Honda FCV Concept To Make North American Debut At 2015 Detroit Auto Show

DEC 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

Honda FCV Concept interior

Honda FCV Concept interior

Honda announced that its FCV Concept, which debuted earlier this year in Japan, will be shown at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show on January 12.

Production version with range of 300 miles should roll of the line starting in early 2016. Honda seems to be betting on hydrogen fuel cell cars like Toyota, stressing its leadership:

“Continuing more than a decade of Honda leadership in the area of fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology, the Honda FCV Concept showcases the styling evolution of Honda’s next fuel-cell vehicle, anticipated to launch in the U.S., following its introduction in Japan, which is scheduled to occur by March 2016.

As the next progression in Honda’s dynamic FCV styling, the Honda FCV Concept features a low and wide aerodynamic body with clean character lines. The interior strives to achieve harmony between man and machine by taking advantage of new powertrain packaging efficiencies delivering even greater passenger space than the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, including seating for up to five people.”

The FirstElement Fuel company will receive from Honda $13.8 million in financial assistance to build additional hydrogen refueling stations throughout the state of California.

Honda Fuel-Cell Vehicle Firsts:
The original FCX became the first EPA- and CARB-certified fuel-cell vehicle in July 2002. The FCX also was the world’s first production fuel-cell vehicle, introduced to the U.S. and Japan in December 2002.

Additional highlights include:

  • The Honda FCX was the first fuel-cell vehicle to start and operate in sub-freezing temperatures (2003).
  • The FCX was the first fuel-cell vehicle leased to an individual customer (July 2005).
  • With the FCX Clarity, Honda was the first manufacturer to build and produce a dedicated fuel-cell vehicle on a production line specifically made for fuel-cell vehicles (2008).
  • Honda was the first manufacturer to create a fuel-cell vehicle dealer network (2008).

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And Honda will be the first to abort hydrogen fuel cell programm 2018!
Or sooner if subsidies bail out.

Big Solar

Right! They gotta keep up appearances until those credits are gone…


Honda is losing precious time, it is now only the shadow of the company it was when it introduced its first hybrid. Unfortunately they appear to go nowhere like Toyota, or rather they appear to go the way of Kodak, Polaroid and Baldwin steam locomotives, fast forward in a dead end.


Damn ugly. Looks like a Robot Cyclops with an overbite.


Is it a requirement that original FCVs look absolutely hideous? I know about the Tuscan FCV, but the Mirai….and then this thing….yikes.


So in July it will 10 years since they leased their first FCV, and what progress have we seen in a decade, as opposed to Tesla?


The Coyo-nda company IS after a particular look, aren’t they..

trying to find an independent owner review of the 2005 FCX (someone who does not now, coincidentally, work for Coyo-nda).. but no luck.

but I am Known for being uhmm.. Google-challenged.