Honda Civic Beats Tesla Model S P85D – Drag Race Video


Honda Civic Beats Tesla Model S

Honda Civic Beats Tesla Model S

When you think of cars that could possibly beat a Tesla Model S P85D at the 1/8-mile drag strip, the Honda Civic probably doesn’t come to mind, but when it’s a highly tuned Civic like the one featured in this video, it might just have a chance.

Video description:

“Always looking for some close races at Piedmont Dragway. Many people may not think much of Hondas but when you see a Honda hatch with slicks and a turbo you can’t take it lightly. Crazily enough, this one has a more basic single cam motor. Fully built d16z6 with 76mm pistons, eagle rods, built head, bisimoto cam, id1000 injectors on E85 fuel with a precison 58mm turbo making 403whp and only weighing in at 2001 lbs.”

“This car took down a Ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D drag racing in the eighth mile.”

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That’s amazing traction for FWD. If used with RWD with more powerful engine (ie Corvette Z06), it could be quicker than P85D, maybe even P90D.

It was quicker that an P85D Ludicrous.

Until you have experienced the grip of hot slick tyres, you have NO IDEA just how grippy they can be!
I’d like to see how close he got to the back of the Tesla if he was using road legal tyres, like the Tesla…

Moral of this story? Put powerful engines in small cars and they go really fast.

Congratulations to the driver of the custom-tuned Honda Civic!

And congratulations to Tesla Motors for becoming the new world standard in high-performance street car acceleration.

The famous electric drag racer “White Zombie” is a 1972 Datsun 1200. More than slightly modified, of course!

“I spent most of my life buildin’ cars. The rest of it was just wasted.” — anonymous

Even my crappy little 3-Cylinder 1987 Chevy Sprint (Geo Metro) was able to give a V-6 Camaro, and some Mustang, who were street racing across town years ago, a run for the money! Every shift of my 5-Speed, I pulled further ahead! With me at the time at only 165 lbs, and a 1,700 lbs or so car, it could pull fall good when you ran it hard! Nothing quite like the 1983 RX-7 with after marker Arkay Turbo on the 12A Rotary! That one was real quick, with Red Line Reachable very fast, in all 5 Gears! It cruised comfortably at 200 Kph/125 MPH, and you could hit red line in 1st and 2nd, before you were ready – about 1.5 to 2.5 seconds per shift step. Top speed as it was, 215 Kph or 135 Mph! Stock 12A’s were 100 HP, mine was 205 HP! Fro about 80 Kph, to 160 Kph (50-100 MPH), from a passing event where I was #3 of 3 cars, and started to pass mire normal, but when I was alongside #2, he started to move into my lane! I booted the throttle while yet in 3rd, while moving left to the left… Read more »

No seatbelts? Well this guy’s a genius.

Weight matters

All these drag races. Of course, the typical ‘quarter mile’ is not listed, since here Teslas perform relatively poorly since, in the case of my Roadster, – nothing could beat it up to 50 mph but at that point you were at the torque peak, and the horsepower limit was reached not much faster (in other words, the faster you went the less HP you had).

Fortunately, there are magazines such as Car and Driver, which still attempt to give a complete picture of the car’s relative sportiness.

When reviewing my ELR, they stated the 0-60 mph times are quite poor, but that IT DOESN’T MATTER, since the car seems much faster, and is more than enough for daily encounters. But they did go into great detail into the expensive suspension of the car, giving it great performance over all.

Would love to see a tuned ICE go up against a tuned EV. Something like the Flux Capacitor EV would put cars like these to shame, and do it without choking and deafening spectators.

To be fair, put a Tesla Roadster with motor from the “S” , with a powerfull battery pack, racing slick and a ludicrous mode, and it will put to shame this ricer boy Civic….and we didnt start to talk about road circuit performance. This type of car ( Drag civic ) are totally useless when used onto road course. Also this kind of engine need to be rebuilt more often than any other kind of engine, du to fatigue and stress….not the Tesla….so what? îm not impressed. Absolutly not.

even my honda crx model 1987 dohc with light body weight stock zc enging 143 hp has beaten a tesla s my honda is a monster.