Honda CR-V Plug-In Hybrid Reportedly In The Works


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Honda Logo

Japanese media is reporting that when the next-generation Honda CR-V arrives in 2018, a plug-in hybrid version will also be offered.

The sketch above was reportedly obtained from a leak within Honda and Response JP believes it shows a 5-seat CR-V:

“The scoop before revealed that the upcoming model will be a three-row, seven-seater model, but the sketch showed a five-seater model. The front-end adopts the “Solid Wing Face” design. Hence, it is expected that it will have a powerful-looking front mask. Meanwhile, the rear end is reminiscent of the new Civic Hatchback as it is depicted with the newly designed combination lamp.”

As for the plug-in hybrid version, it will reportedly be powered by a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine with undisclosed electric motors and a battery pack of unknown capacity.

The conventional CR-V is expected to be revealed in Fall 2017. Sales should begin shortly after the reveal with the PHEV version coming to mark sometime in mid- 2018.

Source: Response JP

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Rav4EV with DCFC would be far better. What’s that you say? There is such a thing? (hi Tony) 🙂

Didn’t Honda buy the voltec drive train from gm? That should be in this car then, right?

Maybe they fitted their own 2.0L to the Voltec hardware drivetrain, it would make sense even better with DCFC capability and good overall AER

Yeah sure, with 15 miles AER… lol!

that’s what I’m afraid of too.

Honda should change its slogan to “If at first we don’t succeed, we copy Toyota”. See also: Odyssey generation 1 and 2; Insight generation 1 and 2.

I would check your dates on the 1st gen Insight.

I think the market is really calling out for a small SUV EV. Not a 15 mile AER… Toyota and Honda seem to be stalled with a bit more excitement from Europe (and of course Tesla) and even US. A 200+ mile CRV or Rav4. The legacy reliance on IC causes fear and trepidation.
If price point is an issue, maybe look at a 200+ mile EV with Acura or Lexus. Acura brand is more tech anyway. So an RDX EV could be a great success. Maybe $10k price premium before tax incentive so starting MSRP ~$46. Or if they really have vision, launch an entirely new EV brand. It worked in the 80’s when they wanted to launch a premium brand not bogged down by the Honda mainstream legacy. This could be a repeat of that successful strategy for a modern time.

And,…where is GM in all this?

I’m still waiting for GM to get smart and put their excellent Voltec system in SUVs.

And waiting, waiting, waiting……

GM is still smarting for their HYBRID SUV and pickup venture. Laughably expensive and low volume production to boot. Probably got soaked.

Is this the MITSU factor.
Mitsubishi sells 50,000 plugin’s in Europe.

Did the Japanese Government hold off SUV plugin sales in the US to allow Honda and Toyota to catch up?

Or, the Tesla factor, the Model 3 should have an SUV variant, that’s a lot of high end Honda and Toyota Lost Sales.

There’s also the Tesla Model 3 rumor,
and the IONIQ with 30 miles of range coming out.

I remember FORD Killed their Plugin Hybrid Escape 4 Years ago, just when we were going to buy. So, these vehicles have been HELD OFF the Market for 4 years.

Ford thought the hybrid CMAX and plug-in CMAX Energi would serve the same market. Pretty sure it does not.

It burns gas?

How quaint!

12 mile range & $12k more?

Oh Honda.

I bet you are regretting chasing that fuel cell pipe dream for so long.

Who cares? What are Honda doing about launching an EV for crying out load! MW

Is this a Voltec powered CRV?

Since GM and Honda were sharing technology, I wouldn’t be surprised that is the Voltec CR-V.

I am guessing 30-35 miles EV range and up to 35mpg in gas mode?

It would do well.