Honda Clarity PHEV: Top 5 Dislikes: Video

JAN 2 2019 BY MARK KANE 21

Who would have thought that such a big car had such a small washer fluid bottle?

Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is one of the most popular plug-in hybrid models in U.S. Since the Chevrolet Volt will be discontinued, it will probably be the 2nd most popular in 2019 behind the Toyota Prius Prime.

Brad On Cars, who owns the Clarity PHEV in Canada, recently shared five things that he hates about the car. This is despite him being happy with it overall. Mostly, these are small things that happen to be annoying.

  • It’s not a long-range BEV – well, the first one is a bit off topic, but Brad is probably not the only one who wishes for a long-range all-electric car from the Honda brand that would be useful in Canadian conditions.
  • Not the best setup of interior storage space.
  • Probably one of the smallest windshield washer fluid bottle ever, which needs frequent refills during the winter.
  • No heated seats. Not even in the top trim level.
  • Windshield washer nozzles are on the blades and the blades leave a line on the top of the window (not fun for tall drivers).

All cars have some minor issues though. So we’re not suggesting the Honda Clarity PHEV has more than other cars. In fact, these seem very minor compared to say the various gripes with a Tesla Model X.

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Just to point out, the heated seats is only an issue in Canada. In the US model it has heated seats in touring trim. Probably a huge oversight given Canada temps.

Canada model lacks power seats as well, but adds battery warmer (not in US model). I agree completely on the wipers, worst performance of any car I have had and due to salty road spray in Iowa you have to refill it every couple weeks.

Heated seats are also standard in the US for the base model. Biggest nitpick I have with the car is no volume knob.

I dropped out of the Clarity because of the
lack of heated seats
lack of power seats
lack of memory seats
which are available in US but not available in Canada even if we are ready to pay extra money.
Glad that I got out of the Clarity as I ended up buying Tesla Model 3 which fulfills today’s as well as tomorrow’s demands for a little extra
Also, I don’t like the Honda customer service very much. Even for my odyssey I used to take it to Toyota Service center for any issues

In the video the guy whines about the lack of power and specially lack of memory seats around the 9:00 minute mark…You can clearly see the heated seat button seat to the max around the 2:42 mark…

The editor should delete this article.

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So it really has one negative and many positives?

I agree… They need to fix the washer fluid nozzle.

They don’t offer heated seats in Canada…but do in the US, so it’s not like they don’t produce them with heated seats? That feels like somebody made a mistake on a planning form somewhere and hasn’t owned up to it. Bizarre.

All Canadian Clarity PHEV, both Base and Touring trim, HAVE heated seats. I think the reviewer meant the lack of power seat adjustments. In lieu, Canadian models have a battery warmer which is probably more useful in the long run for winter in Canada. I do agree with both comments about the washer bottle and nozzles. A lot owners complain about not having a volume knob. A nice-to-have but I find the volume control on the steering wheel to be much more handy and useful.

Honda put the volume nob back in the Civic. Doing everything on a screen is the revenge of the nerds and dangerous because it takes the driver’s attention away from…..driving. Other real issues: Per the EPA ratings the mileage on the gas engine is significantly less than the Accord Hybrid and the gas tank at 7 gallons is silly…could they really not find the space for a more normal size tank?

Why would anybody use a volume nob, when volume control is available on the steering wheel?

No. The less the the tank the more the battery

I have power and heated seats in front in US.

Your video shows a lighted display for the heated seats.

1. Fugly.

I love my Clarity, but fully agree on the washer fluid issue. I have been tempted to put a spray bottle full of washer fluid in the car as backup hit I’m afraid it will just end up making a mess. I just have to remember to fill the silly thing frequently.

Also miss the volume knob. The entire entertainment system feels very dated. Thank goodness it’s CarPlay compatible. I just use it in CarPlay mode all the time.

The car is also a curb magnet. I’ve thrashed two of the wheels on it because it’s just way bigger than it feels.

Other stuff: Headlights are not the best. A-pillar speakers get an annoying rattle, but have a simple fix. It needs more cup holders.

Overall, it’s one of the nicest and most comfortable cars I’ve ever used. Still happy with my purchase. I would be very happy if it were smaller and had a moonroof, but that’s not it’s niche. It’s a true five seater sedan, a style currently out of favor here in America.

I have a base model US car, with heated seats.

I do agree that the wipers are a joke. Especially in MN winters!!! A needless oversight on an otherwise wonderful car.

I’m in the US and at least two of the issues mentioned in this video don’t apply. From the human factor stand point, the car is well designed. The console is there to discourage people to put too many items around the dashboard which become a hazard when airbags are deployed. The USB ports are lay out as such to discourage the driver from being distracted by any issue related to the phone while driving. The only valid observation, which is very minor here in California, is the windshield fluid issues. Two minor complaints for a very well designed car. That’s still leaves it as an excellent car.

I believe I am the average buyer. I am not an environmentalist and actually believe the manufacturing and continual charging of the batteries offer very little environmental savings at the moment. I also want an all-electric car but will not pay 75k for one. I really wanted to like the Bolt but when I saw it in person it, it was like all other electric cars that were under 75k…UGLY and small. The masses need a decent looking affordable electric and a pick-up, sales will skyrocket then.