Honda Patent Filing Reveals Plans For Open-Wheel Electric Sports Car


Honda recently filed a patent for an open-wheel vehicle that could someday compete with the likes of the Ariel Atom.

The patent filing reveals a vehicle that’s very similar to the Honda 2&4 Concept (see image above) that was first shown in 2015. However, the filing shows propulsion likely being electric, rather than a gas as the concept featured.

Autocar explains:

“The model bears significant resemblance to the 2&4 concept of 2015 (pictured above) as it is based on a spine chassis that locates its powertrain behind the driver. However, the patent drawings suggest power comes from an electric motor, as opposed to the 2&4’s 999cc MotoGP racing motorbike engine.”

Honda Electric Car Concept Patent Sketch

Multiple patent drawings show two versions of this electric Honda concept. One version (seen above) has seating for two, while the other has just one seat.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that the Ariel Atom features Honda engines and Ariel has in fact began testing electric prototypes. Perhaps Honda wants to do its own Atom or maybe Honda is helping Ariel with design work on an electric Atom?

Ariel Atom

Source: Autocar

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MTN Ranger

That is literally an electric go cart!


Yet, no update to:
Fit EV,
Insight Hybrid
Civic Hybrid
And no Plugin version of anything.


It could be a almost a decade before having an extra battery wouldn’t come in handy. Go for a session on the track, while the other is cooling/charging. Honday could mechanically facilitate swaps, in the pit area. There’s all kinds of downtime, at non-professional track events.

No, this stuff isn’t important to greater electrification, but a lot of minds must be giving it a lot of thought at this point.

J P DeCaen

How hard would it be to fit a composite body that looks like a Lotus Esprit?


Piss easy! We had a fibre glass body, called the Purvis Eureka, that bolted onto a VW Beetle chassis. Looked awesome, cheap and head turning. Can’t understand why EV drive train has not been developed to bolt into common chassis. Leaf and other low range EV’s show this is viable. Should be a simple exercise for an enterprising electronics engineer.