Honda Offers 2018 Clarity Electric Lease At $199 Per Month

MAY 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 47

This month Honda introduces the 2018 model year Clarity Electric with a lower monthly lease payment of $199 (previously it was $269).

2018 Honda Clarity Electric

The Japanese manufacturer offers the Clarity Electric only in two states (at select California and Oregon dealerships), only for lease without a purchase option at lease end, and since summer 2017 only over 1,500 were delivered.

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All-electric range of the Honda Clarity Electric remains at 89 miles (143 km) EPA on the 25.5 kWh battery.

Here are the lease details:

  • $199 per month (plus tax) for 36 months
  • $1,499 down payment (not including tax, registration or additional fees), which reflects a built-in federal tax credit
  • 20,000 miles per year and 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Clarity Electric eligible for $2,500 California and Oregon state rebate
  • – Model eligible for California Clean Air Vehicle Stickers, allowing single occupant HOV access

The basic cost for 36 months seems to be then $8,663.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric
18 photos
2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric 2018 Honda Clarity Electric

More about the 2018 Honda Clarity Electric:

2018 Honda Clarity Electric

“The 2018 Honda Clarity Electric arrives at select California and Oregon Honda dealerships today, competitively lease priced at $199 per month. With a spacious five-person interior, premium appointments, and standard Honda Sensing® safety and driver-assistive technologies, the Clarity is a smart choice for customers in search of a roomy, sophisticated and affordable all-electric daily driver. The Clarity series was chosen as Green Car Journal’s 2018 Green Car of the Year and Edmunds’ Most Innovative Car in its 2018 CES Tech Driven Awards.

Combined with the 2018 Accord Hybrid and the soon-to-launch 2019 Insight, the Clarity Fuel Cell, Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid represent the next generation of Honda vehicles, as the company advances toward its goal of growing electrified vehicles to two-thirds of global sales by 2030.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric

“We’re upping the ante on both premium appeal and affordability with the 2018 Honda Clarity Electric,” said Steven Center, vice president of Connected and Environmental Business Development at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “At $199 a month, Clarity Electric consumers will not only get a very affordable zero-emissions driving experience, they’ll also enjoy a level of premium quality and driving refinement that really no other electric car in the segment can match.”

The 2018 Clarity Electric sedan is available for lease at select dealerships in California and Oregon with the competitive monthly payment of $199 (plus tax) for 36 months, which includes an attractive allowance of 20,000 miles per year and 24/7 roadside assistance. The lease, which reflects a built-in federal tax credit, requires $1,499 due at signing (not including tax, registration or additional fees).1 In addition, consumers from California or Oregon may qualify for state rebates of $2,500.2 The Clarity Electric is eligible for California-issued Clean Air Vehicle Stickers that provide single occupant HOV access.

The Clarity Electric gets up to an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes with DC Fast Charging (SAE combo).3 The Clarity Electric is one of the only electric vehicles to have DC Fast Charging standard. Level 2 charging gives Clarity Electric drivers the flexibility to charge their battery in just 3.5 hours at home, office or anywhere there’s a 240-volt charger.3 The Clarity Electric has an EPA fuel economy rating of 126/103/114 MPGe (city/highway/combined)4 and an 89 mile EPA range rating on a full charge.4

Honda Clarity Series

2018 Honda Clarity Electric

The Clarity series – Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, Clarity Fuel Cell and Clarity Electric – has a low, wide aerodynamic body with unique design elements and standard Honda Sensing. Each Clarity variant has a spacious five-passenger interior, outfitted with premium, environmentally responsible materials, Display Audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and no-compromise trunk space. Offering Honda “fun-to-drive” DNA, the Clarity series provides a smooth, quiet and highly refined driving experience, aided by the smooth and seamless character of electric drive torque and acceleration.

