Honda Power Exporter 9000 At 2015 CEATEC Japan (w/videos)

OCT 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda will present, at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, its production hydrogen fuel cell car. Meanwhile, at 2015 CEATEC Japan, the company is presenting its Honda FCV Concept along with the new Power Exporter 9000 device (world premiere of planned production model).

The Honda Power Exporter 9000 is an external power feeding device, which on one side is connected to the hydrogen fuel cell car through CHAdeMO, and on the other side is a panel to plug-in a set of electric appliances.

Honda Power Exporter 9000

9 kW* of power from hydrogen fuel cell car

Total output power from the inverter stands at up to 9 kW (or more precisely 9 kVA, which typicially will be slightly less than 9 kW depending on power factor).

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

“Including Power Exporter 9000, Honda will introduce its lineup of energy management technologies which contribute to the realization of a society where people will “generate” and “use” energy and “get connected” for energy. The exhibit will also include the Honda FCV CONCEPT, a concept car for Honda’s all-new FCV.

At a booth under the theme “Honda gets connected,” Honda will present a unique form of a “smart community” that only Honda can propose, which includes Honda’s original Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) equipped with a high pressure water electrolysis system to produce hydrogen (“generate”), the all-new FCV concept car (“use”) and external power feeding device that enables power to be supplied from FCVs and EVs to homes and other facilities (“get connected”).

Moreover, Honda also will present a special exhibit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Honda generator production. The exhibit will include the introduction of Honda’s sine-wave inverter technologies, which is being adopted by the Power Exporter 9000, enabling high-quality electricity output.

Going beyond creating mobility products, Honda has been proactive in making progress in developing technologies for the generation and effective utilization of energy used by mobility products. With this approach, Honda will continue its challenges toward the realization of the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.”

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

Honda Power Exporter 9000

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How about a power exporter for a PHEV with a gasoline engine? I know people use 1000w inverters now, but this would be much more power.

Eric Cote

YES!!! 🙂

Mike I

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a CHAdeMO port, so in theory this device should work with that vehicle as well.

Bill Howland

I don’t think this 9kw ‘power exporter’ is a serious product.

Looks like they shoehorned a 9 kw converter into a 9kw generator frame. At least it should be very lightweight.

I use my volt and elr for a 3 kw emergency power supply. I have an old gas generator but I prefer to run things off the inverter. I can get 10 kwh of juice out of both my volt and elr. Inverters take care of motor starting issues such as refrigerators, etc. I’d recharge using the 1500 watt stand alone mode of my solar panel inverters, which almostprecisely match my voltec charging specs, which i can lower to 950 watts in case the sun isn’t that strong. But I have no battery expense since I’ve already paid for the batteries with the cars.


If Honda is so smart, They should R&D the magnetic powered Generators That Run soley on the Push & Pull 0f magnets,Once started, they can spin on Their own for ever ,or until the brakes are applied, just like the Planets in outer space…Working Prototypes have been, & are out there…..MAGNETS ARE A HUGE & EXTREMELY POWERFULL FORCE THAT KEEP THE UNIVERSE IN CHECK…………..CHEERS


“Working Prototypes have been, & are out there…..”

No, every one of them is a scam. No such thing as power from nothing. Planets orbiting the sun is a good example of perpetual motion, but the thing is you can’t draw power from a perpetual motion machine without slowing it down.


Oh man. Say it ain’t so. I could have used this perpetual motion magnetic-powered generator to run an electrolyzer to split water into hydrogen, and then run a compressor to fuel my Mirai with free hydrogen. Now in three years when the Toyota freebie ends, I’ll have to pay $15 per kilogram at the hydrogen station, if I can find one that’s working. 🙁

Anti-See Through

Unless you have a power cut I really don’t see the point of this. Power taken from the FCEV is more expensive, wasteful and less green than just taking power from more mundane means like solar panels or nuclear. Obviously if you have a power cut it’s a great thing, but if you don’t then why go to the trouble? It’s easier to leave the power that’s in the car… for driving. You’re going to use that energy in the car up driving anyway, whether or not you use some of it to power a home.

Three Electrics

That is the point. In addition, the power source is mobile, which may be useful for construction sites, etc.


Yeah, as long as you want to use the most expensive power available. Cheaper to use a standard gas generator, but if you want to be green, then from a BEV is better than an FCV.

Three Electrics

BEVs are not always greener. In fact, they’re often worse for the environment than most sources of hydrogen. See:

Note that in most of the U.S., a BEV is dirtier than all but ICE cars and trucked hydrogen. See the line labeled “BEV – US grid.”

Your ability to swallow propaganda unquestionably, and repeat it without independent thought, is… well, not admirable, but useful. If I ever found a religion I know where I will recruit my followers.

Counter-Strike Cat

Having electricity at outland camping side without a tatatatatatatatatatatat generator destroying your bonfire romantic.


I’m not a fan of the ICE but at the end of the day it’s usually about what’s cheapest and modern generators are pretty quiet, especially Honda ones. Maybe generators are a good use for fuel cells though, silence is preferable.


Except the Army’s propane fuel cells are doing the exact same thing, but are actually practical- propane and propane distribution exists. Competitively. Affordably.


Even those outlets don’t like the hydrogen fuel source, look at how sad they are (can’t unsee) 😉


They’ve talked about this and shown prototypes for years now. I was once enamored with the technology, until I started plugging my car into an outlet in my garage. Now I never want to visit a centrally owned fueling station again. So feel free to stick a plug on the side of my electric car so I can charge my laptop, but I’m past my hydrogen infatuation.


I want one of these in the US so much. Today I have ~1500 watt power export from my LEAF off of the 12v system.

This system would be so much better.


The Leaf has had a similar system years ago in Japan and Nissan is thinking of bringing it to the states, so the possibility is there:


Yup, the first buyers had theirs in time for the earthquake. You know, the earthquake that would force hydrogen networks to shutter for inspections, while copper cable would just dampen back to a halt.

Three Electrics

Perhaps you mean an earthquake like the one that resulted in blackouts in Fukushima and Sendai for an extended period.

An FCEV, which is on springs, could supply power for days after such an incident.