Honda To Launch 20 Electrified Cars In China By 2025

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Not necessarily plug ins though.

Japanese automaker Honda plans to roll out over 20 electric models in its Chinese market by 2025 as an important part of its mid-term goal to expand electrified product lineup in this country, said Yusuke Hasagawa, Executive Vice President of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co.,Ltd. and Honda Motor China Technology Co., Ltd., at a press conference on January 7.


Honda China 20 electric model by 2025, Honda China electrification mid-term goal, China automotive news

He also revealed the on-going planning for technology upgrade. Following the EVERUS VE-1, the SPORT EV platform will generate its second model, which will be used for car-sharing service from 2019. Besides, the EV models jointly developed by Dongfeng Honda and Honda Motor China Technology Co., Ltd. will be launched this year.

Honda China 20 electric model by 2025, Honda China electrification mid-term goal, China automotive news

The Japanese automaker is ready to further expand the product matrix featuring Honda’s Sport Hybrid i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) system. In addition, the i-MMD-based plug-in hybrid system will be introduced in China next year.

He also added that Honda is developing the upgraded version of the “Honda SENSING” ADAS system designed to cope with various complex road conditions, which will be sent into road tests next year under China’s actual traffic scenarios.

Honda China 20 electric model by 2025, Honda China electrification mid-term goal, China automotive news

Additionally, the automaker will have its Honda CONNECT in-car system seamlessly interconnected with mobile phones and smart home applications and upgrade itself via OTA (Over-The-Air).

Honda China 20 electric model by 2025, Honda China electrification mid-term goal, China automotive news

In 2018, a total of seven Honda’s models including the tenth-generation Accord, the all-new Crider and the Civic had respective annual sales exceeding 100,000 units despite the overall car sales dwindle in China. Especially, the Civic becomes the first Honda-branded model whose full-year sales topping 200,000 units.

Last year, Honda also gained some significant fruits in vehicle electrification in China. The SPORT HYBRID models carrying the i-MMD system have enjoyed popularity among consumers. For instance, the CR-V Hybrid made up over 20% of the CR-V sales in December 2018.

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Better get going Honda.

The North American Market is completely neglected.

Honda could’ve brought an electric HRV to market along time ago.

If it was so easy to sell electric cars profitably, they’d have done it. The fact is it ISN’T easy. Not impossible, but not easy. The sentiment here doesn’t reflect this reality.

If Nissan can do it, Honda could’ve as well.

The HR-V sits on the Fit platform.

They could have a Small SUV.

There’s no choice now.

How do you know Nissan sells the Leaf profitably? I can remember 2 instances when Ghosn commented on the profitability of the Leaf, and both times they were just turning break even. At least one time was just before the introduction of the 30 kWh version. There are various reasons car companies choose to sell cars at a loss, in case of EVs the most obvious one is emission standards.

Also I don’t know who botting these up and down votes, but it’s pretty pathetic.

Yeah, I’ve noticed what appears to be block up- and down-voting in a few recent articles here at IEVs.

But hey, look at the positive side: This means some of the anti-EV forces out there consider IEVs to be influential enough to be worth targeting for a propaganda campaign!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — misattributed to Mahatma Gandhi

No one said it would be easy. But it was the right technology path…and Honda instead chose fuel cells.

Seems a bit unfair. Honda sells the Clarity PHEV, which is arguably the best PHEV on the market today.

Toyota is the car maker which ludicrously keeps claiming that fool cell cars are “the future of automobiles”… not Honda!

Vehicle sales in China fell hard last year, and will continue to decline this year too, is my belief.
Their stock market got slammed and despite putting on a brave face they are getting hurt badly by the Trump Tariffs.
Honda is way behind in ev development, maybe they can make up the difference with their FCV.

“maybe they can make up the difference with their FCV”

Is this a joke?

I would think so.

“Vehicle sales in China fell hard last year”

Still 50% more than the US market which is #2.

I keep hoping that major Legacies making EVs for China is a good sign for the US market, even if not right away. They make them there, finally perceive a pressing need to get going with EVs here, and now they have a solid base of in-house expertise, supplier arrangements, and in-production designs they can adapt to and use in the US.

Oh, wait — there I go again, being relentlessly optimistic.

Imagine how better prepared Honda would have been if they hadn’t spent 20 years chasing the hydrogen fuel cell boondoggle! 😉

Better late than never I guess.

Yeah, Honda lost both resources and image with the fuel cell boondoggle… I don’t think they can recover, their sales are dropping fast.