The Clarity series shared “3-in-1” platform strategy enables Honda to respond to infrastructure and market developments, provide customers nationwide with an ultra-low carbon vehicle that meets their lifestyle needs and takes Honda toward higher volume sales of advanced powertrain products help reduce CO2 emissions.

1 Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, registration, license and dealer fees. For well-qualified lessees. Subject to availability to California and Oregon residents on approved credit through Honda Financial Services. Closed end lease for 2018 Honda Clarity Electric for well-qualified lessees. Not all applicants will qualify. No purchase option at lease end. Total monthly payments $7,164. Lessee responsible for maintenance, excessive wear/tear, and 20 cents per mile over 20,000 miles per year. Lease includes Roadside Assistance. Total due at lease signing is $1,499 plus tax and registration and includes first month’s payment and capitalized cost reduction of $1,300. Offer subject to change without notice.
2 The Oregon rebate program is anticipated to be operational in 2018, with a waitlist potentially established beforehand; please visit for more information. The California rebate program is anticipated to be funded for the 2017-2018 budget year; please visit for more information.
3 Charging time varies depending on conditions, such as the remaining battery level and the ambient temperature.
4 Based on 2018 model-year EPA ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your MPGe and range will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, lithium-ion battery pack age/condition and other factors.”

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47 Comments on "Honda Offers 2018 Clarity Electric Lease At $199 Per Month"

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Here in GA, not so much. I was quoted a zero down, 36 month, 12,000 mile lease on a Clarity hybrid for over $700/ month. Even with the zero down this is beyond ridiculous. When I asked about the $7500 federal tax credit, the salesdroid had no idea what I was talking about.

See if you can’t arrange a third-party lease.

The Clarity PHEV doesn’t have the lease deals. The deals are because a Clarity BEV with about 80 mile range might be a hard sell otherwise

No, the Clarity PHEV is supposed to have a Good Honda lease offer, with most of the fed tax credit off the lease list price.

I’d suggest you go thru a car buying service, like Auto-by-Tel, or CostCoAuto, or TrueCar.
You get better, smarter deals that way.

You may be able to find third party lease financing at some credit union if you look very hard. But it won’t give all the CARB credits and incentives that are put into Honda financed lease price in CARB states. Georgia taxpayers are just not paying for it, that is all..

You best bet may be getting it in somewhere in the US North East or California that have more generous Honda incentives, or waiting for used ones to appear.

That is actually an INCREASE from the 2017 price. While originally $269/mo with $1,999 due at signing, that was soon dropped to $199/mo with $899 due.

The 2018 price has gone UP by $600.

Was the mileage limit the same?

So for less than $8,700 you can use this puppy for 3 years and enjoy 60,000 miles of driving. This is equivalent to using the car for 12 years and paying less than $35,000 and driving 240,000 miles. That’s a lot.

Even though its sold in California and Oregon, it could sell very well and challenge many electric vehicles. This is the 1st price decrease in 2018 in USA and this could be the result of rising sales of Tesla Model-3.

With Ford Focus EV ending and VW eGolf expected to end, Honda does not want Clarity-EV to fall by the wayside and that’s why they are reducing the lease price to stay a float. Recently Cadillac ATS sedan model is chopped amidst rising crossover and plugin sales.

Honda also priced their Accord hybrid very competitively at $25,100.

Good move Honda.

It can move well is Honda is motivated to provide it in more than compliance numbers. Seeing the geographic limitations, I’m skeptical. It won’t be available for long.

Purely compliance.

Still a great EV for a great price if someone doesn’t need long range.

No this is a golf cart and I drive a 2016 leaf so I’m not anti-ev consecutive. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

For SoCal…
$1499+(35×199)+about $1500 in tax and fees-2500 ca rebate-450 SCE rebate….so you pay about $200/month for 20k miles per year.
Compare with gasser Accord
20k miles at 34mpg is 606 galons which at current price of $3.60 is $2182/year
For the ev: assuming 30kw/100 miles
For 20k miles you need about 6000kw which at tou is 12c which translates to $720/year in electric costs.

