Honda Clarity Fuel Cell At The New York International Auto Show

MAR 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda really treats the Clarity Fuel Cell as a global mainstream model, presenting it at all the major auto shows around the world.

The latest Japanese hydrogen fuel cell model can now add the 2016 New York International Auto Show to its list of shows attended.

However, despite Honda and Toyota public positioning of hydrogen technology as a pillar of near-term mobility, production numbers (and future sales estimates) are still strictly akin to an early pilot stage at the moment.

Only 200 Clarity Fuel Cells  are to be made/delivered in the first year, with the first units already recently delivered in Japan.  The  U.S. rollout is expected to begin later this year.

Honda said that pace of introduction depends on the hydrogen infrastructure availability, which in regards to the US we know has been lackluster to say the least.

Monthly lease for lucky few who apply and are accepted should be below $500.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell specifications:

  • range of 750 km (466 miles) under JC08 standards, while EPA rating is expected at some 480 km (300 miles).
  • 70 MPa hydrogen tank
  • 130 kW, 300 Nm AC synchronous motor
  • lithium-ion battery
  • vehicle weight 1,890 kg
  • 5 seats
  • price in Japan 7,660,000 yen ($67,300)
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Here is also bonus with Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: Cutaway Model

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Estimated refueling time: Never.


IT’s all Politics & politicians never make any sense for/to the people they live 0ff 0f..politicians 0nly make sense to their deviously hidden agendas…

OP> Honda said that pace of introduction depends on the hydrogen infrastructure availability

Meanwhile, 30,000 EV charging stations later…


BTW…, the Hydrogen Bombs are nicely placed as it shows in the cutaway…In case of a disaster ., there will be a guaranteed ZER0 survivors….


There is literally NO WAY they could have made that car uglier, save for putting a huge phallus on the hood (a la Idiocracy monster truck battle)


The heads at H0NDA have gone crazy & lost their Heads , Crazy like a FOX! they are! ….l m F a 0 ….1st with the f00I cell nonsense & then with their NEW! CVT garbage transmission that always breaks after the warrantee expires….I am certain there is “MUCH method” to theirso called Madness… Delete this one tooo……Jerk!


The Guy in the Video is so F 0 S that his eyes are Brown …He’s Venting all This SH*T 0ut of his mouth…He has a classic case of Diarrhea of the mouth , All this B S needs to be discarded by thinking sane minds…

albert snow

Hydrogene fcv vill prevail. Tesla etc. will lose.


Fuel cell as a range extender makes sense but as the main power source is nonsense!

albert snow

As a range extender fc is only the first step. The second is as main power power source.
The problem is the time for building up the infrastructure of filling stations. But it will come. After 2020-25 production of combustion engines for cars have ended. All production will be for ev, and mainly fcv.

Bill Howland

People looking for the death of ICE are going to be disappointed, since this technology is also improving. Toyota’s 40% efficient Prius as an example.

And ICE is ‘invading’ central power stations: GE’s latest ICE engine reached 50% thermal efficiency. Add ‘District Steam’ heat recovery and the efficiency skyrockets.

Now this Honda FCV is probably good for electricity-starved Japan.

But, I question the longevity of the vehicle, what with its 10,200 PSI presure holding back a gas with high propensity to corode and leak.

Of course, if governments MANDATE hydrogen use, then FCV cars will be FORCED to work – even if they have to give them away.

But I still think how nice it would have been if Honda had taken some of the effort away from this car and used it to make an equally stylish 100 kwh, 300 mile luxury EV.

Which doesn’t require a $1 million filling station, but a $1000 wallbox at home, installation included.

albert snow

Oil dependency has to end. It´s politics, its about freedom, our western civilisation or being bullied from the arab/muslim world.
The west has all to win and islam all to lose in the battle between oil dependency and ev.
Fc technics is improving all the time and are getting cheaper.
Of course there will be cars driven by biogas, fc, batteris etc. during a transition period of let´s say 10-15 years. But in the end I believe the fcv is the future.