Honda CEO: By 2030, 66% Of Our U.S. Sales Will Be PHEVs, BEVs, FCEVs & HEVs


Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo says that the Japanese automakers will soon enter the alternative propulsion arena in a big way.

According to Hachigo, Honda’s goal for 2030 is to have fully two-thirds or more of its U.S. Honda and Acura sales be from hybrids, plug-in hybrids (of core models), electric and fuel cell vehicles (of which the Clarity Fuel Cell was recently priced from $369/month).

Honda Fit EV in Honda Smart Home US

Honda Fit EV in Honda Smart Home US

For Honda-Acura, that would translate to roughly 1 million sales per year in the U.S. of these alt-fuel vehicles.

“For the U.S. as well, we will be deploying plug-ins as the core and bringing in other electrified technology. The ratio will be far higher in the U.S.”

Why the turn towards electrification? According to Honda, the main force behind this switch to electric is increasingly stringent emissions standards. At least he’s honest.

Automotive News states:

“The U.S. rollout begins with a new plug-in hybrid sedan arriving in 2017, he added. It is expected to be part of a trio of Clarity-badged green cars. That lineup kicks off with this year’s arrival of the Clarity hydrogen fuel cell sedan. An all-electric Clarity will join later. A hybrid Civic and possibly a hybrid CR-V crossover are also likely to arrive by the end of the decade.”

2030 is a long ways off, but at least we’ll see some electrified Hondas hit the market much sooner than that.

Source: Automotive News

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Finally Honda gets into the EV game. Looks like Honda is picking up the rear among the ICE manufacturers. The Honda Fit EV compliance car is a start to some better offerings like hopefully a CR-V-EV.

An electric CR-V would be nice, wouldn’t it?

with 200+ miles EPA rated range. I’ll take 1 tomorrow.

How about a 50 STATE Fit EV?
How about an improved battery in the Fit EV.
How about REAL Product Today.

More than 15 years after the debut of Prius, it seems a bit lame to just talk about it now.

Yes, finally I will see some electric
ricer cars! 😀

I don’t know what they’re sniffing at Honda ., but they’ve been losing a whole bunch of sales to other companies . I myself know so many LOYAL Honda Families Going elsewhere ..Especially because of that Cheap Unreliable “CVT” “short life” transmission that they switched to.

Yeah, but how will they make that annoying buzzing noise?

Anything less than 100% should be considered a failure by 2030

Anything that far out is a WAG. If consumers in the US will only purchase BEVs by 2030, then rest assured Honda will be selling 100% BEVs in the USA by that time.

same old story, denying the call of nature and put every peny to polute the nature. I curse them.

Yep another ICE company forced to sell BEVs against there will due to CARB since they cant sucker enough people into buying FCEVs…
Waiting for a concept range pricing and selling plans befor giving them any credit…

This has been a long time coming. I think we can say that Honda and Toyota have now seen the light. Also Mazda u-turned within a few days recently now seem to be in. Fiat-Chyrsler should be next.

Fiat-Chyrsler does have the Pacifica minivan PHEV in the pipeline.

But yeah, we need something better than the Fiat 500e compliance car for a pure EV. At least add a DC fast-charge port.

Let me know when they have a long range BEV, not interested in the Hydrogen one at all.. oh, and 2030 … is a long way off.. I will have been used to a competitor by then.

i wouldn’t count on any of these companies going to *EVs “in a big way” until they have figured out how the technology can scale to cover their entire vehicle range. given that *EV technologies are still evolving (no, lithium ion is not necessarily the “settled” technology”) it seems very unlikely that the goal stated by honda will actually be realized by 2030.

“2030” seems to be the emerging talking point that is coming out of auto manufacturers lately. i tend to be skeptical of goals that are merely “talking points”.

THREE SIXTY SIX WWOOOWWWW.fine print: “fuel cell”. oh ok pass.

Soichiro Honda is turning in his grave. Clarity. Ugly. Uuuugly…

How about Prelude with 100 kwh battery, Honda? I’m breaking the door to your showroom, the blue-shirted guy is on the floor.

Awww cute, they still think FCEVs will be around.


Indeed, I rolled my eyes at that. No way is the boondoggle of taxpayer-funded fool cell filling stations gonna last that long.

I hope the “fool cell” experiment doesn’t last that long, as well. Remembet that certain big energy companies, can afford to squander a lot of cash over the long haul, to secure a higher percentage of market share going forward. There is little in the history of energy delivery and sales, to suggest that the purveyors of Fossil Fuels, will surrender quietly to the renewable energy-grid tied-battery/automotive industry.There is a lot at stake right now, as the sustainable/ renewable energy crowd, is starting to disrupt the current Fossil Fuel business model.