Your actual monthly cost is $78/month after fuel savings. So a good deal if you drive a lot

Plus, the Accord doesn’t lease for 20k miles a year.

When they get off the leases where do they go. It will be a perfect commuter sururban city car

These Honda Clarity BEVs will be crushed when they no longer can find someone to lease them in 3-5 years or longer.

Perhaps back out on lease like they did with some of the Fit EVs, but probably to the shredder.

It’s actually not as great deal as was being offered as they cleared out the 2017s, which was for only $900 down with the same $199/month. Still, it isn’t a bad deal and is one of the cheaper ways to get into an EV these days. Better get one before they run out again.

20k miles a year seems generous, especially at this price, even though it is less than what they did for the FitEV. They know most people will not drive nearly that far in a year in an BEV with this range. They cap it at 20k now to get rid of the small group that may have had a 60-70 mile one way commute and the ability to charge at home and work. The mega commuters can put on 30k a year but most people cannot.

WTF…that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

No, it’s you.

Clearly you cannot remember seeing the AMC Pacer.

The Wayne’s World Movie AMC Pacer, with Flames behind the front wheels, was the real “looker”!
It was for sale last year, for those who were patiently waiting!

Hideous looking car – non-starter for me.

Sounds like a decent deal despite what previous prices may have been. What does it cost to buy one outright? (before tax credit)

That’s the trick. The BEV version is lease-only, and only for residents of California and Oregon.

Not lease only and not exclusively in California and Oregon.

@ TwoVolts,
Honda Clarity BEV, is a Lease-Only.
You can purchase the Clarity PHEV.

I stand corrected. Autotrader lists Clarity PHEVs and Clarity Electrics for sale in my area as though they are different. All of the ‘Electrics’ have both a charge door and a gas door in the photos – so they are clearly just the PHEV version. My bad.

Nothing because Honda won’t sell it. But it’s rumored to have a MSRP of around the same amount as the Bolt.

They really screwed up the design, ten years ago it was beautiful.

Hey, Handy Helpful Honda Hustlers,
The Year 2012, would very much like to have its compliance BEV back already, with its desireable, class leading, ginormous 25.5 kWh battery pack!

Hey, it’s still more than the 500e and at least it comes with CCS standard…

This is the largest non-Tesla EV available and probably a good deal at this price. I hope many people take advantage of it, we need as many as possible EVs on the road. I test drove the Clarity PHEV and was not impressed with the performance, hopefully, the EV is better. The looks are another story…

If Honda gave it a better range, at least mid to high 100s it could be a good seller. Unfortunately, Honda seems to like to do thing half-heartedly. Their hybrids could never stand up to Toyotas, and now they are doing the same with their EVs. Come on Honda, you can do better!

Lol of all PHEV the Clarity have the best performance

If honda keeps making golf carts nobody will buy them. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

You really need a break from playing video games and watching porn in moms basement.

They know, that’s why it’s a lease only….see, no one will buy them…because they can’t!

I haven’t driven the PHEV but the BEV is definitely more exciting to drive than the fuel cell version. The range really is the only downside.

Starting in 2018, the CARB states can’t transfer EV credits between each other. So, why are we not seeing these deals in the northeast carb states too?

Because the West coast is the best coast.

They probably figure that the PHEVs will be enough, but I wouldn’t rule out an expansion later in the year, pending the outcome of the fiasco with the EPA.

This car is so ugly I wouldn’t touch it for free, where even to pay for it!

Might trade in my beater ford focus ev for one of these beauts in ’21. If no crush should be sold off lease for 10k.

This has been active for some time now but I was told last week by a Honda dealer this offer expires after Memorial day.

The skirts on the back wheels look retro Citroen.

Hard to find on Oregon Honda websites. Doubt they actually have any in stock that I can find, but yes the offer is stated as reported.