’s exterior without major alterations, but the interior will be a bigger challenge. The concept features an old-school bench with a flat, wooden dashboard and ultra-wide infotainment screen. Safety and technology challenges will probably require creating a more conventional cabin for the road-going version.

So far, Honda has only confirmed the production version of the Urban EV for the European market. The company hasn’t announced any details about its powertrain, though.

Honda doesn’t currently offer any EVs in Europe, which would likely make the Urban EV the first one there. In other markets, like the United States, the company already has a wider array of fully electric options like the Fit EV and Clarity sedan.

Source: Auto Express

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20 Comments on "Honda Promises More Retro Electric Concepts Soon"

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Love both of their concepts but they are unfortunately not big enough, bloated enough, or ineffecient enough to be sold to the average American consumers which means I wont get the chance to buy one…
That is assuming Honda puts more than their bad Clarity joke of 83 miles range in one…


A “wider array of fully electric options like the Fit EV and Clarity sedan,” is a bit of a stretch. I have yet to see a Clarity anywhere and the Fit EV wasn’t exactly widely available.


Where in the US is the Fit EV being sold?
I don’t see them.


They’re still leasing out used ones, $199 a month, unlimited mileage – if one becomes available.


Yet another compliance car.
It’s vaporware in 49 states.

The Clarity EV and Fuel Cell are in extremely limited markets (compliance and lease only. PHEVs should be everywhere, but they are shipping right now, just started.


Like most legacy makers, Honda will sell EVs when they can’t sell ICEVs and have too…it’s all about a legacy car CEO’s tolerance for risk and making his Wall Street numbers.


Just before they go bankrupt.


I’m all excited. More concept vehicles. Anything I can actually buy in my lifetime?


I have this wonderful bridge for sale.

It’s easy to make concept cars and announcing more of them doesn’t mean much. Honda should get serious and make real world electric cars and actually sell them in big numbers, otherwise it’s just cosmetics.

Courtney vegan

What’s the range? 50 miles?.

Lou Grinzo

Dear Honda: Quit the greenwashing nonsense and put resources into developing and producing a Fit EV (or an Element EV?) with at least a 40 kWh pack. Then we’ll get excited.

Until you do something roughly like that, you’re just wasting our freaking time.

Mark C

If they really try, they can compete with VW for the most & best unobtainable retro EV concept vehicles.


Note to Honda; Less talk, more walk.


Sorry but I don’t get what benefit Honda derives from putting out these Retro Electric Concepts… perhaps someone here smarter than me can explain it to me.


They’re trying to get on the same retro style bandwagon with Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and VW.

Long story short, they ran out of original ideas, and went back to what sold well back in the old days.


@Steven, Thanks for the explanation… will be interesting to see how that works out for Honda.


They can pump out concept cars till the cows come home, if it isn’t for sale in Pennsylvania, it’s not worth the ink in my newspaper.


I dont care for concepts unless they come with price tag and production date.
Save the effort, build a real EV instead.