Honda Fit EV Production To End This Fall


Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

First Fit EV Owner, Matt Walton

First Fit EV Owner, Matt Walton

Honda has officially confirmed what we’ve known to be true for quite some time now:

“Honda will produce the Fit EV until later this fall and will continue to support customers through their lease period.”

According to Edmunds, who spoke with Sage Marie, a Honda spokesman.

Only 1,100 Honda Fit EVs were ever to be produced.  That production will end forever this Fall.

“Our path forward includes a new generation of electromotive technologies, including expanded application of our two-motor hybrid system,” says Marie.

Per Edmunds:

“The two-motor system was introduced on the 2014 Honda Accord plug-in hybrid and powers the Honda Accord Hybrid.”

But Honda’s real focus moving forward will be on fuel cell vehicles, just like Toyota.

Source: Edmunds

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The management failure at Honda is TERRIFYING.
– This EV is excellent, and yet they won’t sell it.

– Insight not improved, but dropped. No battery improvement, no suspension fix. Better suspension Honda this is not rocket science. Bigger electric motor! More battery!
– US gets the new FIT with a CVT while Japan gets a REAL 7 speed transmission.
– Japan gets the FIT Hybrid, US not.

Honda management should RETIRE.
You’re retired enough cars.

Honda’s design and management failure looks like it’s going to get replaced by VW, with some REAL Plugin’s coming out.

Did they lose their minds in Japan?

That doesn’t make sense, because it requires so much power to produce hydrogen. Seems the Japs are going for publicity in something neat and new instead of smart in what’s right for the public and environment.

Car companies shouldn’t get full CARB credits for lease-only vehicles, since they’ll all be scrapped after three years.



+…. infinity! (with kindergarten smirk)

Infinity and beyond!

Another bad decision by Honda.

Nicer interiors.
Demand your dealers SELL Hybrids and not BAIT and Switch.

How much money did Honda lose on this program? Are the shareholders revolting?

Producing zero emissions vehicles is the price of entry into the California market. There’s a really good reason for that. Come out for a visit sometime and I’ll show you around and we can discuss it.

At least 44,000 people died prematurely last year because of airborne pollutants, most caused by vehicle emissions. 14 years early on average. That’s a pretty big unpaid externality.

Out here in California, we care about little stuff like that.

I’m pretty sure at Honda shareholders would be in revolt if Honda lost their California franchises because they failed to conform to our rules to protect the public health.

I believe Honda shareholders will be getting a little snitty actually when they realize they are missing the boat on the most exciting new technological development in automotive history, as evidenced by drivers and shareholders enthusiasm for Tesla.

Blame CARB. they are the people that are forcing FCVs and encouraging Honda and Toyota to drop BEVs.

I’m not happy about the CARB credits provided to FCVs. BUT, without CARB we would probably have one EV to choose from today: Tesla.

I’m not happy with CARB providing credit to BEVs, a technology that goes nowhere (see Honda, Toyota). Should have just encouraged hybrids more. If everyone drove Prius, and not use wood fireplaces, the air in California will be far better.
Californians may be breathing better. But Chinese are dying due to graphite pollution.

Not sure what your point is. California today has the cleanest air of just about any place on Earth, and it’s the cleanest air in many decades, perhaps a century. What’s the problem?

That’s like crowing about how atmospheric lead levels are down a whopping 15% when they’re still 300 times natural levels. (No, I’m not using real or remotely current numbers, just using this as an abstract comparison).

The fact remains that LA continues to be incredibly smoggy. It’s just not healthy.

Dunno, but it seems to me that you (and others) are blaming the air problem in Cali on the car companies, and not the over-population and personal over-use of resources for the population there…

“But Honda’s real focus moving forward will be on fuel cell vehicles, just like Toyota.”

No, Honda’s real focus is on ICEs. They make them very well, and don’t seem to care that their days are numbered. Fuel cells is just an experiment/distraction at this point from their real focus.

While we knew this was coming, what makes it even more sad is how good the Fit EV is. It’s an amazing car — significantly better than the LEAF in many respects (I have one of those also). Certainly more fun to drive than a LEAF. I test drove a Tesla Model S — for all but long trips, I think the Fit EV is more fun to drive than that car, too. As a 30-year fan of Hondas, it pains me that my next car will have to be from someone else.

I too was a Honda guy, had 6 of them. Sadly I sold my wife’s Civic coupe when I got my Leaf (would have bought a FitEV but not available here), it was not a bad car but when faced with choosing between the 35mpg Civic and the bigger 50mpg Prius it was no contest, sorry Honda but you lost a 40 year customer, the ICE era has an expiration date.

I used to be a Honda guy too. Until I drove a few GMs. I’d take a Volt over any of the cars you mention today.

Strongly agree, Steve.

My wife and I have owned numerous Hondas over the years, including Civics, Accords, and a Prelude that was an incredibly fun drive. We loved them all, including her current car, a Civic EX that runs so well you’d think it was an EV.

In fact, I would have a Fit EV in my garage as I type this instead of a Leaf if the Honda had been available in more than token numbers where I live.

As I keep saying here: Honda and Toyota, the companies that are neck-and-neck for biggest disappointment on the electric car front, will both cave in eventually, offer EVs, and do everything they can to make the world think they invented EVs, cars, and electricity.

As frustrated as I am over their current actions, I will welcome their reversal simply because of what it will mean to the EVolution. But as long as I have a choice, I will NEVER buy or lease another vehicle from either company.

Don’t loose heart! You can drive the FCX clarity pretty soon.

No I can’t. There are literally no public hydrogen stations where I live. Even if there were no DCQCs, having a plug in the wall is better than *that*.

+1 to toast.

+2, hydrogen is stupid silly.

As usual, Honda is just copying Toyota’s lead.

got my first Honda when I was 9 (ct 70). Pains me to see every other manufacturer leap frog Honda in technology.

This is just painful. Honda is making an epic mistake; as is Toyota.

EV’s are much more efficient, period. It’s physics.

As is climate change.

build a great car and it sells itself

its an ugly box

See Steve’s comment above. It’s better than the Model S. Have you test driven one?

Bu-By to an other compliance car. The departure of the Rav4 is a face saving move by toyota because they do not wish to participate in the EV CUV Battle – Royal about to take place. Between Tesla’s Model X and Mitsubishi’s Outlander. Honda just doesn’t want to have 2 cars on the bottom of the EV sales chart.

It is not a compliance car that quits the market , it is the BEV market as a whole that does not deliver .
PHEV is defintely the close future of EVS .

I would be shocked if Honda doesn’t bring out a different — and much improved — BEV some time no later than 2017. Something less ugly, and with much better range.

Honda makes great cars, and they made a great EV, too. It really is too bad that they’ve decided to close down FitEV production. It does seem to be shortsighted.
It is also sad to have to say goodbye to all those FitEV’s since Honda insists on taking them all back, just like GM did.

Great car but a compliance car doesn’t change the World. Only Tesla, Nissan and now BMW are really in the competition.

compliance=Only 1,100 Honda Fit EVs were ever to be produced. That production will end forever this Fall.