Honda Exec Confirms “Expedited” EV Will Launch In China Next Year

MAY 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity Electric

Yasuhide Mizuno, Honda’s China chief, revealed from the Shanghai Auto Show this month that an all-electric car for the Chinese market is expected to enter expedited production by the end of 2018.

Honda Clarity Electric

Honda said that the reason behind the quick introduction of the all-electric vehicle is growing demand (go figure that, as the country has just now passed 1 million plug-in vehicles sold, with more than 500,000 moved in 2016).

However, taking into consideration the historical reluctance of the Japanese company and plug-in technology, we think it likely has more to do with the Chinese government’s mandated requirement for each automaker to sell at least 8% New Energy Vehicles (plug-in vehicles) annually.

After the all-electric Honda in 2018, a plug-in hybrid model will follow, but no further details on that vehicle was given.

In the U.S., Honda is gearing up to expand its Honda Clarity Fuel Cell offering to include BEV and PHEV variants.

Honda has keenly deduced there is some interest in plug-in vehicles in China…and will be ready to enter the segment in late 2018!

source: Reuters

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This percentage mandate by the Chinese gov’t will be a huge kickstart of the EV revolution. 8% is monstrous considering EV adoption has been around 1% so far.

It will help drive down battery costs, and be beneficial to EV’s everywhere.

Only wish the gov’t would have the same mandates here. The auto manufactures would have some crazy end of year sales to meet their mandate.

Between China at 8% of sales and India looking at fossil free transport by 2030, they’re going to drive the market. Once automakers are “forced” to invest in the manufacturing infrastructure needed for BEVs, it should be game over for ICE. This is awesome news.

And Norway and Holland banning cars with tailpipe emissions from sale from 2025. Admittedly this is just a goal in Norway, not yet legislated, but it might inspire other European countries and the EU to push tougher regulation as well. France banned diesels and the European Commission is having a hard look at regulation, and especially the enforcement of it, because of fallout from dieselgate (hint: VW was but a symptom, the disease was in the homologation process and the structuring of the bureaucracy). Costs are already lower and falling faster than the industry analysts predict. This is typical of any disruptive technology – pundits fail to imagine how quickly costs can come down. Total cost of ownership will be at parity with ICE before 2020 in Europe, where fossil fuels are twice the price in the USA. Even though the share is still tiny, EVs aren’t so vulnerable anymore. The Chinese regs are great and help accelerate the development, but at this point even if all that blew away EV share would continue to grow year by year. The Model 3 alone will provide a big boost, and perhaps an even greater boost by forcing the Germans to start… Read more »

LESSON LEARNED: Capitalism needs a Government Edict or Regulation to Innovate.

Once established the old guard hires CEO’s who are extremely risk adverse, and only focused on the next quarterly report.

It takes Innovators or Enlightened Government to Get It Done.

Well, it’s more like capitalists lust for stable oligopoly, and that’s when innovation goes down the toilet. Before that, capitalists lusted for outright monopolies, but their evils were so obvious that the government was sicced on them to break them up. So the bastards got smart and learned how to create a pretense of competition disguising a powerful collusion in using their shared media power to manipulate the public and their lobbies to counter the government. Ironically the main weapon against this has become not our bought-out government, but foreign goods pouring in and easily wrecking these insular, brain-dead industries with all the social consequences that entails.

The problem, then, is to have a consistent, widely understood standard for knowing when to transition the government role over a maturing industry. The government did big favors for railroads and steel at one time, and got rewarded with behemoths that threatened human rights and the credibility of democracy. But when you’re living in those times it’s hard to say how much success is too much.

Yes, Monopoly power is another problem.

Remember before Comcast/Verizon Duo-poly?
When there was a tech improvement in routers EVERYONE got the Speed Increase, just by buying a new router.

Today? Internet Speeds are FROZEN for YEARS, maybe DECADES.

You wonder why Comcast/Verizon are HATED corporations?
You pay $500-thousands of Dollars per Year and ever Year you get NOTHING. No improvement in service, No additional Features, No Speed Increases. We’re Locked into 2001 Internet speeds.

Verses Apple, every upgrade of an iPhone costs approximately the same as your internet service, or less, and you get Better Everything.

Apple should expand into internet service and wipe these companies out.

Most of my friends who drive a Volt, drive it on battery alone, they rarely use the ICE which they keep it as an emergency, Some didn’t refuel in an year, they say sometimes they feel they are needlessly carrying around extra weight of a full tank and ICE.

Where is that Honda Fit EV Already!

On the streets of Cali….saw a brand new one last week…looks similar to the Spark, not a looker for sure.

There are no new ones. They stopped making them two (three?) years ago. And they’re all on closed-end leases and cannot be sold in the US so they will all taken back and be gone in a few years. Just like the Honda EV Plus and GM EV1 years ago.

I admit I’m surprised every time I see one now because there are definitely much fewer than there were before.

Wish i took a photo of it. It was blue with dealer plates and paint definitely looked new. I remember it because it’s the first i have ever seen.

I did not see any listed for sale by dealers but did see reports from last year that the Fit EV was supposed to go on sale this year in March. The one i saw hed to be an early release….it was definitely a Fit EV.

There hasn’t been a Fit EV approved for sale since the 2014 model.

I don’t know if there is one for this year, if so it isn’t approved yet. I suspect it is not. You just saw an old one, perhaps a lease return. They cannot resell it, but the dealer can perhaps use it for their own uses. The leases can be extended, but if the dealer has this one now then clearly that didn’t happen in this case.

It had dealer plates (temp plates) and paint looked new…i will take a photo if i see it again. Saw it in Chino Hills at Smart&Final this month. I did take a look at the 2014 model and this car looked similar….maybe you are right.

Why did they make a Fit-EV and not any of the Civic-EV/ Accord-EV/ Pilot-EV with 200 mi range.

I’m guessing oil conspiracy. They buy off scientists and the media, why not pay off the auto industry CEO’s too?

You mean the fuel cell conspiracy.

Again, because the smaller the car the smaller the battery. Given how expensive batteries were when that car came out (and still are now) you have to do what you can to minimize the battery size.

Compliance Appliance.

We hear Toyota boss is disinterested in the word “Electric Car”, for whatever reason he says Teslas are like Iphone/Ipad, ofcourse he partnered with them in making a few compliance suvs in the past.

Teslas are like iPhones,Toyotas are still landlines. It’s accurate.

Honda gonna “pinch one off”, i.e., expedited?


Honda should quit dithering around, stuff a battery in a CRV, and release that so that they can maintain some sort of credibility in the market. If they’re lucky, LG Chem will have some excess capacity to supply them with to that they don’t even have to do the hard part.