Honda Debuts Sports EV Concept


Please build it, Honda.

If you are a fan of the Urban EV concept introduced by Honda last month in Frankfurt, there’s a very good chance you will also appreciate the Sports EV concept as it follows a similar design theme. While the showcar from IAA was envisioned as a petite electric vehicle mostly for city use, the new one takes the shape of a cutesy two-seater sports car that hopefully one day will hit the assembly line as it is simply adorable.

Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda is not being very generous with details at the moment of writing, but it does say the Sports EV concept has a compact size and features artificial intelligence, so it likely boasts some sort of autonomous driving technologies. With this being a sports car, we would rather do all the driving ourselves without the computers, cameras, sensors, and whatnot getting in the way.

Photos of the interior cabin are not available right now, but expect to see an expansive touchscreen dominating the dashboard in the same vein as the aforementioned Urban EV concept. The latter barely had any physical controls as most of the functions were available through the infotainment system. The electric city car also had screens built into the door panels showing footage from the external cameras. As you can see, the Sports EV concept has those cameras as well and these come to replace the traditional side mirrors.

Honda Sports EV Concept

While there’s no word about a production model, let’s keep in mind Honda did hint a couple of weeks ago a different type of a sports car could join the lineup sooner or later. It doesn’t necessarily mean the showcar currently being exhibited in Tokyo will be turned into a production model, but here’s hoping something along the lines of a little EV coupe with a retro futuristic design will eventually get the stamp of approval.

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I wonder if it will have an 88 mile range like the clarity 5 years late to the sub 100 party?

This thing is so pretty you can be sure Honda will find some way to screw it up.

Yes they will. However this is just the latest in “Our computer graphics are better than your computer graphics!” rhetoric. I seriously doubt this concept sees the light of day. It’s the kind of car manufacturers will build as a BEV only when the technology dominates and is cheap. Maybe in 10-15 years car companies can start building BEVs like this.

Hey the 47mi AER of the Clarity plug in Hybrid is pretty impressive for the size car it is.

Great Looks! Give it 250 mile range with the New Solid state batteries in the wings and This would sell like Hot Cakes! But I’m sure Honda will find a way to Mess it Up. The Teasers !

Nissan, Honda stole your Z.

Srsly, I really hope Tesla or Nissan do something like this. I just can’t reward Honda for their recent bad behavior.

It’s amazing this is from the same company that just produced the “Angry Japanese Robot” over-styled Civic.

Looks neat.. but I think I’d rather have an electric CR-Z with some actual torque…

I like it, and I’m impressed that they added ‘real’ EV sound to the simulation.

Automakers build concepts to gauge consumer reaction. Cars like this garner attention from women and metrosexuals who put style over all else. That may mean Honda will put something like this on the road. It’s size suggests no North American intent, though.

Adorable and cute are words most often geared toward the female market. Remember chick cars like the Miata and how difficult it is to shake that image. It is true that women represent the largest segment of new car buyers today.

These smooth lines with round shapes hearken back to Japanese sports cars from the sixties with just a hint of Hello Kitty.

Style Observation Part II

I can easily visualize this as a convertible. Give it a budget soft top, but a retractible rounded body color hardtop would be successful. The fastback coupe having much better aero. This could be the equivalent of the all-electric Miata.

Modern around view cameras or advanced AI could give auto designers freedom to splurge on niceties like this car’s giant sized C pillars.

Sad how elephant ear side mirrors mess up the sleekness of a simply clean design like this.