Homemade Automatic Tesla Charger In Action – Video


A Bit Crude

A Bit Crude

Apologies up front for the vertical video, but D Mital’s automatic charging arm is the first we’ve seen in the homemade category.

“I built an auto charging arm for my evtron. It senses where the charge port is, opens the port (via API) and connects the charger. It is in very early stages of development and is less than a minimally viable prototype.”

It clearly isn’t a flawless hook-up at this point. Mital says:

“I am thinking of another mechanical hack to add something on top of the charger to press that button, but looking for better ideas.”

Why an automatic charger in the first place? Well, Mital says he oftens forgets to plug in, or plugs in and then removes the charger to go run an errand and forgets to plug in when he returns home:

“Many times I put it in and then had to leave for something so then remove it and forget to put it back on.”

Test 2:  removal operation

Check out Tesla’s own prototype robotic charger here and in the image below. It’s a fair bit more refined than what’s seen in the video above, but the idea is the same.

Tesla's Own Prototype Automatic Charger

Tesla’s Own Prototype Automatic Charger

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You can clearly see him guide it with his hands, so there isn’t much automatic about it (yet), but I do wish him the best of luck.

I’ve been trying to figure something like this out for a J1772 plug, so I can appreciate the difficulty level.

Plugless Power(inductive charging), 7.2kW(20-25 miles charged per hour), $2,440 Installed(indoors or outdoors).

A Tesla can go charge itself.

It’s cool to see the robot, but now we are moving away from using the port all together.

Wow, good work Sir. That is very cool.

I also love Tesla yet it seems like things went a bit silent with the Tesla’s prototype robotic arm charger. I would have expected to see at least one super charger test site with these working now.

Does Tesla lack the robotic engineers in-house to make this happen? This would appear to be the case since they also never got the robotic battery swap stations past the single prototype facilitate off the ground.

Let’s put all the available intelligence into it.
Who’s next?

My Nissan Leaf sends me a text when I am home and I forget to plug it in. I love this feature. Doesn’t Tesla have an equivalent?

There is a program called Visible Tesla. This program is more than capable of this feature. You can even program your schedule into the program and it can pre-condition your car based on the schedule you set for each day of the week. Technically, Tesla doesn’t support this program, but it works great. However, it must be run on a computer that stays on for it to do these things.

Vertical camera mode… really?

Should use a 3-axis linear actuators with a vision system.

Or get a cheap used robot for $5k

Someone has too much time on their hands.