Honda Again Turns to City of Torrance to Test Out its Plug Ins; Fit EV Before…Accord Plug-In Hybrid Now


2014 Accord PHEV

2014 Accord PHEV

Honda is once again turning to the city of Torrance, California for some assistance in testing out a plug in.

Accord PHEV Engine Bay

Accord PHEV Engine Bay

Previously, Honda offered up its Fit EV to Torrance for some real-world testing.  Now, the Accord PHEV will join up with the electric Fit as Honda continues to field test its plug-in vehicles.

Honda delivered the Accord PHEV to Torrance officials on August 13.  The testing efforts are a “critical component of Honda’s measured approach to furthering its advancement of electric-drive vehicles,” says Honda.

“Honda’s continued relationship with the City of Torrance through our advanced vehicle testing has been instrumental in advancing our sustainable transportation solutions.  Through real-world feedback of the Fit EV and now the Accord Plug-In, the City of Torrance plays an essential role in the refinement and evolution of electric drive vehicles and, ultimately, the expansion of customer adoption for this technology.”

Accord PHEV comparison graphic.

Accord PHEV comparison graphic.

Honda further says that the city of Torrance has put some 7,500 miles on its Fit EV and adds that the data obtained from that testing shows that the electric Fit can easily exceeds its adjusted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mile-per-gallon-equivalency rating of 132/105/118 MPGe.

CO2 emissions were reduced by 74% by driving the Fit EV in Torrance, when compared to the conventional gasoline-powered Honda Fit.

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The Fuel Efficiency chart should also include the EV ONLY Range of each vehicle.

Because most Volt owners drive 90%+ on electric only, which makes the EPA Fuel Economy numbers rather useless for comparison based on actual use.

The Volt has an 38 mile Electricity Only range, followed by the Fusion Energi with a 21 mile Electricity Only range.

Followed by the Accord Plug-in with a 13 mile Electric+Gas range, right about above the Prius plug-in with an 11 mile Electric+Gas range.

Earth Dream Technology? Hows that for a really stupid name for your hybrid technology?