Honda Launches Accord Plug-In Hybrid in Japan


Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Launched in Japan

Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Launched in Japan

After a mildly non-successful launch in the US, Honda has decided to roll out the 2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid in Japan.

I'm Headed to Japan

I’m Headed Back to Japan…Sort Of…Even Though I’m Built There to Begin With

Effective today, the Accord Plug-In Hybrid is available across Japan, says Honda, but it’ll be a lease-only offering that’s targeted mainly at “corporations and government agencies.”  It’s uber-efficient, so it’s a shame that it won’t be sold to the general public.

According to Honda, the Accord Plug-In Hybrid offered in Japan is basically identical to the one sold here in the States, so we’ll rehash what we posted some 150 days ago when Honda’s plug-in sedan hit US dealerships:

“The Honda Accord Plug-In is rated at 13 miles of electric-only range by the EPA and gets a gasoline fuel-economy rating of 47/46/46 mpg (city/highway/combined).  It earned the highest EPA MPGe rating (115 MPGe combined) in its class (mid-size hybrid vehicles) and is the first production vehicle to meet California’s stringent LEV3/SULEV20 emissions standard.  And yes, the 2014  plug-in Accord qualifies for single-occupant HOV lane access in California.”

The $39,780 Accord Plug-In Hybrid, which can be leased for $429 per month for 36 months with $2,499 due at signing, hasn’t lit the sales charts in the US.  Nationwide sales of the plug-in Accord, through May of 2013, totaled only 158 units.

Honda doesn’t expect the plug-in Accord be all that popular in Japan, either.  According to Honda, the “monthly combined sales target for Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-in Hybrid in Japan is 1,000 units,” the bulk of which will surely be from the standard hybrid, rather than from the one that plugs in.

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What’s the battery size? 13 miles electric range isn’t much.

Not very big, 6.7 kWh…and it has that top speed of 62 mile thing happening in the EPA figures like the Prius plug-in

Lets see.. $39,780. Costs twice as much as an entry level accord. Gives you 13 miles EV range. You can buy the Fusion Energi for roughly the same amount and get 21 miles EV range. Or a Chevy Volt for (possibly less) and get 38 miles EV range.

Or you could Lease for $429 per month.

So… I could probably lease a regular accord and a Nissan Leaf for the same monthly cost as this one car and have a gasoline car and an EV with 75 miles range.

Or better – buy a Volt

Honda received more than 7,000 sales order of Accord hybrid in Japan as of July 23, 2013.

Honda Accord PHEV US sales:

June 42
July 54

Honda Fit EV US sales:

June 208
July 63